Game songs with lyrics

Flint Lockwood

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We all know what these are like. Someone who thinks they can sing takes a popular song from a game and writes lyrics for it that get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Most are pretty bad and not well thought out. However, some people put time and effort into them before uploading them, and occasionally include original art. So what's your favorite game song with lyrics?

Personally, I follow three people who do these: Juno Songs, Man on the Internet, and RecD. And currently, one of my favorites is one of Juno's latest releases.
Everything about this is just great, with little references, lines from dialogue, the repetitive choir of voices, and the general catchiness of the chorus make it great to listen to.

(On a related note, I intend to redo my cover of Tostarena Ruins at some point with better quality, singing, and a couple adjustments and whatnot.)


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Rainbow Road! It's so stupid that I love it.
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