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Fawfulthegreat64 said:
Here's the first 3D work I made for school (prior to Wittgenstein). It's basically somewhat of a M&L OC. Designed to be a 2.0 of sorts to the Vacuum Helmet. The backstory gives it an advanced AI and the ability to reason, along with arms and the use of hover technology as opposed to rockets. Fawful built it to help him recover from the failure of the Dark Star plan (in this timeline he's assumed to have survived). But how well will this work out for him? Who knows. But it was fun to make.

Vacuum Helmet DX

*claps* real fast

Mario's Painting

Elongated and curly stuff are pretty tricky to model, but the best way to model that sort of thing, in Maya, is to draw a curve, get a cylindrical primitive (basic shapes are called "primitives"), and then select both the curve and the cylinder, then select the face to extrude, and you'll have to create much more subdivisions to smooth out the shape. It sounds confusing, but I don't know if the program you have has a feature that enables modeling chords and stuff much more easily.

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Revenant Archagent said:
What are the purpose of the goggles on top, I wonder? Do they lend him some extra sight?
If you refer to the yellow eyes, they are his source of sight. Well, for the helmet. Fawful could, I suppose, tap into its vision if he needs to, but they are primarily for the helmet to be able to see even when Fawful is not using it, as it's meant to be capable of operating independently as a minion as well.

Some of you may have already seen this when Moldo posted it in the fanart thread, but this is a mockup I made of a Paper Mario theme in SMM2. It was initially featured in my Top 10 Wanted SMM2 Features video, but really blew up later when I posted it on Twitter.


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That looks fantastic! I would absolutely adore if that were real, I didn't even think such beauty could exist in this world!

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Late posting but here's another render I made in anticipation of SMM2 (right before leaving on the cruise, so the game was still a few days away)

Credit to BLOF for the model of my FC once again ;D

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Well looks like all my recent embeds from DeviantArt are now broken, apparently you can't hotlink the images with just the extension anymore, that long-ass string of gibberish after it is necessary for the image to display. I'd been deleting that part for cleaner links. So I'll have to update them at some point, meantime here's something small I just made: a Paper Mario styled P-Switch.


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Now that awards are over, I'd like to share some bonus stuff related to my presentation/behind the scenes.

This presentation became more ambitious as it went on, when I first began making the sprite portion, doing 3D scenes wasn't part of the plans. I was still figuring out where it would go from there, when I remembered that I had commissioned an N64-styled model of my avatar from MrPr1993 on VG Resource, and it would be perfect to use for the SM64 portion of my comic. This is the first time I've used said model in a project, and it's not rigged but instead, divided into pieces which I arranged individually for the poses. (This is also how Mario is modeled in Super Mario 64). Here's some of the renders from that.


As I began making the SM64 scenes (which mostly used screenshots of HD video from YouTube for its environments) I thought perhaps I should go all the way and make scenes like this for Super Mario Galaxy and Odyssey.

Galaxy, thankfully, had very accurately emulated environments up on noclip.website, which was a HUGE help setting up these scenes. The Comet Observatory, in addition to looking almost perfectly like it did in-game, included NPCs such as Rosalina so I didn't have to make my own renders. (I did end up rendering Rosalina for the ending group picture). For both the Galaxy and Odyssey segments, I used BLOF's model. It was probably a bit too high quality for in-game Galaxy, but it was the closest I could get and at least matched promotional art and designs. I'm particularly proud of this render inspired by Super Mario Galaxy's cover:


As I developed the Galaxy segment I was constantly thinking about how I'd manage the transition between Galaxy and Odyssey. Eventually I decided Luigi would be involved, but a scrapped idea would be that I notice the Odyssey flying by and stealthily hitch a ride, noticing Mario inside it. For New Donk City I also used noclip.website, though that model was rendered far less accurately to in-game so I had to use many filtering effects to make it look somewhat legit. Also, about when I got to the part where Mario is falling, I refreshed and found Odyssey had completely been removed from noclip.website, so the windows in the background in that scene, as well as the ending backdrop, came from actual screenshots I took in Odyssey. Though, the scene where DK gets hit by a barrel uses a previous shot I had already used in an earlier panel from noclip.website. As you might have noticed, the style of these panels took inspiration from the slide-based cutscenes in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. That's part of why they weren't animated, though most of it was time constraints.


Fun fact: the image I grabbed of this scene for the credits GIF has Pauline's face icon left in: a layer I forgot to hide. You can't really see it due to the low resolution but that's definitely a goof on my part 😂




Here are some screenshots of setting up the renders:


Some of the renders were irregularly posed to get a certain effect from specific angles, such as this one where Mario's neck is distorted weird from other angles.

Giant Mario

And finally some transparent renders.

SpaceFTG Render.png
Odyssey Render.png

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You might recall in the "have you made a Mario OC" thread I teased a character that I hadn't fully designed yet, a benevolent counterpart to Dimentio. Well...


Just as Flipside and Flopside are perfect opposites, so too are the two mysterious jesters. One we all know, and in this headcanon he is the malevolent jester with Flopside origins, Dimentio, who has a pointed nose. However, a similar jester originating in Flipside is peaceful in nature and was a prominent figure in the Light Prognosticus. (Not to be confused with Merloo, an implied character that seems to have Dimentio's abilities). Flipresto, in contrast to Dimentio, is honest, noble and benevolent. He uses softer, peaceful colors and the use of diamonds and circles from Dimentio's design are swapped.

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In light of the recent news I made a small tribute to AlphaDream's Mario & Luigi series. If the characters don't look quite on model, it's because it was done entirely freehand on a tablet with no reference--- I usually use references to keep my art on-model.


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I draw a lot of Fawfuls but unlike most of them, this one took more than 20 seconds of effort.
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