Extremely Fungible Peters (and other garbage by Nic)

Wake up babe! Emaline redesign just dropped!
Uh, this person is wearing just a visor, is that the only difference?
"For Landal!" Is being rewritten, the whole plot included. Here's a piece of art to get you excited for it. (If you want ANYTHING in the poster explained, I'll write the whole lore, and bold whatever answers your question.)
At some point in existence, nobody knows when or why; gods came into being. Or more accurately, incredibly powerful immortals. They are known as….

Duality: the god of the human mind*, born from the fusion of two opposing forces.

Brodarot: the deep rooted tree of knowledge; actively seeks knowledge and loves to trade it.

Huryon Lu: the scaled burro of perseverance and endurance. His feathers are known to be very valuable because of their physique improving quality. (And their rarity.)

Ty-Khea: The ear-armed serpent of luck, loves thin things like cards, coins, cucumber slices. She is said to love mild trickery.

Bloom-Greater: the plant-headed immortal of honor, revolution, ambition. They like change and sword fighting. Loves playing cards with Ty-Khea although he always loses. His sword is known as "Slice-Greater". (This god is not particularly creative.)

SoFear (pronounced Sow-fare) : Sof and Fear are two ageless bears. When referred to together, it's SoFear. Sof loves making others happy, eating, and sleeping. Unfortunately their twin Fear has different interests; Making others sad/hurt, screaming, and the opposite of whatever their twin is doing.

Covette: A blemish. He is the personification of greed and envy. This winged and tentacled immortal has an enormous stash of items inside of Brodarot that he will never part with. Only one thing was ever successfully taken.

*Duality represents the minds of all peoples. "Human" is just the title given to them.

The story of Duality: Before Duality were two gods. Wubba-Lubbanub (who I will refer to as "Lubbanub" for convenience.) and Order. Order was a strict force. Laws. Efficiency. Logic. Everything had a reason. Emotion was invalid and useless. The other was Lubbanub. Wubba-Lubbanub is a force of insanity. They are emotion. Music. Art. Creativity. And madness, sometimes there were reasons for the bizarre things they do, but sometimes not. Lubbanub would go on rampages of any sort of emotion, which bothered other immortals. Order would strongly enforce rules and make sure no other immortal felt emotion. The other immortals were tired of them being annoying. "Opposites attract right? Maybe we could get one to control the other, like Sofear!" Bloom-Greater suggested. Sof said, "My sibling can understand me. They have a running train of thought. Lubbanub does NOT. If they did have a train of thought, it's not running on typical fuel." The honor-god said, "Are we gonna have to go to Brodarot? I don't think she'll be too happy. She loves talking to both of them. 'Order values knowledge.' 'Wubba-Lubbanub has a unique view of things.'" Sof looked over at their terrifying twin. "Whaddya say we do?" There was a roar. "Mauling won't help, oh! Mellowing! Yeah! But we SHOULD talk to Brodarot. She'll know."
They walked to Brodarot, her Eye on them. "Brodarot," The small bear started, "We are being annoyed greatly by Order and Wubba-Lubbanub. I know you love them, but we can't stand them!" The tree chuckled. "You need them both here. I observed you don't have the same opinion on them as I do, but I can't stand watching you be driven in the same direction as Wubba-Lubbanub. So I already organized it. Their fusion, that is. Meet Duality. I imagine they'll be more AND less reasonable to be around." A figure similar to the two previous gods emerged, split down the middle, one half colorful, the other grey with traits that resembled both previous gods, and some that seemed brand new. Bloom-Greater was dumbfounded. "How did you get the two to agree to this?! They're total opposites! One's mad, the other is sane beyond sanity… how?!" Duality spoke, "Wubba-Lubbanub was promised they'll 'cheer up' Order. Order was promised he'd make Wubba-Lubbanub have a clear thought… and I was made. I am both and neither of them. I am creative, yet logical. Artistic, but rule respecting. Not particularly like either god. I am Duality, I come from two opposing forces, I'm both and neither. Pleased to meet you." Thus… Duality was born.

Life and Hexaprototypes: Duality was roaming the near endless plain of the gods, a starry floor that could change at the immortal's will. Duality came upon a curious bowl; filled with a bizarre red liquid that they couldn't tell what it was. They picked the bowl up and dipped their finger in it. It felt nothing special. Disappointed, they flung what was on their finger on the ground. Duality continued roaming until an unfamiliar voice was babbling. A baby. The very first human baby. "What in the world are you? What am I supposed to even do with you? Wait, you're alive! Company! A new person for Ty-Khea to play cards with! What's your name?" There was more babbling. "You don't know so I'll just call ya Landal! It sounds good." Duality was running back, bowl in one hand, child in the other. "What is THAT?" Ty-Khea has asked. "I'm not sure. But maybe it can play cards with you. Its name is Landal!" Ty-Khea looked at the drooling baby. "Do you even know how to play?" Landal responded by sneezing. "Clearly not. Duality, how did you come across this new life?" Duality said, "I made it, by flinging it on the ground." Ty-Khea smiled, "I want more people to play cards with!" Ty-Khea dipped her head-finger into the red liquid and flung it on the ground. Two drops.
Duality thought hard on making more life. Ty-Khea must have too. Unlike the first new life, these individuals were smart, matured. There were also two of them. They had the head of Ty-Khea, but the body shape of Duality. These two looked wildly different. One was covered in fur, long fur. The other was in white plating, it looked mechanical, and had wheels for feet. One said, "My name is Kongug. Want to create." The other looked at Kongug, "Miraina. I could agree on creation."

Ty-Khea, Duality, and the baby were confused. They then started discussing where to create. Miraina said, "What is the point of creating if no one appreciates it? I want life. Maybe on the nearby sphere?" If you looked into the sky from the gods' near endless plain, there was a planet in the sky. Duality asked, "You want to build on the Sky Ball? Fine with me. But life…? There could be more of us, and there's only so much red liquid," the mind god said looking into the bowl. "But hey, There's one more individual here so… Go ahead, make your dreams a reality.

Miraina took the bowl and splashed it onto the planet. Raining everywhere. There were many different people made. Most resembled a god somewhat. The people that resembled them the most, (the hexapods) they led. Well, until they hit an argument on how to build. Kongug wanted to live in harmony with nature, and Miraina wanted innovation no matter what it took. Mortal Hexapods took sides, and there was a fight that followed that was so intense it tore the universe in two, taking Miraina to another world, but her followers remained. From there, there was two Hexapod societies. The progressive Mirain and the natural Kingug. Kongug led the Kingug for a long time until he died, and nobody knows what is of Miraina…

As for baby Landal, Duality took care of the child for many, many years. The child was ALMOST ageless like Duality. Almost.
I redesigned the main characters.
Lord Chlorn of the Photonians
Onla Sorry-Sayer
Randil Cyan-Shield (no helmet) (also my goal was to create a person that wasn't attractive, but not ugly. Did I succeed?)
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Immortalizing my current profile picture. It's is a drawing of my Oblivion avatar. Their name is Susan. I accidentally made him male, but that's alright. I used a Breton and a pure magic build. (That didn't stop me from collecting Daedric artifacts though.)

The eyes and the Daedric Script is a reference to how at the end of the Shivering Isles quest line, the Hero of Kvatch becomes Sheogorath.
Guess what, I'm alive and writing a sequel!


First character of note is Miraina. Yes, THE Miraina. This story will take place in the world that Miraina got transported to during the fight against Kongug for control of the world. I intended for Miraina to be mechanical yet very alive seeming. I drew a range of emotion although it's very rough.


The line on their face moves like a heart monitor whenever they talk. They aren't truly a machine as they are alive and has feelings although modifications to their body could be made.

Also in this story are new types of people and places!



in the image is a typical teenage Liat'Kolf (this one's name is Pion.). The children look like the person in the image just shorter and the adults are hairier. This oily haired people are run by a government known as the ycarcomed where multiple people make decisions which is different than the Baboon's Monkearchy, which is ruled by one individual. They live in the western half of the world and are always feuding with the Baboons. (They also have a much stronger and hairier form known as a Tnemom. They can do this at will but it leaves them very hungry.)



Baboons are a hairy folk who are always feuding with the Liat'Kolf and are known for their intricate architecture. They live in the eastern half of the world and they are run by the Monkearchy. They are known to have elaborate social structures and a noticeable lack of a tail.



Amphibians live their infancy as small minnow-like creatures. They are cold blooded and sleep through the colder months. They are great swimmers and live all over the world.


These folk are levitating, egg laying, tentacled people that live mostly in the waters. Unlike the Liat'Kolf and Baboons, the Amphibians and Wimile get along great together. There are not many of them in the world; they are happy still.


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Teehee, AI generated creature. This thing will now be a "Skwirl". They are small but hefty ground dwelling creatures that would eat anything in sight. These furry creatures live all over Caveel and the population can't determine if they're pets or pests.
A whole bundle of Undertale artwork
(Could be spoilery, I don't think it is that spoilery but I'm spoiler warning it anyways.)

I drew this to celebrate me beating Undertale. I did a pacifist run.


Here it is digital.


Papyrus in his "cool dude" outfit.
Two "funny" 4 panel comics (featuring the Pasteletons)



Note: the pink and green sweater skeletons have absolutely nothing to do with Undertale. I just wanted to make my comics look unique so I went with making the people in them skeletons. I also like pastel colors so… here we are!
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My friend begged me to make the 'characters' in my comics actual characters. Here we are.


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