Hellshakers (A Super Mario Boards Quest)

Sir Pentious

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Hellshakers (A Super Mario Boards Quest)

Come one, come all...
To Marioboards' very first second Quest!

The last one went poorly and I got a bit of burnout so I decided to do another

What is a quest, you may ask?
A quest is a unique type of forum game. It is popular on a few other forum sites, including SpaceBattles and Sufficient Velocity. In a sense, it's like a simplified D&D campaign. It involves one person, the Game Master (that's me!), who lays out a story for the Players to take part in. In a quest, everyone controls the same character, and decisions are put up to a vote. Typically, the Game Master (or GM, for short), will provide a bit of story, a description of the area, and any other pertinent information. Then, they will give the Players several options to pick from, detailing possible plans of action. The Players are not limited to just these choices, however- someone can write in their own option. Keep in mind, though, that the action still needs to get majority vote for it to go through. In the event of a tie, the Game Master will normally choose whichever option they prefer.

Stats are also involved. Stats will differ from game to game, depending on what is most appropriate for the setting, but they will often have an influence on how well you can perform certain actions.

Finally, keep in mind that there are no sign-ups, and no player list. Anyone can jump in, at any time. It's as easy as voting for an option in the thread.

Now, without any further ado, let's jump in...


After newly minted adventurer Lou Albano stole a horse and ran away with it, he was met with a terrible fate...

images (1).jpeg

For his horse twisted its ankle and fell over!


...into a deep chasm on the fabled Mount E. Bott, named after the legendary adventurer Baquavius E. Bott.

They both hit the ground hard, and died rather unceremoniously.

Lou would not be getting a third chance at life. Perhaps all the voices trying to help him were onto something... Because this time he woke up...


In hell.


Lou would be cursed to forever push a boulder up a hill alongside his old friend Sisyphus, to show the futility of his choices and break his spirit.

What do you do?
[1] Give up and accept your fate.
[2] Give up and accept your fate!
[3] Give up and accept your fate?
[4] Write-in

Voting will end at .

Votes will move faster in the future, this is just so that people will have time to see the thread and respond to it. Future posts will include Lou's stats and inventory.​
4. imagine him happy