I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

Man those who voted for that thing, did you have to?
New avatar. Probably will come with a new sig. Subject matter is pretty much the same.
gonna keep the birthday hat because it has style, grace, and a funny face

going to leave it there before i get banned again
New theme, fun idea, still a little bit of a work in progress but I think you get the idea

I said to myself that I wanted an Empire theme, but couldn't choose between everyone in the empire, so I thought: Why don't I choose all of them?

Thus I am now the Entire Galactic Empire, or at least I will be once I perfect the theme

I really hope Javelin isn't going to kill me for including Thrawn...
Ah mate, don't feel like you can't do the theme if you want to

There'll just occasionally be a situation where we're both Captain Needa
All my past themes are now in a SPM Catch Card-styled rotation, with the exception of the 3 long-name themes since both getting a suitable picture + fitting the name would both be difficult but I may add them later.
Credits to Ninelevendo for making it clear that it's actually a mustache on my OC's face.
So yeah, should've said that earlier, but yeah, that's my new theme. I kept my custom title intact though.

Also new sig coming soon.
In California, fall doesn't start until late November.
I have redesigned completely my previous image , but the Rosalina theme is forever my pick.

With the announcement of the new Mario Party and Rosalina's new render being finally out i decided to make my theme more blue rather than the previous black. More space like , less dark like.