Rate the above user's signature.

3/10. It really lets people down.
8/10 - Meh.
My post isn't intended to be a gameplay move as I'm having trouble making a sig, but 8 out of 10 means, and at least meant to people before they started misusing ratings, "very good but not absolutely incredible/perfect". Ratings like a 4 or a 5 out of 10 mean "meh" instead of an 8.
9.4/10 This has a really cool CD-i-like look and I like it a lot, even if that was not the intention of this sig.
Again a 9.4/10. Also you didn't rate my signature
5/10. Not exactly my cup of tea with the art style in each of the pictures, but they're arranged nicely and go together cohesively, and the link surrounded by two pixel gifs looks pretty cute. The Oho Jee within the signature makes for a nice tie-in with the icon as well.
9/10 three cool gifs and a link to your art thread very nice

I uhh, I'll admit I'm not really the biggest fan of GIFs in signatures sorry. The sprite GIFs are OK, just not the larger ones.