1. London Parris

    White Lightning does art when he gets the chance.

    Welcome to my art thread. I am sharing my first piece of art, signed by yours truly. It is three skyscrapers.
  2. Tequila Joseph

    jaziel makes icons now

    I knew I was going to make one of these sooner or later, but I never got around to it...UNTIL NOWWW! I will post art and allow critique here and I will also be doing requests. I am a beginner with MMD so bear with me as I learn. I hope you guys enjoy me art and help me learn!
  3. Lakituthequick

    Lakituthequick's occasional art

    In which I post stuff I make. If I make stuff that is. Table of contents Mario Awards XI presentation BTS: M16 Favourite Item Mario Awards XI presentation BTS: M8 Favourite Art Style Unfinished Christmas 2017 art Steamed Hams but it's swiftly dubbed in Dutch Anniversary Announcements sprites...