Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
Peach with a fractured nose, googly eyes, and mouth wrinkles, and made of 99% fossilized ABC bubble gum is all the rage with horny young men, haven't you heard the news?

Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
huh they used the same assets from a year ago


Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
Late Night Show could'a come up with better material than "mushrooms are drugs, Mario is offensively Italian, and Mario jumps on turtles". Come on, Mario just had a game where he possesses people!


syuper mario in real loyf
i could rant so much about these shallow ass mario refernces i swear. stuff like that Infuriates me. guys mario stomp on goomba he kill the goomba!!! brutally with blood!!! he drop yoshi off a cliff after punching him hes evil and a psychopath!!!!! sorry mario but your princess is in another castle!!!!! guys what if cute video game character did adult violence things and said swear words. Ughhhh