Magitech! (A long story by Nic!)

Emo Furcorn

It’s La-ing time!
Ch. 1 departure

A world where magic and technology mish-mash.

Many worlds within this macrocosm.

One world, is known as Aquen (most likely due to its high amount of water) hosts two people, that'll… nevermind I'll save that for later.
A Rosen Elf named Rose was a somewhat famous artist on Aquen, sitting on her couch. Her maid is a dark haired human named Emaline, whom she hired exclusively because she didn't like to clean up paint. Rose flipped the channel to the News channel.

Rose: ay Emaline! Check this out!
*Emaline runs into the living room, sponge in hand*
Rose points to the TV, the reporter was saying things she didn't hear everyday.

Reporter: Massive amounts of bizarre energy have been said by civilians to be from the rumored world of beyond

Rose: Planet Tyan just got blew up and similar energies are being found all across the world.

Reporter: But there is not confirmation of such a world, and the world of Tyan and all of its wonderful peoples are deceased. Please, everyone watching, stay on your toes.

Rose: I'll be on the tippiest of tips on all eight of my toes!
Emaline: Maybe I should put a few things in suitcases just in case?
Rose: go do that…

*two hours later*


The emergency dome is a 10 acre piece of land that doubles as a spacecraft that can leave a planet in case of emergency. It is also protected by a dome. Rose didn't need to call for Ema. They had 3 suitcases, running as quickly as possible. When they left the house, they saw the unthinkable. The planet of Aquen was usually blue tinted, but all the cool humid air and blue tinted-ness was gone. It was orange, dusty, harsh. They ran and ran, dragging suitcases behind them, every ounce of effort. The dome was near. And packed. As soon as they got inside, an androgynous voice said:

This is Ran, technician of the GSO Galactic Safety Organization! We have reached the maximum capacity for the Aquen-02! We are departing now!

They left, seeing their planet, once bluer and greener than Earth, was dusty, cracks visible from space.
About two minutes of flight later, Rose decided to look back at the planet, she saw Emaline there.

Doing something she very rarely does. Show emotion. She was crying.

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Rose: An artist, Video Game player, and piano noob
Emaline: a stoic maid
A brief guide to races PT. 1

Average life span: 50-60 years (earth)
average height: 5-6 feet
Nose size: medium and slightly pointy
Home planet: Aquen

Although they are called elves for their pointy ears, they are cold blooded, which makes them technically not "elves." They are also the only cold blooded race to have… mammary glands AND hair. They are also known to be very good with magic, and have some of the best architects! (Aquen is a must-go vacation spot for architecture enthusiasts!) Both sexes of this race have large mammary glands, which alongside their pink skin and light eyes is one of their most defining features.

Average life span: 60-70 years (earth)
Average height: 5-6 feet
Nose size: Medium, Not pointy
Home planet: Earth

Very closely related to chimpanzees, these mammals are statistically the second smartest species in the universe (statistically. There are very dumb humans that didn't take our survey.) Some defining features are their smooth-topped ears and beige skin. Although not many are good with magic, they are master builders, right behind the We'l and Poora.

Average life span: 70-80 years
Average height: 5 feet
Nose size: flat against face
Home planet: We

They are very closely related to humans, although they live on opposite sides of the universe. The We'l are much stronger and smarter (statistically. We have nothing against humans. We love humans.) Many human "weak spots" are gone on this species. Their heads have thicker skulls, their muscles are harder, and on average they had higher IQs. they are also capable of reproducing both sexually and asexually. Some defining traits of this hermaphroditic species are their white or gray hair, lack for facial hair, short, thick statures, flat noses, Slit pupils, and their lack of a fifth finger.

Average life span: 30-47 years (20-30 after their home exploded.)
Average height: 6'5-6
Home planet: Tyan
Nose size: Large reptilian snouts

The Poora are a bepidal race that resembles lizards, with their scales and slit pupils, and long tail. The males have horns above their eyes. They're also known for their spirituality, Having a strong faith in the existence of another world. They very rarely leave their home planet unless they're trying to teach other planets about their beliefs. Despite other races thinking they are intimidating, they are among the friendliest of the races (According to a survey.). Their scales' colors vary from any color from green to orange to brown and even blue.
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Ch. 2: Artificial sanctuary

Rose stood, deciding to be quiet. She heard an announcement from the same voice. Ran?

Hello! We have reached max capacity of 1000 people. I sincerely must give my sorry for the tragedy that occurred. We will be going to planet T-4. A terraforming miracle, which is an almost exact replica of earth. Me and others with the GSO will be meeting with everyone individually to assign you a house and comfort you in these times. Hey Joe, you can take the wheel.

Emaline: I apologize for that.
Rose: for what?
Emaline: crying. I shouldn't cry.

They got interrupted by the same voice that told the announcements. They looked over, the person had white, short hair, emerald eyes, a flat nose, and four fingers. A We'l.

Ran: hello! My name is Ran Ba'La, author of "a brief guide to various races" and social worker of the GSO and Technician slash Copilot of the Aquen-02! Your names?
Rose: Name's Rose! Sculptor of the "White Elf" and this is my Maid, Emaline!
Ran: everyone is assigned a house. You, Rose are Assigned house 1000b and Emaline 999b.
Emaline: I have to be near Rose at all times.You never know when she'll spill paint.
Ran: uh huh… we could have saved one more person if I knew that… Who's the Poora? I don't remember seeing a Poora board. He gets 999b then.
Poora: Thanks a lot, for living with your employer. May the Beyond grace you. Name's Zee.
Ran: my job's done for now. We'll be landing soon.
Rose: Woah, I never seen one of you before! Howja sneak on? Have any family on Tyan? Do you miss Tyan?
Zee: I freaked out and turned invisible, a rare talent amongst the Poora. I had a wife. Yes, I will miss Tyan and everyone there. I may or may not know why Aquen and Tyan exploded.
Emaline: I'm curious.
Zee: after we land, seek me out at my place.

The Aquen-02 was very close to landing. They could see the city below. Every building the exact same size,with a river flowing to the east. A giant circular landing pad was below. As they landed, they looked inside the building windows. Every one's interior looked the same.

Zee: tonight, 9pm. My backyard.
Rose: why not now?
Zee: you'll see.

(Many languages are spoken in this story. They are translated into English for your convenience. Also, questions and Criticism are more than welcome!)
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Ran: a multi-talented We'l who has no ill will whatsoever. Also a really good mechanic.
Zee: a very spiritual Poora. Also the last living Chameleon Poora.
Sana: a Gilled Elf who loves his bird:Ulla
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A brief guide to various races Pt. 2 by Ran Ba'la

Average life span: 70-100
Home planet: varies
Nose size: pointy
Average height: 5-7 feet.

Elves are any race that has pointy ears, warm blood, and hair. The pointy ears are one of the most defining features of elves, but they are also known for their magical prowess. A common misconception is the idea they are short, when in reality quite tall.

Home planet: Mois
Nose size: small and pointy
Average height: 5 feet

The gilled elves are a dark skinned light eyed race of elves known for being able to breathe both above and below water. They also have incredible resistance to sunlight, never getting hot or sunburnt. Due to their mostly friendly demeanor, Mois is a very commmon vacation spot

Home planet: Decidu
Nose size: large and pointy
Average height: 6-6'5

This antlered species have a light layer of fur and are spotted. They are the only race of elves to have fur. They are known for being great carpenters. They are also known to be great athletes. Their DNA has a strong resemblance to deer's.

Home planet: Lusol
Nose size: medium and pointy
Average height: 6-7'5 feet

Almost as spiritual as the Poora, the Luun's towns are almost entirely made of temples used to observe Luun's three moons. Every week, there's a special rain that they use the to create weapons. Some defining features are their lilac skin and white hair, and blue streaks under their eyes. They are known to get in fight with Solmen.

Those are the three known Elves
Ch. 3: meeting

Rose was about to enter her house.

A voice was grumbling. A Gilled Elf was pacing back and forth, emerald bird on his head. The Elf had blonde hair, tan skin, thin eyes, and two blue streaks underneath them. He put his hand on Rose's shoulder to get her attention.

???: Hey, I hate to sound annoying but I need someone to complain to.
Rose: go ahead.
Sana: my name is Sana. Thankyousomuch for listening. We Gilled Elves, we love water. And that river is too artificial to be enjoyable. I wanna go to Mois.
Rose: How do you expect me to-
Zee: nights come a lot quicker here than they do on Tyan and Aquen. Come, back yard. You can bring the elf too.
Rose: AY EM!

Emaline ran, she looked up, seeing it was already nighttime.

Emaline: strange. Now what?
Rose: Zee's gonna tell us what he thinks happened!
Sana: if its something Ullen and I can help with, I'll do it.. until it becomes too much.
Zee: we Poora have been observing the stars lately. Two days before…. The event, there's been a strange pink dot in the sky. You know the Venn Diagram? There's a constellation shaped like one, and right in the middle is the pink dots. After Tyan exploded, it
got larger. It got even larger with with Aquen. At this point, you don't even need to look for the constellation.
Sana: what exactly is your point?
Zee: I theorize, a new spirit took over the throne, and was irresponsible and opened the world of Beyond. And the pink dot is some sort of doorway.
Rose: took… over… throne?
Zee: there's one spi-
Sana: what's the world of "Beyond" again?
Zee: the world of beings made of pure magic. Spirits.
Sana: alright got it. Now continue with the throne thingy?
Zee: There is one spirit that rules over all. Spirits are ageless, so they could theoretically stay on the throne for eternity. In order to take over, you have to fight the current ruler… to the death.
Rose: I thought you said they were IMMORTAL?
Zee: Ageless, not immortal.
Rose: anyway for us to stop this?
Zee: we could travel there, to the doorway. Find a way to seal it.
Sana: How do you expect for us to get off this crummy planet?

An unexpected savior showed up. Two of them? Both of them had white hair, pale skin, green casual clothes. They also had enormous things floating behind their backs, giant machines. The shorter one had a stronger glowing machine and the taller one had mechanical "wings." They recognized them. Ran and their taller twin with… five fingers?

Ran: My brother and I have a week off. Pre-scheduled vacation.
Rose: one: why are you in Zee's backyard? Two: who is that with you?
Ran: one: I overheard you talking. As science oriented as I am, I don't want any more planets being destroyed. I'll do whatever it takes, as long as it doesn't take longer than a week. Two: this is my younger half-We'l halfbrother Ron! Which is short for Ronald.
Ron: Hi. Sibling is a good pilot, but they're a much better mechanic. I'm a good mechanic, but a much better pilot. We build machines. One of which is a ship that could carry up to seven people, and a lot of cargo. And there's… six of us.
Rose: I'm kinda ship-sick… but woohoo!
Zee: when will we leave?
Ran: tomorrow. I want to sleep.
Ron: fully (yaaaawn) agree.
Sana: what is that on your backs?
Ren: Machinery that functions as a map slash sense enhancer slash weapon slash makes me look more (yaawn) intimidating.
Sana: I'll sleep in the fake-a*s river. 'Night guys.
Ran: They're a good pilot, but a GREAT mechanic. Looks like a very typical We'l.
Ron: Ronald is a good mechanic, but a GREAT pilot. Loves karaoke and his Half-Sibling.
Ch. 4: second departure

Everyone went to bed. It was a pleasant sleep, until suddenly there was a rapping at Rose's door.

Ran: its morning time. Get up! Let's get going!
Rose: l.. fine! Emaline, if I'm up you're up!

Rose opened the door.

Ran: take your…. Human with you. She can be useful I hope.
Ema: I know a few forms of magic and I know which 5 minute cleaning crafts are real and which ones aren't. I can be useful.
Ran: that's good, for a human. How about you 'elf'?
Rose: I'm not technically an elf but I am really good with pocket dimension and magical fluids, paints, alchemy… ya know the like.
Ran: I put emphasis on the word elf because I thought it was strange you are called elves when you are cold blooded.
Rose: are we gonna get the others?
Ran: my brother'll find us.
Ran: *raps on Zee's door* Excuse me! It's morning time!
Zee: I'm up I'm up! Jeez.

Zee opened the door. His scales are normally green but today they are orange. He was wearing a brown robe-like garment, with a necklace that looked like a vertical Venn Diagram. Ron ran toward them, soaking wet.

Ron: I found the Elf and his bird. Yeah, Ullen's the bird's name.
Sana:I'm ready to leave this place and its sorry river.
Zee: I agree. Where is this ship?
Ran: aboard the dome. I have permission to enter it seeing as I AM an employee.
Ron: however you guys don't have permission so I'll drive it out. You guys can hop on like its a bus.

The dome was nearby, they waited for about two minutes. Eventually, a ship came out. It looked very basic. White, medium-small, long, but thin enough to fit in the street. A voice, hard to tell if it was Ran or Ron, said "HOP ON!"

They hopped on, departing… once again.

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A brief guide to various races pt. 3

Life span: 50-65 years
Average height: 5-6'3
Home planet: Luusol
Nose size: medium, unpointy

The Solmen who reside on the two sunned two mooned planet of Luusol have the heighest average body temperature at 109 Fahrenheit. They are enemies of the Luun elves (historically) and worship the suns the same way the Luun Elves worship the moon. They look very similar to humans, except the fact they're taller and all of them have dark, tanned skin and bright red hair or dark black hair. They collect sunlight and use its energy for daily use. They are also Diurnal whilst the Luun are nocturnal.

Life span: 35-49 years
Average height: 4'-5'
Home planet: "Planet Australia" (named by humans)
Nose size: large

The Koalas have not named themselves. They didn't have a name. Humans said they looked like blonde koalas and they liked the name. They are similar to their earth namesakes in terms of habits. Sleeping, eating, and climbing. They are much more intelligent than their namesakes and build their societies in the trees. One of their biggest values is humor, and a good clown in Koala society is always respected. This bipedal species is capable of climbing very quickly, and boast an impressive resistance to poison.

Life span: ageless
Average height: 6'5-6'9
Home planet: Ronae
Nose size: tiny

The Terri are capable of doing something only one other organism in the universe is doing: resetting their life biologically. They are hexapods with four arms, bald heads, and lavender skin. The most famous Terri is Lowut of Lowut's Hut circus.
Ch. 5: Australia (planet)

Rose: How much supplies do we have? Ya know… food?
Ran: for me and my brother… the food should last about two weeks.
Rose: how about six of us?
Ran: a few days… we need to buy food.
Rose: there's a planet over there. Maybe we could stop there.
Ran: that's Australia. (Isn't Australia a place on earth?)
Rose: and everyone is hungry.

The planet Australia was in the distance, almost completely green. As the ship approached, forests, lots of forest was visible. They landed about half of a mile from the nearest city.

Ron: I'll stay in the Ba'La.
Rose: the Ba'La?
Ron: the ship.
Ran: just head towards the noise, those are the townspeople. And with townspeople… are towns.
Zee: I got it.
Sana: hol' u-

He got interrupted by a loud sound. Cluttering. Louder. Louder. A giant black figure was scuttling towards them, it grabbed Sana, almost putting him in its mouth. He was screaming, kicking. It let him go. He was trying to gather moisture from the air. Ran's technology expanded from their back. They flipped their glasses down. They pulled what seemed to be guns from their back. The blasts did not do much to the giant scorpion.

Rose: all of the showy stuff… and you can't dent it?
Ran: I don't wanna kill it. Why don't you do something to get it?
Rose: alright I will!

Rose grabbed a bucket of paint from seemingly nowhere. It was red. She managed to splash some on the scorpion. It started screaming then it ran away.

Emaline: that why they call it Australia?
Ran: no. It's called Australia because the locals look uncannily like Koalas.
Emaline: that was a joke.
Ran: not a very good one.

They trudged through the forest, and found the city. Hundreds of connected treehouses. A local saw them, a brunette Koala.

Koala: Eucal-atta be kiddin' me! Visitors!
Ran: yes. We are looking for food.
Koala: welp… ya gotta be pretty THUMB *shows off one of her hands. The one hand has two thumbs.* to think you could eat Euc-y-lyptus!
Ran: okay. What CAN we eat?
Koala: Climbs!
Ran: limes?
Koala: You gotta be in a FURRY to not find my jokes funny. They are very high koala-ty!
Ran *frustrated*: is there a store?
Koala: man you are EARritable! Over to the m-south. I don't think you'll be able to pay!
Ran: I have money. Thanks for pointing me there.

they arrived at the supermarket. Very underwhelmed by the selection. Everyone brought their own money and baskets. Every met at the register. Most baskets were filled with synthesized ground beef and limes. Emaline grabbed her wallet..

Emaline: how much will that be?
Kashier: we don't accept that currency. The only currency we accept… is humor.
Rose: Zee, got any ideas?
Zee: Sana?
Sana: I'd say 'Ran' but they are not funny,
Ran: do you WANT me to leave you with the Koalas?
Sana: I only do situational humor, sorry mate.
Kashier: you are gonna have to work to pay for this. And that's not funny.
Emaline: that's fine.

Emaline grabbed a bucket of water, from a similar pocket world as Roses. She spilt it. And soap. And she fell.

Emaline: ERR.. sorry!
Kashier: THIS IS HILARIOUS!! BAWWAHAHA! COME ON! This is more than needed! Take some steaks with you! Gosh! May bring a tear to my eye. After you dry the floor.

Emaline cleaned the floor, They climbed into the ship.

Ran: human stupidity saved us. Thanks.
Emaline: I gave you food… and- nevermind. You already cooked the steaks?
Ran: Sana did. He's pretty good at cooking.
Emaline: thanks. Saved me a lot of effort.
Sana: mmph. Can't talk. Mouth full.

there was a knocking on the door.

???: Hey, you guys brave?
Sana: Bravest and Manliest elf there is! Got a monster problem?
*Sana opened the door, revealing a black koala*
Black: temple. We hear voices. Maybe there won't be a fight… but be prepared.
Rose: I already ate my food.
Emaline: where she goes I go.

They made their way to the temple, right outside the city. As soon as they got there, the black Koala ran away.

???: You two… come. I mean no harm.
*they walked into the temple*
???: I want to become… physical. Please model, I want to look somewhat normal.
Rose: I've never modeled before! Oh so exciting!
???: yes. I need more time. Stand still.
Sana: I'm not scared I'm not scared.

some time later, a light became blinding. A figure stood there, looking almost exactly like Rose if she were a Periwinkle Luun Elf and had way more hair and added 10 or so pounds.

*rose was fumbling around in her pocket world. She grabbed some red clothes, a fancy costume.
???: I'll put those on. By the way, what's your name?
Rose: Rose.
???: I like how you're named after a color. Call me by my favorite color. Periwinkle.
Periwinkle: I want to deliver news from Beyond.

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Ch. 6 Message

The four of them (Sana, Rose, Emaline, and Periwinkle) walked to the Ba'La.

Ran:human, who is this?
Emaline: I have a name.
Ran: No answer? Rose! Who is this?
Rose: she said her name is Periwinkle. She was the voice that was scaring the Koalas.
Periwinkle: Yep. I now have a physical form. I knew what I wanted to look like, but I needed to look at a few people to get my proportions right.
Ran: a real spirit? Zee's going to love this. ZEE!

Zee ran towards the door. He was obviously asleep and got woke up. He looked confused.

Zee: who is the Luun?
Periwinkle: Name's Periwinkle.
Zee: strange name.
Periwinkle: well, Rose is named after a color.
Rose: I didn't choose my name.
Periwinkle: well… anyways I'm a spirit who recently achieved a physical form an-
Zee: a genuine… real spirit? If only the Poora could stand there in your grand presence!
Periwinkle: grand as in amazing or big? Doesn't matter. What I wanted to say is… a new person took over the throne. They're pure evil. I miss Mag.
Zee: was that the previous throne-holder?
Periwinkle: yes! Now, they are the one to destroy those three planets.
Ran: hold on. Three?!
Ron: hey. I recently got a message via radio about Ronae. It's gone.

Everyone stood in silence. Looking at each other. Ron decided to break the silence.

Ron: we need fuel. Where's the nearest fuel station?
Periwinkle: How about Lowut's Hut? It has a gas station, restaurants… and the circus!
Ron: as much as I would argue about the circus being a waste of time… I kinda wanna go see the Koalas do what they do best.
Ran: their humor isn't that impressive.
Ron: yeah, but these are PROFESSIONAL Koalowns.
Rose: shouldn't you change course to the Hut?
Ron: oh yeah. My bad.

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Ch. 7 Lowut's Hut

The ship was approaching. It was a massive complex of buildings with one large one in the middle. It was amazing how this floated out into space.

Rose: you think Lowut is still gonna do a show?
Zee: her home was destroyed. I sincerely doubt it.

They landed near the gas station. Ron was fueling the Ba'La.

Periwinkle: Oh boy! They are doing a show! In remembrance of Ronae.
Rose: We gotta go.
Ron: it's been awhile since I inspected that place…. Although it's a waste of time… I've never been to a planet funeral. Most of our money was for food, and this fuel is surprisingly cheap. I think I can buy… 5 tickets.
Periwinkle: I've never been to the circus!
Zee: I wish to attend as well.
Rose: me too!
Ron: 1,2,3,4…
Sana: I call dibs on the last ticket!

The five went to the large building. The universe's largest and most humane circus. The ticket buying place was packed. There was a long line. There was a picture of a Koala dressed as an earth clown.

"Kylie, cofounder of Lowut's Hut"

Periwinkle: I've heard she was one of the greatest clowns there is!
Ron: move guys! He's don't wanna lose our spot in line!

Eventually they bought their tickets. They loaded into seats. This wasn't an arena. This was a full on colosseum. In the very center, a Terri was standing.


*aboard the Ba'La*

Ran: hey huma-
Emaline: I have a name. Emaline. You can call me Ema.
Ran: Can ya clean the dishes, Hum-eman?
Emaline: you seem to have a problem with humans.
Ran: It's statistically proven we We'l are superior.
Emaline: Oh shut up! What species are the top three architects of the universe?
Ran: Rosen Elves… Poora… hu-
Ema: EXACTLY. It goes beyond statistics. Also, isn't your brother half-human?
Ran: he's saved by his good half.
Ema: I will wash the dishes. AFTER you explain your problem with humans.

*The Hut*

In the center of the colosseum, a Terri stood.

Lowut: Greetings. Can we please have a moment of silence for Romae?



Lowut: I would like to speak. Although I usually dress in ridiculous dresses, I dressed in traditional Romish garments… altered to match the whimsical circus theme. Listen… my team wasn't prepared for this, so full thanks for my team for improvising for me. One awful thing that comes with immortality is seeing everyone pass while you stand still. First my best friend Kylie, universe's greatest clown and inspiration behind The Hut.. now the entirety of Ronae. Now. Band, play Ronae's Anthem!

Ronae's anthem started off miserable. All the performers bowing their heads. The anthem got quicker and cheerier. Everyone started their acts, but somehow all the cheeriness did not shake off the miserable air.

*The Ba'La ship*

Ran: you want to know my problem? Its the fact that you guys are plain awful.
Ema: please elaborate.
Ran: you… abandoned my mother! The only way they became happy was marrying a We'l. At least my elder brother has good blood in 'em.
Ema: it wasn't me that abandoned your mum. It was your brother's father. Why are you so mad at me? I'm not him. Leave decent humans alone.
Ran: there are no decent humans.


The bright colors and whimsical music was great. The animals were exotic. Periwinkle looked beyond amused. It really was her first time. After the show ended everyone was in the ship.

Zee: no more distractions, right? We head for the portal.
Emaline: I want to leave.
Rose: WHY!?
Emaline: *points towards Ran* They're why.

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Ch. 8: Flashbacks

The air was tense. Too tense. Both Ema and Ran looked plain angry. Everyone else shocked, except Ron.

Ron: We need to talk.
Ran: who?
Ron: everyone. But especially you. I'm honestly tired of you treating me like I'm my 'father.' I love mom. I call her whenever I get the chance. I'd never abandon her. You aren't wrong about ONE thing. The fact there's bad humans; hear me out though. There's just as many bad We'l.

Ran looked even angrier. Periwinkle seemed frightened by it all, she raised a finger as she thought she thought she had an idea.

Periwinkle: you guys know that circle table? Everyone has to look at everyone else? We should sit there and explain… well whatever you want to explain!
Rose: that actually ain't too bad of an idea… Everyone to the kitchen-dining room!

Everyone sat down.

Periwinkle: Go ahead. Whoever wants to go first.
Zee: I had a wife. I loved her I-
Ran: She couldn't be replaced!
Zee: precisely. I'm deeply heartbroken. The destruction of Tyan broke me, but I try to be quiet as possible to not show it. Next person.
Periwinkle: My deepest sympathies. I know she was irreplaceable but I hope you can be repaired. Now… who wants to go next?
Rose: I don't have much to say. I love my maid, not in a smoochy-kissy romantic way. I'm kinda upset the "White Elf" my magnum opus is gone.
Periwinkle: OOOH! white elf? Never heard of it.
Rose: It was just a decoration, no symbolism, but the amount of effort I put into the sculpture… it was beautiful. Next!
Sana: you don't hear much from me. I don't have much TO say… but Ran's book is wrong. Gilled Elves will chew you up and spitcha out. That "friendly" attitude is a bunch of bologna so tourists will come. They're awful, the reason why I moved away to Aquen.
Rose: when we first met, you said you want to go to Mois. Why?
Sana: the river on that fake planet is plain awful. The water on Mois is even better than Aquen's. Besides, I'm a lot tougher now.
Ran: If I included the truth, it would harm the tourism industry.
Sana: nah man, that was your lack of research and proofreading. Does Luusol have two or three moons?
Ran: two. Why do you ask?
Sana: on the Luun elves, it said the planet has three. On the Solmen, it says the planet has two. Make up your mind. At LEAST humans make sure to proofread every piece of work they make.
Periwinkle: alright… no attacking each other.
Sana: Next!
Emaline: I was born on Aquen. I couldn't get an education. Family poor. Fortunately, Rose gave me a job as a housekeeper. I felt amazing, despite my stoic face. Where I was employed is gone. At least my employer is still alive.
Rose: is that all I am to you? A job source?
Emaline: a job source… and a friend.
Rose: that's better.
Ema: Now. My problem lies with Ran. That racist piece of huma- no, We'l garbage! I would like them to explain why they hate humans. In front of EVERYONE. NEXT!
Periwinkle: This is going AWFULLY.
Ron: seriously dude, I'm sick. I'm SICK. of you treating me as inferior. Mom loves me! I don't see why you don't.
Ran: I doubt it. But I'll explain… for the second time. Ron's pa was a human, left as soon as she learned mum was pregnant. Mom was heartbroken. Sad. My dad, a We'l repaired her heart. Next.
Periwinkle: that was one human!

Periwinkle said it aggressively. Something that seemed out of character for her. Everyone's eyes were wide.

Periwinkle: I sincerely apologize for my outburst BUT why hate a whole species for one bad apple? There's bad people in every species.
Periwinkle: I'll explain EVERYTHING that happened in Beyond. Someone killed Magnus Spectyr. Big Ghost. They want to take over this world too. They're destroying planets to put this world in a state of fear so they'd give in easier. I wanted to get a physical form so I could tell this world. That should be all. I don't think this helped, but hopefully this'll be resolved by the time we go to the doorway that got opened.
Zee: so I was right! Pink dot is a doorway to beyond!
Periwinkle: yes! We should go.
Ron: aye aye! Let's go! Come on, copilot.

Ran walked off in a storm after Ron. The Ba'La started levitating, then it flew.

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