1. Galaxy Book Sunshine

    Should in-game outfits be made as official merch?

    We've seen quite a lot of Mario-themed clothing merchandise, but it seems like there hasn't been any of them that actually replicates the outfits worn by characters in some of the games. No, I'm not talking about what they normally wears (overalls, hats, dresses, crowns, etc. except those in...
  2. B

    The mighty search for an ugly Christmas cardigan!

    Hey cats, This is preeeeetty random, and not game related in the slightest, but I am slightly desperate to complete this personal little side quest and I hope there are some savvy humans out there that might be able to assist. A buddy of mine bought this Super Mario ugly Christmas sweater like...
  3. Weasel

    The last thing you bought

    Simple enough, what did you last spend your hard-earned money on? The Megas and Entertainment System - Megatainment album from iTunes.