The Official Music Thread

I should have posted this before today (especially with nearly an hour left until Nov. 1), but this is my Halloween playlist. Note how there are only three actual songs in it, and the rest is wordless video game music :P

Magikrazy said:

just found this new Kanye West and Kid Cudi album from last june about a week or two ago, and its probably the greatest either of them has been in a while

my favorite track from it is probably 4th Dimension feat. Louis Prima

That whole record is absolutely bangin', espeically "Freee", that shit is amazing, especially the drums. I've been listening to this whole record alot, but this song is especially great.
Anyone else here listen to K-pop? I really like this here classic, Gangnam Style.

Dude, I have been listening to k-pop nonstop for the past 4 months :P. I never thought I'd get into it but after just 3 songs I heard I was interested, now I really am into it. My favorite group is BTS and I listen to a lot more (mostly boy bands). Stan BTS and V
Have you listened to N.Flying and B.A.P.? I heard the whole BROTHERHOOD album and enjoyed most of the songs there. B.A.P., just heard a few, but I like it too. I listened to a little of Red Velvet because of their song "Power Up".
Think I have heard of N.Flying but never heard their songs yet. B.A.P. deserved soooooo much better... I only heard about them and listened to their songs 4 days ago but I heard what happened to them. They were legends in the making (they are legends in my heart), if only their company TS had actually promoted them right they would probably still be up there. One Shot was such an amazing video by the way, all of their videos were actually. Red Velvet is a pretty cool group, I have yet to listen to a lot more of them but I love Red Flavor and Russian Roulette. Other groups I love are Super Junior (siwon <3), EXO, TWICE, and GOT7 just to name a few.
Anyone else listen to the Sound of Kirby Café? They are really really good. I listen to them all the time, during school and chores and such.
I'm updating the official music thread because the other one is quite old and nobody is really using it anymore.
So in this one you will suggest music or a song you really like by posting it right here by inserting media.
And i'll suggest music or a song i like by inserting media.
I'll start with the first one.
This is from super mario 64 when he fights bowser third time. It reminds me of DRACULA!
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Wow huge bump but

is anyone excited for the new Taylor swift album?