Mario Sports Mix


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To be honest, I don't care about any of the sports I've seen in it, but I'll probably get it anyway.

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Looking more forward to kirby's Epic Yarn and Kid Icarus than this. :/

Nerdy Guy

I'm excited for dodgeball. It's always such a fun and violent sport. 8)

King Boo

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I'm excited for dodgeball and basketball.

3-on-3 was a huge disappointment for me too.

Hopefully, this basketball game will be better.


Donkey Kong
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Basketball is just something you can't really do well on a handheld.


Dry Bowser
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I hope the Koopalings appear in this game, somehow. As for the game itself... I don't know, I'll probably get it either way...


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Bah. Spin-off games hardly appeal to me nowadays. In fact, the last one that I brought was Mario Kart DS, back in 2005. That's not counting Super Smash Brothers Brawl, of course, since it's technically not a Mario game.


King Bowser
The in game graphics look amazing for a Wii game and actually remind me of TF2...


Cosmic Beauty
The current roster makes you wonder who else will show up. It would be neat if characters such as King K. Rool, the Koopalings, any of the WarioWare employees, or even Rosalina pop up as playables or spectators.

There may also be questions in terms of the control schemes as well.


Donkey Kong
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I'd like to think that it would have multiple control schemes, a la Mario Kart Wii.


Donkey Kong
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MST3K said:
I was kind of let down by 3 on 3 on the DS.
IGN said:
Basketball plays a lot like Mario Hoops 3-on-3 for the Nintendo DS (which makes sense because Square Enix helped develop this game too).
Well, fuck.
3-on-3 wasn't that bad, i was hooked to it for a while :P I'm looking forward to the Dodgeball! hope theres more than 1 ball though.


Cosmic Beauty
We know that 12 characters are confirmed to be playable, but it does make you wonder who else will be playable too. I do predict that 12 more characters will be playable, and since Square Enix is involved with this game's development, a few Final Fantasy characters may be in the mix too.

Who these 12 characters are, I was thinking...

Dixie Kong
Tiny Kong
King K. Rool
Green Kritter

Final Fantasy characters...

Black Mage
White Mage


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What? But I liked Mario Hoops 3-on-3! :(

Here's hoping that Mario Sports Mix will still be a huge win once it gets finalized.


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I have a feeling Mario Sports Mix will turn out like the Mario & Sonic games: playing a bunch of short, stupid events. I'm not too excited about this one.


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Honestly, I wouldn't be pessimistic about this one -- especially in this case it looks like developer Square Enix is at the helm on this one.