Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
I'm guessing it's because he uses emotions, something model imports don't usually quite get right. It's the proportions that make Yoshi look better than he normally looks terrible

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister

They're all at the bleachers watching their favorite kart-racing horses! Mario (in the center) brought his entire beautiful family, even the edgy teen Mario that just doesn't want to fit in. The youngest Luigi has gone on a date with Yoshi. Toad is trying to cheer up a hugely disappointed Diddy Kong. Daisy is looking at horror with a kart that recently got blown up by a Spiny Shell while Peach and Shy Guy wave at a plane writing a lovely message in the sky. Paragoomba, Koopa, Boo, and Bob-omb are just anticipating what exciting thing will befall them, but Bob-omb isn't liking the look of its rival explosive, the Bullet Bill.

Isn't it great that Waluigi, Wario, and DK are all fist bumping with joy? Dixie didn't want to cooperate, so DK is elbowing her to show more enthusiasm. Bullet Bill is in the middle of finding an appropriate seat, being all snooty about it because it finds Lakitu's hairstyle to be really distasteful.