Baby Waluigi


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Okay, so there is a baby version of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, DK, and I think Wario too. What about Waluigi? He is a good character. His icon is before Peach, DK and Daisy's on the smiley face toolbar. Anyone else think a character should have a baby version?
Repeat why Mario fans want Waluigi to Smash.

I remember replying to such topic long time ago, just we're not supposed to forget the fact that babies are references to the Yoshi series, and that series should be the one to take care of this suggestion. If you‘re specifically counting Daisy’s baby form , her absence in the latest Yoshi game is already a question Rosalina is tricky given it is hinted her background is not relevant with Mario and co.

Oh well, let's not even forget that Waluigi, as an adult., happens to be the forgotten one in mainstream games.

It is also an issue that sport spin-offs don't try other options of showing more light weight specific characters like Sprixie or 9Volt. So that if you're just suggesting more such baby variations for sport spin-offs, that is neither totally positive for character roster diversity.
The fact that they didn't even bother making a baby Waluigi along with all the other pointless babies shows how much they care about him :'( .
I like to think Waluigi was never a baby and just, rose out of the trash one day.
Saltman said:
The fact that they didn't even bother making a baby Waluigi along with all the other pointless babies shows how much they care about him :'( .

What so they could create another useless baby and everyone complains about it?

No thanks.
Natsuki said:
Reminder that plushies exist of it.

Every single one of them look like someone horribly mangled Baby Luigi into a horrible abomination.

It deeply offends me.
OP said:

First reply said:

Did I miss something here?

Anyway they don't even use Baby Wario in spinoffs, if they did then a Baby Waluigi would be ok, but honestly I just want more character diversity beyond baby versions for a while. And I don't mean guests from other franchises either.
Legend says if you look in a mirror at the peak of midnight in a dark candle-lit room and say "ravioli ravioli, give me the Waluoli." three times in a row, the spirit of the great Wah will appear in the reflection and will grant you three Waluigi-themed wishes. However if you were to turn around or take too long to make a wish, the great Wah will become enraged and drag you into another dimension where you will become Waluigi.
Have you seen Waluigi's life? It is miserable. The guy can't go to a golf course without getting some kind of serious injury.
The Super Mario Bros movie was rated W for Waluigi after all.
W for "Wtf is this someone end me already"
I can't believe this topic was made before I even had an account in MarioWiki.
TFW this topic was made when some of our users here were probably still in diapers.
This topic was made when I was 17.
Duh, I thought I checked the first page and saw a new topic. I don't think I went back to the first page since this board was built earlier.

Yeah I forgot about the plushie. It actually makes sense that all babies, even if we haven't seen Young Gadd, Baby Pauline, Baby Funky etc, may all be canon by logic. Just Yoshi games don't really want to go further into that.