Fight about what is the best condiment


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argue about condiments

These pieces of red chili in violent glowing orange oil goes well on any freaking food.

Also this condiment is abbreviated as "LGM" (laoganma) so what's more to like

Somehow this thing outsells sriracha bottles and I don't see this sauce being talked about at all


This is my favorite bbq sauce speaking of bbq sauce
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There's a spicy chili sauce I really like.. the container has a chicken on it. I forget the name
It really depends on for what. Ranch and ketchup are good, albeit a bit basic. Ketchup is good for fries and that's about it. BBQ sauce is a bit single-purpose. (But damn it's a good on) If I'm having a sandwich, I'm going for mayo. If I need to dip some chicken, honey mustard is the best option.
Y'all remember when Heinz tried to push Mayochup (mayonnaise + ketchup) a few years back and everyone was like 'This literally already exists under a bunch of different names'.
Tzatziki (a Greek condiment made from yogurt, garlic, and diced cucumber).

I want to add to the ketchup discourse by saying that, while it is very basic and I think a lot more sophisticated options are available, it can be made more interesting by adding spices to it, and it pairs rather well with curry powder. I've ousted it from my diet since my childhood, but the option is there for people who want it.