Who is your punching bag?

Chris Yukine

Dry Bowser
Jigglypuff, on 8-Player Smash, 2.0x Launch power, 7 Jigglypuffs on the blue team, Mr. Game & Watch (Me) on the red team.
Jigglypuff is useless in Smash.


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I usually pick Bowser to beat up on if I'm just trying stuff out; random if it's an actual game. It's most certainly not that I don't like Bowser, it's because I like him and want to see him. I'd want to kick Mario's ass but I also don't want to see him so I just avoid him altogether.


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Shy Guy on Wheels said:
I've never played Melee, I've only ever played Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
Bottom of the Tier List in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is Jigglypuff, her up special is to hard for me to use, and I'm not very good at fighting in midair.
Jigglypuff's up b is useless and should never be used. Puff is best in the air but since you're playing Smash 4, you're literally better off playing any other character.

Melee Puff, in the hands of someone like Hbox, is a monster.


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It's funny how different Smash Bros. installments have different game mechanics.

Anyway, I've found it quite amusing to clobber Brawl Ganondorf at times, and he's the worst fighter in that game.


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I like using Link in Giant Melee because his KO screams sounds much funnier that way.


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My amiibo everywhere else.


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I do Mr. Game & Watch sometimes.


Always remembering Walkazo
Recently I've been doing a reversal in order to get the "50 hours of Smash" challenge complete. I play as my Mii, set him against a team of three level 9 CPUs, set his handicap to 300%, and let them kick me around for a timed match while I do something else.

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Fox because his voice is just so funny in ssb4

Sheldon Cooper

I use Roy as a punching bag in Melee I pit my own Roy against a CPU Roy.
For Brawl I use Toon Link as a punching bag because he isn't as good as Young Link in Melee.
For Smash 4 I use Ryu as a punching bag, using Bayonetta with those combos that ends up in a KO if started near the edge of the stage.


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Generally, I set Robin as the CPU if it's in training mode, due to Robin being exactly middle-of-the-road in terms of weight, so they're good to lab combos with.

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I'm thinking Olimar, or even Bayonetta for the memes.

But if Banjo makes it, then he will definitely be in there.

Hondo Ohnaka

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In Sm4sh, I put my current main against my previous mains most of the time. So Wario VS Yoshi, Toon Link, Dedede, etc.


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64: Luigi (I hated his high-pitched voice)
Melee: Fox
Brawl: Fox
Smash 4: Wario and Bowser

In Smash Ultimate, I know that Wario, Daisy, and Bowser will be my punching bags. Maybe King K. Rool as well.