Rate the above user's signature.

Every forum should have one of these! It's pretty self-explanatory - just rate the above user's signature out of 10 and give a reason why.


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Wayoshi said:
But that could lead to controversy and unnecessary fights over who has the best sig on the board, much like I'm afraid to launch the MarioWiki:Awards project.
No, don't worry about it. These types of threads are very common. Everything is in good spirits here. Let's not try to prevent good threads for fear of controversy. If something does come it, it can be handled. It's not the end of the world.

And I will give your signature a 7/10. Good games. But you're not a moderator. Mods will be chosen a little more into the forum's life so it's more clear how things are run. Like with this game, it's alright here, and I don't want people to get the wrong idea if a mod is misinformed.


Steve, yours is 5.0 to me. It's great, 'cuz it advertises THE BEST browser, FirFox! But, no humor or nuttin.


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I find it ironic, you started this and you son't have a sig. LOL


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Luigi hc said:
I feel I shouldn't rate my own work, so, I'll just... rate "around" that. ;)
The words get a 6/10. Sorry! ;)
It's fine ^o^ 7/10 for mine and yours. and, I tried to make it funny...