Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

that bootleg baby "wario" hurts my soul

Miniature scale model of the Goombas from the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie, used during production as a reference to create the full-sized costumes.
People are always saying that doing drugs, smoking, and drinking can get you into some serious trouble…but wait until they see that Video Games are just as lethal. Just look at what happened to Mario here after he played too much DDR: Mario Mix on his GameCube!

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In the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack version of Mario Party, if Luigi loses the Bobsled Run minigame by crashing into a wall, his facial textures will become glitched in the manner depicted.
60 dollars a year!
September 15, 1994: Nintendo's Netherlands branch literally steamrolls over bootleg Game Boy games that customs seized at the border, while a slightly-off-model Mario watches from the sidelines.
reason its face is rendered inside is that there's a polygon for the face inside (as later explained by the commenter) that also has eyes uv'd inside because idk people aren't going to notice otherwise. as for the teeth, not sure, it's not clear to me if it's backface culling disabled or also just modeled inside too (it looks like backface culling disabled). i wish it was made clearer rather than "look floating face". reason the body isn't rendered inside is due to backface culling enabled here (it's enabled by default for most models to save rendering time)

btw fun fact: toadette has backface culling disabled in mario kart double dash. don't think any other character has this trait, but i'm fairly certain they disabled backface culling on toadette JUST so her 2d skirt can be seen on both sides rather than spend polygons with double-faced polygons. i do this all the time, but not sure why ALL of toadette is backface cull-disabled rather than just the skirt part.
I don't know what a Gumba is and at this rate I don't want to know
if someone makes a follow-up joke regarding two digits that look like each other but upside down i will smack them with a grilled cheese sandwich

Bizarre officially licensed 1989 children's shoes that, despite being branded with "The Legend of Zelda", feature a small illustration of Peach throwing an egg at a small blue creature from a flying carpet.

The creature is actually obscure off-model artwork of Birdo from collectible Super Mario Bros. 2 scratch-off cards (bottom), recolored blue. Presumably, Birdo's unusual appearance here is a result of the artist interpreting the character as a literal bird, including wing-like arms.
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