I can Post, You Can Post!

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A Simple Idea/game! First I Post a Picture of a Image from the Mario Wiki then Sombody else must do the same! The twist is that, sombody must give a prompt of what you should post.

(Example: If I post a picture of a Shy Guy, you must Post a picture of what the Prompt Says. The Prompt Can't Be the Same as the Picture! Somebody Must post the picture and Give a New Prompt!)

(If you don't like a Propmt, at least 3 people must add a reaction, If somebody says "skip". Just In case the prompt gets too confusing or the image is deleted. Somebody must continue the game)

Rules: Cross Out Things That You Want to say like this skip doesn't need to be crossed out
All Images must be from the Mario Wiki!!!
Only Post one One Picture and One New Prompt,
I'll start.

I can Post a Shy Guy, Can You Post a Picture of Mario?

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I can post a picture of Mario, can you post a picture of Nabbit?


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The user below must post a picture of a Magon.

House Of The Living Trab

It's Wine Time.

I can post a picture of Kamek, can you post a picture of Daisy?


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i like this one hes adorable

for the next user.. going with something more subjective! show me whatever official artwork you really really like!!

Elijah Guy

A Shy Guy who Hates Pink Gold Peach
Im Actually Doing One. Mine Are Hard

I can Post Official Artwork of Luigi


Can You Post a Picture Of Super Star Road-7, From NSMBU?


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Here's your orange toad that you requested.

I'd like a picture of Wario and Waluigi in the same image.