Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

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Probably the best-looking balloon animal thing I've seen on here
And given how they generally look, that's not saying much. It just doesn't look tumorous.

Well, I like this one too because it goes for a stylized look and it ends up looking cute (the highlight also helps bring life to the eyes; it wouldn't look as good in poor lighting)


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motion capture isn't advanced enough to properly represent wario


Princess Mario

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That's not fair. Donkey Kong does that stupid eyeball thing all the time.

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When that wooden pillar fell on my toe. I tell ya that injury is still making my foot's life harder to this day, 7 years later.


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This is the gift you give to your significant other, perfectly understanding and being empathetic of the emotions she is undergoing, and saying that you want to break up with her.


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I do not want to know what happens when his nose gets runny.

Princess Mario

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Yeah, indeed, something is off; it's photoshopped to make it look phallic. The image is faked. You can even see that there's a duplicate cropped balloon.

This is what the actual costume looks like

I haven't seen anyone else point it out that it's faked, not even on knowyourmeme.


remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
not sure this really fits for the thread but i was looking at osme models resource icons and
me on discord said:
they look like their vests came premade for armless people so they all just poked their arms straight through the vests instead of carefully cutting a hole out or, you know, getting a vest premade for people with arms