What do you think about Giselle Fernandez's portrayal of Princess Daisy?

Lady Bow

"Feel free to be overwhelmed by my beauty.”
I like Giselle's version of Daisy but I feel that she doesn't really sound like Deanna Mustard. I feel it is a bit to high pitched.
Their performance sounds really close to me—I wouldn't have guessed that Daisy's VA had changed, unlike with Mario. I think they were chosen well and did a good job.
She did well but it just isn't energetic enough. It's also to high pitched for Daisy.
Daisy's voice definitely sounds different, listening to the voice clips. For better or worse? I don't know. What I didn't like was Daisy being just quietly replaced like that, with even less noise about it, than Mario.
I think it's great. The influence of Deanna Mustard is there so the loud exciting voice direction is still felt, which is preferable over how it was in the beginning which was very similar to Peach, like in Mario Party 3 - 5. It's something I felt about Charles Martinet's replacement: the desire to sound like how he voiced Mario and other characters because they were very enjoyable (compared to previous ones), similar to how even Mickey Mouse's successors still has that high-pitched squeaky voice because it's iconic and they don't want to ruin a good thing.

i think mustard's quiet replaceal was on purpose judging by how daisy fans in the past stalked and harassed mustard during her time as daisy.
I have to wonder if other voice actors who voiced female characters have this sort of cult. So like would Rosalina fans and Peach fans give their respective voice actors too much attention that might tire them?

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