How often have any of the Mario bros actually done plumbing in a Mario Game.

Captain Galaxy

By far the only time I can recall Mario actually doing any plumbing in a Mario game is in 3D World, where he fixes the clear pipe in the opening cutscene. In the Mario Bros arcade game he's in the sewers, but it's for more of a pest-control job than anything plumbing related. I'm wondering if there are any other times in the franchise where Mario or Luigi practice their profession on screen in a video game. Does anyone have any other examples?
They do some plumbing at the start of Superstar Saga i'm pretty sure
and clearing the monsters out of the pipes in Mario Bros. probably counts as Plumbing.
I don't know if this counts, but in Paper Mario: Color Splash, Mario uses a plunger at one point to unclog a pipe.
i suppose anytime mario enters a pipe, he most likely cleans all the germs and dirt inside them, so technically speaking, he does it all the time

as for times it's actually been confirmed, uhhhhh all i can think of is the sewers in superstar saga and the 3d world intro
About how often I've seen the Mario Bros. actually do plumbing in a Mario game from any year is probably, like, never, although it sounds like from what everyone else posted here that there have been a few times they have done it, but I haven't played or watched any playthroughs of those particular games yet. The Super Mario movie is one of the few and only times you ever see them do any. They also did some on Super Mario Bros. Super Show and in Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon as well from the 90s I think, but I don't know for sure. Don't remember them doing any in the Super Mario World cartoon. Also my signature GIF animation of the Koopalings I use for my signature is actually taken from Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 by the way.