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I have a problem
i shall be posting art here
comments and critique is encouraged unlike those other plebian threads where it's just a place for the op to post ten times and get a bunch of likes (i kid, but seriously i appreciate comments and shit)

to start with i redrew something i made last year
check out how much better i am now

I did it with an updated color scheme but ended up not using it cause I thought the comparison would look better with the original colors
I'll edit in the recolored version underneath this when I'm at my computer
I personally prefer the posing of the original over the redraw. I like the lean and head tilt and the way the hair sways. It's more dynamic and gives the character some extra personality. While the new version is just sorta standing there, looking to the side. I do think everything else is an improvement!
FNaF dump time
a lot like, all of these are for my FNaF video and my upcoming Dayshift at Freddy's video

Bite of 87

I really like this style. I know it's just tracing the pixel art but it's so charming idk

It's funny cause it's one of those things that took an hour to draw but only appears in the video for a five second gag djgjnjtjnynsmmt

Some characters
steven neutral.pngchica (1).png
These are all for the Dayshift video so they follow the designs used there. Brighter colors and less textured than the actual FNaF. Bonnie's missing a face too even though he's clearly not withered. Perhaps this is the start of OG Bonnie becoming Withered Bonnie idfk

I try to make each video somewhat resemble the style of whatever it's about, so yeah all the animatronics which were in the FNaF video were altered for this one

I will agree with Flygon that my posing is kind of stiff, that's something I need to work on
investigatory npcs (first case only)

made some of these in a rush so I admit they could have been better but I like them
though mr beast cutout is just an image of mr beast + some filters

and now for some stuff you haven't seen before
hazmat scarred.png

this one was funny


these are all for my upcoming lethal company video. we've got the coil head, bracken, and the default player skin


dave miller, from the dayshift at freddy's video

as always if you click on this thread you are legally obligated to comment on it
Ok time for some new drawings

First of all, I'm doing the good old style challenge. See if you can guess my first two drawings!

And then I also drew this (not the background though)
It happens to be the same style as the second image from before
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Redid the image from before because the lines were too thick

Then I did one more just because I could IG
Guess who the extra character here is if you want to

Thumbnail for a short YouTube video I made
A quick little animation of the start of MatPat's goodbye video

They do be vibin tho
I would like to request a drawing of Cayde and Zerris, please. I really like your art and how you draw different artstyles, particularly your Amphibia style!

Here they are as shown in a Picrew


I might have recently decided I want to get a BFA in college so you might see me posting in this thread more from now on

First is some sprites I made for my Issue 200 visual novel project
shmaluigi neutral.pngfulbright neutral.pnggodot neutral.pngema smile.pnggoose neutral.png
These are all the ones from Rogues in Rogueport

Before my trip to Europe I was drawing a random character every day. I actually got up to day ten but don't have the most recent one on my phone so I had to settle with this

More art to come when I get back home and am able to access it since most of it is on my computer
Does that mean you'll take my request? Also, love your group drawing, especially the Fry on the left.
Does that mean you'll take my request? Also, love your group drawing, especially the Fry on the left.
I'll think about it since I need to practice and build a portfolio

A more specific request would help though

(By the way, it might please you to know that I am interested in working on cartoons and storyboarding/directing. Since you are obviously into shows)
The request with Cayde and Zerris above you latest post is what I meant, will have to come up with one for a cartoon since you want to go and do that sort of stuff.
The request with Cayde and Zerris above you latest post is what I meant, will have to come up with one for a cartoon since you want to go and do that sort of stuff.
Yeah I know that's what you meant, I meant that I'd prefer something more specific in terms of posing and other such things

This is also good because fanart isn't really allowed for college portfolios
Oh, for poses? How about Cayde laying her head on Zerris' shoulder, the two of them looking at each other while they sit on the couch?