Anyone has watched the Live Action Super Mario Bros Movie 1993?


I liked this Movie i dont understand why so many fans dont like it yes is not a perfect adaptation and could have been much better but for a Live Action Mario Movie and for a Movie that was made in the early 90s i think it was fine now that the new animated Mario Movie will be released in 2023 i think all Mario fans should see this Movie even if its only one time of course i prefer the Super Mario Bros Super Show Cartoon but i still appreciate this Movie
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I think it's a bad movie with only special effects probably going for it. Its main issue is that it abandoned practically all the source material and has a confusing script that's both juvenile but also weirdly mature. I guess it does have a cult following but I personally dislike this movie quite a lot.

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I saw it for the first time this year and I liked it a lot. It had a lot of Power Rangers movie energy.

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I liked this Movie i dont understand why so many fans dont like it yes is not a perfect adaptation
You literally just explained why people don't like it, I don't know why you say you don't understand why people dislike it.

If you make a movie based on a preexisting franchise, people expect it to be, you know, like the work its adapting and not whatever the hell the Mario movie was trying to be.

And I'm saying this as someone who likes the SMB movie when viewed as its own thing (and as someone who quite enjoys so bad it's good films, which it very much is IMO).
When Luigi hopped in the wall portal and yelled "crap!" right before slipping in, and the portal just happens to look like crap.

When Daisy introduced Mario & Luigi to her father,
"this disgusting pile of goop, is my dad"

When the officer had a bdsm mistress for no explainable reason.

Do I like the movie?
Like Tank Engine said, it's one of those so bad it's good films, but certainty not a Mario film.

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I remember watching YT clips of it with my dad, and, other than some unsettling character design, I found it pretty good. Definitely strays from the source, but it's Hollywood. They take liberties, I get it.


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It's not a good Mario movie, but on its own merit, it's alright. Has an interesting premise, primitive visual effects, is an acid trip. The primitive vfx actually is a bit nostalgic.

I'm one of those people you really have to be exceptionally bad for me to call you a bad movie, so other than it straying from the source material I have no strong gripes with this movie.
I rented it a lot on VHS. I enjoyed it, though it is a very odd film, some concepts did not translate well literally.

I love live action Yoshi though.

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The movie has the famous skank slalom level from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Toad's famous harmonica melody so I'd say it's a pretty accurate adaptation, don't know what people are talking about.