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I watched the first episode of Gamers and though it seemed familiar, I read the first chapter a while ago and didn't go any further because it was really boring, but I thought the first episode of the anime was funny, who the fuck is Pine Jam.


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Since most of the anime in this season is going to end, and I already have in mind for my Top 5 Anime For Summer 2017, so let's get started!

Honourable Mentions:
They get in here because I like them, but they are not too special in terms of plot/character/setting.
Nana Maru San Batsu, Pikotarou no Lullaby Lullaby

5th: Isekai Shokudou
This is the anime that stays with me whenever I have my meals. It's an anime that you will need to watch it when you want to just relax, sit back and eat. A restaurant from another world, serving foods that we know but it's something new for the people from the fantasy world. You don't need to think about the plot, character developments, or how it will end. The main focus is simply, food, and enjoying your meal.
Contains: Lots of species (dragons, demons, elfs, faries, sirens...), food that doesn't work like Shogugeki No Soma, peaceful eating (no foodgasms), inner peace of enjoying a meal.

4th: Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
The main reason for me to keep watching this is because the main protagonist who's extraordinary clever yet purposely hide himself and at the same time, helping his classmates behind the scenes. The setting is pretty interesting too, an elite school which has a unique system to go on.The people in the school have different sides on themselves, and you can see how they appear and reveal themselves when their personalities can go really, really different quick. Is it exciting to watch? 6/10.
Contains: Girls being 1-100 from innocent to bitch levels, blackmailing, bullying, your teacher who smokes, school.

3th: Ballroom E Youkoso
This is not Yuri On Ice. I repeat, regardless on how much I love Yuri On Ice and how I can use 3 days and 3 nights to talk how amazing it is, this goes to a different direction despite being an anime about sports. In this case, ballroom dancing. The protagonist is your from 0-100 hero in terms of dancing, from scratch to get into competitions. Shounen, sports, romance and drama going on, competition, it's a balanced anime that really gets you going. Ignore the long neck art style.
Contains: Sports, shounen elements, Haikyuu art style, romance.

2nd: Kakegurui

For anyone who thinks this is going to be my 1st, oops.
Don't get me wrong, I love this anime. The fact that it's from MAPPA gets me going like, instantly because MAPPA creates Yuri On Ice. But I think most of the people know what this anime is about. But in case you didn't, here we go. A school that's about gambling, and use gambling to survive, it really makes things go wild. If you get to debt, you are a slave. And well, your "a new transfer student enters and changes shit" is happening here, but this is worth your watch.The way they draw facial expressions are on a different level and boi, shit goes down in each episodes. You will be wanting more because of many reasons. The opening song is good, jazz can do wonders. 8/10. Also the ending theme. People tend to not skip that... for reasons.
Contains: Crazy girls came from gambling... I am not kidding. It happened, tips on how to cheat during gamble, driving people from heaven to hell (debts), catgirl, a tsundere, your narrating character that you hate, a student council who are all eccentrics, guns, inappropriate noises (check this out yourself, I'm not telling you where), excessive nails, idols, twisted face expressions.

And the 1st place goes to...
1st: Made In Abyss
If you want a tl;dr, I can tell you now.

Madoka Magica but worse.

If you are the person who likes cute character designs, you will get hooked. The designs and the setting are cute. The setting especially, are inspired from Ghibli works. For Love Live fans, the protagonist is called Riko. Idk if you will watch it because of this, but be my guest. The music soundtrack is just amazing. It's that kind of music that tells you the atmosphere of the scenes with some singing at the background. The creator of the OST is an Australian, so it gives a whole new view from a Japanese anime.The author used to draw for games, so it might give you in an RPG feel.

It tells a story of a girl searching for her mom, who's in the deep deep down in the abyss. With her companion robot boy, Reg, they step out for an adventure.

Ok, so how is this anime so good? I really don't want to spoil anything because I want all of you to feel what I felt the first time watching the episodes, so here's a quick summary contains to make sure that you are okay to watch it with all these elements in it.

Contains: 12 year olds not knowing sex jokes and the author have to do it to make people think this is gross but forgot that they are just 12, they didn't mean it in that way, fantasy setting, Owen the mommy, daddy that might or might not appear in the anime, adventure, survival, gore that made me almost puked, furry, they never censor anything, madoka magica dark plots, an incoming Episode 13 that goes for 60 minutes.
I stopped watching re;zero at episode 17 like a year ago, I thoroughly didn't enjoy most of it but it had its moments, i picked probably the worst episode to stop on.

episode 18 has subaru talking about how garbage he is for 20 minutes

fuck yeah dude you're a piece of shit and i hate you, this is a great development

ah, i dont really care about the maid though so the confession stuff was so-so but its a potentially good springboard for helping subaru take a step out of trash character territory.


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Finished the first season of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Part 1 was too average for its own good but Part 2 was definitely a great experience


Hazukashii serifu kinshi




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Hey. Pop Team Epic's anime just started and it's very yes. There's a little twist halfway through the first episode that may especially confuse people, but you just need to remember that this is from the guy who would have turned copy-paste art into an art form if not for another comic beating him to it. Speaking of, I'm still hoping they team up one day.


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its been a while since i posted here

me and crackin have been watching blend-s, good anime.
i want to play games with kaho

but if you want something more indepth, like a 2017 summary, uhh, lets see...

i watched lwa, that was hype, up until the last episode. it was really slow and then picked up halfway with an actual plot, not that i minded either because lwa is just a fun watch in general. i like magicians and stuff so maybe that had something to do with it. it also bopped something out of my top 10 on mal and now it is #4 because i loved it. season 2 soon, and im getting that game too on steam when it comes out

along with lwa there was konosuba, which was great as well. lots of people complained about the art but i didnt really find it unappealing or anything, i mostly just cared about the humor (and that was well done so great work konosuba staff)

and then maid dragon here in winter as well. it was good but it felt short, some characters like elma we never got to see much of. the forced drama ending was kinda dumb and i think they shouldve kept it lighthearted but oh well. might pick up a s2 if that airs.

somewhere here i started slayers season 3 again. it was decent, i just kind of got distracted by stuff like botw when it came out. ill finish that soon im sure

and then summer i watched gabriel dropout, that was really good. humor was on point. i think i rewatched some stuff from that on yt at some point cuz it was so funny. satania best girl etc. please watch this video

watched bnha nearing the end of 2017. great anime, i really like all the side chars and it feels like itll jsut keep gettting better in s3. i dont really have much to say about this because everything is amazing (and im sure others agree) so lets just leave it at that

and finally, the milky holmes saga. what a wild ride thats been
i went in expecting trash moeshit, like some really mediocore anime. idk ive seen milky holmes around but like i didnt really care for it (and i like sol)
then i guess i finally decided to watch it with the motivation that soramaru (nico's va) was playing a mc. it took a bit but it eventually caught on and i gotta say that was one of my favourite watches of 2017 (aside from s3 and sort of s4. s1 and s2 are masterpieces though) im still not done the anime and theyre STILL releasing more shit (they just released an ova last month, wow) but i honestly think it just wasnt advertised well enough in the west so nobody really cares for it. i think its a diamond in the dirt type of anime and you should reallly watch that

and now it is 2018 and all im really watching this season is violet evergarden (new ep today hype). xp says theres a buncha good stuf but idk ill prob wait after the season is over then add some more to my backlog on mal

in the future hyped for bnha3 mentioned above and steins;gate 0, probably missing some other things but oh well
I saw that ReLIFE ended, I never started it because I wasn't really interested but I figured if I was gonna give it a try I'd do it now that it's finished. It's not that long, it only took 6-7 hours to read the whole thing but it was good. idk not much else to say about it, I like that it didn't fuck around with filler to make it go longer than it needed to.

I think the anime only goes half way so I'm glad I didn't watch that after all, binging it was better.


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the new op's...alright, I guess? the visuals certainly made me excited for the rest of the season, but the song's not really special imo and it syncs kind of poorly with the fast-paced animation. probably my least favorite of the mha ops so far

this episode had some top-form iida, bakugou and todoroki were especially good too. it's a shame mineta still takes up so much screentime, though

kota I'm not sure about because while I want to like him, the whole "detests supers because they were the murderers of his parents" backstory is really nothing new. then again, it's the same thing for a bunch of tropes in mha, so I guess time will tell

kaguya getting an anime finally

also kimetsu no yaiba too, I started reading it and I'm surprised I hadn't heard much about this before. It's solid.
I started watching Emiya Gohan. The cooking spin-off I never knew I wanted. The animation is amazing, if the trade-off is that they're short and only come out once a month then I will gladly accept that deal.

I think maybe everything needs a cooking spin-off, even the cooking anime.

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decided to start watching bnha this week after seeing how everyone here seems to like it and man i do not regret that at all. i'm now basically caught up with the third season and it's so good
i don't think i could sum up detail thoughts on each season in a quick post but this show just has so much good in it: interesting world, compelling characters, intruiging story, great action, etc
probably the only thing that sticks out to me that i don't like is the amount of times they have flashbacks to stuff we've seen not very long ago, but thats a pretty minor gripe
anyway yeah absolutely great show, would recommend. can't wait to see where it goes next

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Nadeshiko Kagamihara said:
I started watching Emiya Gohan. The cooking spin-off I never knew I wanted. The animation is amazing, if the trade-off is that they're short and only come out once a month then I will gladly accept that deal.

I think maybe everything needs a cooking spin-off, even the cooking anime.
so this is what youve been doing
all these times about going to work was a lie

3 weeks behind sg0 and bnha
explain urself

in other news i started and finished "recovery of an mmo junkie" and it was rly good you should watch it

not crackin cuz hes bich made but you whos reading this


finished konosuba season 2 yesterday
bummed season 3 wont happen but still excited for the upcoming movie

in other news ATTACK ON TITAN IN 3 DAYS
FGO anime and movie was announced for the third anniversary. The anime will cover Babylonia which I'm indifferent on until I can see why it's so popular myself. The movie will cover Camelot which is jsut fuck yes, I can't wait to see that animated. It'll be two movies but that's fine if it makes it so they don't have to cut anything. Production IG is doing the movie so I have high hopes, throw an unlimited budget at them please. There was a highlight reel sort of video that played on the lead up that was amazing.

Sheldon Cooper

I watched the Pokémon anime, it is cool, I just watched the first season, I will be binge watching more Sunday.


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so for anyone who's seen k-on, because I know there's a decent fanbase for it on here:

I made the huge mistake of going straight from hunter x hunter, a sprawling 148-episode epic, to the aforementioned k-on, a "cute girls doing cute things" show with not much plot emphasis. I considered dropping it after season 1, but then I heard season 2 is a vast improvement with more apparent character development and less moe stuff and whatnot

is this true or season 2 just more of the same