What's the console UI/menu you miss the most?


Super mario is so awesome

I can't believe the switch menu had no ambient music
While it's not as efficient as the Switch menu, I do sometimes feel some nostalgia for the Wii menu. It just had this nice sleek-but-playful look, where it avoided going too minimalist with its buttons, sound effects, and submenus like the message board, but also kept everything nicely organized.

They barely had relevance to a game console even back then, and certainly have nothing to offer in a world of ubiquitous smartphones, but now and again I find myself missing the Forecast Channel and some of its ilk. I don't know how to describe it, but they were just... neat. Something felt inherently appealing about the way they were presented.
I liked the GameCube and PS2 menus with it's "space universe" feel to it with the ambient music. The Wii menu was also interesting with the ambient music as well, along with the channels/features that were never brought back for the Wii U or Switch.
I miss the 3DS menu the most, since out of the menus that I experienced, it was the most customizable. You could change the layout and rearrange apps, you could make folders, purchase all sorts of themes, and even add badges from the Nintendo Badge Arcade to the menu. I had tons of fun making my own Mario-themed menu using the various themes and badges.
I personally feel the Switch was a huge letdown in this area, efficient yes but it feels too simplistic and no music

Wii U was probably my favourite, very beautiful, modern, futuristic, cozy yet mysterious and beautiful music, nice integration with the gamepad, handy folders and customisability, consistent UI design across apps, pretty much perfection.

Wii was a bit more simplistic than its successor but hugely nostalgic and excellent music and sound effects, and I like the very homely feel with all those channels, a shame it's not more customisable

3DS was also pretty great, and highly customisable especially with hacks (which I did)


Finally, I also fairly liked the GameCube menu, sure it was a bit simple but a very cool and interesting concept with the rotating cube and the menu music was very nice, very relaxing and calming and quite nostalgic but also mysterious, and an amazing Easter egg for those in the know.
I don't have any really deep attachment to any system BIOS's in particular but I do think the Wii and Wii U are probably my favorite I guess.
I liked the 3DS and Wii menus a lot growing up. There was lots of ways to customize the lay-out of it, and the menu music was calm and soothing. I also liked the sheer variety of themes the 3DS menu got, even if I only got a few of them during the time the shop was up. The music fitted well with the pictures, and you could get unique folder designs and sounds when you booted up games and entered sleep mode.

Yes, the Switch menu is sleek and easy to use, but I hate that you can't customize it and it can get cluttered at times, especially when you own lots of games and you don't want to play the first few titles on your home screen.