I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.


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Updated my avatar and added a rotating list. Only 2 images, but I couldn't decide between picking only 1 of them.


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
Now that I am back here I'm changing to a Marie theme (which is sort of theming with Koops because of our waifu war back in October). Most of the pictures in my rotating avatar are fanart, so I'm gonna post links to the full versions here. I'm just gonna link them with what I believe to be the original source instead of embedding the images because one of the artists doesn't want people to repost his art (he's okay with it being used as an icon though).

Marie with white and yellow background

Pencil drawing of Marie: Couldn't find the exact source but I think it came from this tumblr. Also here's the full image from somewhere else.

Sad Marie with gray background: Dang, I couldn't find hardly anything for this one. All I found were two reposts that were not even the full image and contained no information on the source, so here's the full image uploaded from the copy on my hard drive.

Smiling Marie with tooth

Marie with flower

Side view of Marie

Marie with alternate outfit (not 100% sure this is the original artist; see here for the other possible source) EDIT: Was wrong about source, here's the real artist

Marie in kimono with instrument

Marie with greenish background: Couldn't find original source, but here's a repost from Pinterest.

Marie in her kimono

Marie at angle with black background

Marie with fireworks

The rest are official Nintendo artwork or screenshots, so I'll just embed the avatars here:


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Oh man, I totally forgot to post the images of my rotating avatar in here! This is so embarrassing. Ok, no worries, we can now post them.

These first few you should recognise because I had them as a theme in the past.

Jack Black

Propeller Knight


Will not a theme, I've had Gim as part of my rotating avatar before, and part of the Kirby's Helpers theme.

Now for some new ones.

Lemres from Puyo Puyo

Mike Jones (That guy I really want in Smash) from StarTropics

Bluster Kong and has alter ego Leo Luster from the DKC Cartoon


Poochy said:
Just to say right now that my April theme might be something Cuphead to celebrate the Switch release.
Well here we are! I changed my theme! Username will change after a while.


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I made my first rotating avatar today. So instead of just facing one direction, J-Pony64 can now face 3 directions! Will probably add the two quarter views to the pile once I make the vectors.

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So I'm Luigi now...

...but dreamy.

Apparently, that was taken, so I picked a new Dream Team theme...and I'll be happy to NOT TELL YOU what it is!


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
I have updated my avatar again, but this time it's something special: it's a picture I've drawn, using the recently-bought tablet! From doing this image, I can feel that it's not only efficient for me to get the job done, it's also very user-friendly because I get to control the pressure more reliably as opposed to using a mouse to do it. The details couldn't be fully appreciated if not at full size, so I have also attached the image in full.

Thank you for reading.


So, I wasn't Toadgamer for a pretty long time. But, right now I finally changed my theme back. Maybe I'll keep it in June. I'm not sure.

My avatar is a drawing of my OC I recently made, and my Sig is just some Mario & Luigi SS + BM sprites.

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Back on my normal theme for the first time since September. Avatar is some Crafted World artwork; sig is a screenshot from Galaxy 2.

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And now signavatar farted. Using this avatar a friend from Steam made for me. It's in the style of Yoshi's Island.


*sees Sig