If Mario could have a crossover with any series you want..

Scarlet Pairo

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Scarlet Pairo
I think Mario doesn't really need that much crossovers, the franchise should rather focus on more Super Mario content. We've only been seeing Toads and Koopas in the most recent games, I wish Nintendo would just deliver more brand-new (and qualitative) Super Mario content.


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Honestly, I'd love to see more RPG crossovers with Mario. Although Mario + Rabbids is not RPG it's still a tactics game, so a similar kind of thinking. Why not go full on Final Fantasy x Mario with the history of partnerships they've had with Square Enix, the fact that they already have a crossover that has both, and the fact that some of the RPG traditions were inspired by Final Fantasy? Or, if we want to go a little unorthodox, Mario's quirky humor could feel right at home with the likes of Undertale or EarthBound. Even if we don't strictly get an Undertale crossover of some kind, having similar world-building in a Mario RPG would be pretty refreshing at this stage, I think.

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Mario x Pac Man

We need some more Namco love

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Mario x Smash x Kingdom Hearts.

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going back to this, theoretically, its totally viable if both nintendo and rovio want to make it happen
a bit of an issue is that the crossovers (with other games not like rio or star wars) in angry birds mostly have been cross promotions between two separate mobile games, like sonic dash with angry birds epic specifically. and the one mobile mario game that gets anything nowadays definitely isnt getting crossover content , at least right now, so i dont think thats how itd happen
however we theoretically could get something like puzzle and dragons super mario bros edition. where its originally a mobile game that got a mario crossover on a nintendo console ! theoretically they could do somethin sort of like that? also were having two mario rabbids games so a ridiculous dumb crososver isnt unlikely either