Rate the above user's signature.

5/10. You still need to change the middle one!
1/10. How dare you bad mouth my mother.
6/10 it's kinda funny and a nice reference to Mario's fun sound effects in SM64 and his full name being Mario Mario but yeah it's just a few words
5/10 I know nothing about the characters featured, nor do I think I'd be interested, but the layout is really clean with the pictures and quotes.
8/10 Health screen recreated very well, down to the link, A button character, and symbols. I feel like I just booted up my Wii.
9/10 very cool not sure what archived signature #1 is all about (are there more?) but thread links look like they are good quality
8/10 funny gifs, I like how the cat's pencil is the same color as his tongue (maybe it IS his tongue?!?!?!)