What's you opinion on Warioware Get it Together?


Koopa Troopa
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For me Its good, but pretty simplistic. I like the Character gimmick, but it makes the stages feel samey since(besides the story mode) you can pick the same character for all of them. Speaking of stages, I found it weird how despite having 28 characters to play with, there are only 10 main stages in the game with the rest of them being remixes. and that's not mention currency you get upon finishing each stage, which can be use to start at the point where you lost....for the Story mode only. After that its essentially just for raisng the character's level for Daily challenges which if you aren't interested in that, than you're out of luck. There's also a variety pack of multiplayer modes to play with friends and also by yourself like that Ball Minigame or Puck'er up which like novelties if anything. But I the biggest flaw with this game is the fact that they characters mute again.

For those who don't know, in the previous game Warioware: Gold, the characters had full voice acting for the first time and they sounded just as you expect. Here though they went back to subtitles and have them say a couple lines. Overall I give this game 6/10.

Neku Sakuraba

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I played the demo a few times and didn't like it. Most of the characters didn't feel fun to control at all. And since every character had to be able to beat every microgame, the microgames weren't nearly as creative as past ones imo.

Also, am I the only one who thinks the 3D models for the characters look weird?