Who is your punching bag?


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Who do you like to beat up in Smash, or always use as the CPU in training mode, etc.

Mine are Mr. Game and Watch and Olimar.


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Honoka Kousaka said:

Well, she WILL be my punching bag.
Her too actually. Forgot about her. In fact I already used her as a punching bag a couple times in the JP version.


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I bet Wendy's fat will be fun to punch.


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Magikrazy said:
This is what I usually do.

But a Punching Bag in Smash can have more then just who you fight most. It can also be who you get most satisfaction from beating. And I'd have to say Dr. Mario and Dark Pit is probably that. (Cause I'll never like their inclusions. I even refuse to use them on the same level of the other characters. When I do Classic, I'm doing at least 3.0 with every character. But when I play as those two I'm going the lowest difficulty possible. When I do everybody in All-Star. I'll do most on Normal but Dark Pit & Dr. Mario on Easy. Just to get them over with)


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I'm gonna get all kinds of hate for this but Villager.

then again i don't like animal crossing so yeah


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Because he/she screams loud, plus so many people use him/her so it makes things funnier.


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Though in Brawl I did occasionally choose Lucas to face my wrath.