FTG's art


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That particular piece was done in Paint Tool SAI, as with anything else I've done in a similar art style. I just use the brushes in that program.
It's not just that one. Pretty much every 2D art you did, including the recent ones, have that nice gradual gradient colouring. I am using GIMP normally, so if there's a way to do it, that would be quite helpful.

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Christmas Angel from Mars
I use Illustrator for most of them, with 3 main layers: line art, gradients for shading, and solid colors. I start with the lines, then fill in solid colors in a new layer below that. Finally I put a layer between them and draw the shapes to fill with a gradient (most actually use the same color but fade from opaque to transparent, appearing as the darker shade color fading into the lighter solid color. I can go into more detail if needed later when I'm not on my phone 😂