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syuper mario in real loyf
baby bowser has both fangs stick out instead of just one which is literally exactly like what bowser jr has i mean bruh
tostarenans are actually quite squishy (excluding the skull part of course) nothing like what youd expect of a skeleton
i think i had some other ones but i cant think of em rn

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ZelenPixel said:
baby bowser has both fangs stick out instead of just one which is literally exactly like what bowser jr has i mean bruh

i think that was an error, because he has two teeth only in galaxy 1, not in galaxy 2, and it's inconsistent with his official artwork for galaxy 1


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This is not Baby Bowser.

This is Baby Bowser.

Any questions?

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How about everything else that they quit stylizing? Does that suddenly make them different characters?
(TBH the lack of horns on the original Baby Bowser always bothered me, because that means they actually had to painfully erupt through the skin at some point....not to mention how the Melee Baby Bowser trophy's shell has one less shell spike than the adult one...)


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and then DK jr went off to nowhere land while Diddy took his place.

Kinda amusing really.

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DK Jr. got eaten by a harpy eagle, I keep saying that.

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Honestly, that's more of Cosmic Mario. Shadow Mario is actually not that childish at insulting in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

"I could hit this shot in the dark"
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"You're having problems with THAT shot?!?"

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Peach's Toads and only Peach's Toads have their smiles stuck for eternity. They also are supposed to wear red vests.

Toads also have a penchant for boring and basic names. The main Toad's name is Toad. Blue Toad is called "Blue Toad". Yellow Toad is called "Yellow Toad". Toadette and Toadsworth are self explanatory. Heck, maybe I'm just stating facts, as we also have Toads who think it's clever and cute to call themselves after nouns that end in "tee".

If you can think of some extremely basic name for a random Toad, it's probably that name. Random Toad On Bleachers would be called "Artob" like "RTOB". Newscaster Toad is called "Ennar" as in "News Reporter".


syuper mario in real loyf
local loser only ever has biology headcanons and is here with even more
buzzy beetles actually have a darker coloration around their eyes, whatever its purpose may be. their eyes dont glow but they may appear so due to the tapetum lucidum, letting thme see better in darker habitats
spinies dont have that they evolved to be in more brighter habitats. their shells are surprisnigly kinda soft and stretchy to allow them to roll into a ball. still tough however and the spikes are Not soft.


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Which is why I never bother with looking into it.

It's so nonexistent that it's confusing when you try to put it together.


syuper mario in real loyf
parabeetles might be just closeley related to buzzies but they evolved in a more brighter habitat so they didnt need to develop night vision or anything
paper mario is sorta a different universe altogether its in a book they can do whatever designs they want
the sprites are never consistent plus the designs in them got kinda retconed anyway