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I bought a new laptop two weeks ago. It is an HP Probook 440 G1

Just two days ago, I got an wireless USB mouse and an SSD for it.

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I bought some sandbags, I have put them near the things anchoring my mobile home into the ground. The river I live by, the Waccamaw River is visible when I see it from my house about 50 yards away and it. And will be on top of my house by tomorrow. But I'm not evacuating a second time. I had water under my house before and it didn't pose a problem. From my estimates the river will rise to the 4th step on the stairs leading to the house.


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Stay safe!


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YFJ said:
Today I bought a new battery and charger for my Wii U GamePad. The current battery lasts ten minutes after a full charge, and my third-party knockoff charger recently broke anyway. I was hoping to get the 6-hour extended battery, but they don't sell that anymore, so the standard 3-hour one will have to do. And the charger I'm getting is official refurbished. I paid $27.50, plus tax and shipping, so that's about $35 total. I'm hoping to get the battery and charger by the end of the week.
Just got this today! When I get my school homework done, I'm gonna have a blast with my good-as-new Wii U GamePad!

The charger, despite being a refurbished unit, is genuine and works good as new. It even looks good as new! My GamePad is charging as I type this post, and I'm expecting at least 3 hours of battery when it is done.

I have yet to test my new battery, but I'm sure my GamePad will now work as well as it did when I got it five years ago. Apparently my old battery had exploded, greatly reducing the battery life and creating a big bump on either side of the battery pack. I'm glad that my GamePad no longer has to be a wired controller!

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
I bought me some cookies. I eat a whole pack of a few rows of them in one day.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
I bought a few days worth of water and supplies just in case Hurricane Michael knocks out power, I won't be facing a repeat of Florence since when Michael comes, it will be a tropical storm by the time it reaches to where I live and there will be less rain.
I bought Labyrinth of Refrain, after the umpteenth time I've seen it recommended to people that like Etrian I decided I'd pick it up. It'll show up eventually, to tide me over until Etrian Odyssey Nexus drops next year. I care more about the day before my birthday than I do my actual birthday because Nexus comes out then.


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The thing is, my little brother got Lego DC supervillains on the Switch on his birthday party a couple of weeks ago, but he didn't want it, so he exchanged it with that game! Tho sadly it's a school day, and usually on those days, I'm not allowed to play video games, so maybe I'll try it on the weekend. But it wasn't too long since I bought my last game, MegaMan 11, which I bought 8 days ago.


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The complete series (currently) of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

But I got bootlegged. That's what you get for buying off Ebay. I mean, it LOOKED official, and it still plays everything all right, but the menu for season 4 says season 5.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
A pair of Joy-Cons. I got tired of my other pair malfunctioning that I decided to buy a new pair.

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A Fire Bro figure. At the same time, my brother bought a Piranha Plant, and my Mum bought a Parabones.


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A replacement charger for my laptop.


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The amiibo of King K. Rool and Piranha Plant, as well as the Ripley's Believe it or Not! 2019 annual book.

Leo Aiolia

well let's see I've bought

1 the Goblins vs Merfolk dual deck set for MTG

2 Structure Deck Soul Burner with sleeves

3 Star Fox 64 3d