Smash Fighters [Cancelled]


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Here, you can pre-register for Smash Fighters RPG, the most epic quest in Mario Boards and a new way to play! I'll soon post a list of all the characters and you can choose one that isn't chosen.
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Can I claim Luigi
Can I claim Morshu
Kind of. It is a mix between a roleplay game with an RPG, something like D&D, but with some twists. First, you can only claim 1 character, and the when the thread comes out, it will have a written story and everything, we just do the battles and move through the map. (Yeah, there will be a map that we can move through.) I'll just need time. Hopefully it will be out December 2020 January-2021. Fun fact time! It was going to be originally a Smash type RPG with Mario characters.
Okay, so pre-registration is out! You have until December 17 to pre-register for the game! It will have two modes: Battle and Adventure modes, each with a separate thread and different gameplay. Here is the pre-registration board with all of the users who have pre-registered for the game:
Blitz the Hero
Dr. Peter Venkman
Bob Craples
Jim Hawkins
The Crowned Boo
House of the Living Trab (maybe)
Sp00k Dragon (maybe)
Mija (maybe)
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Remember: If you do not register, which by the way you only have until December 17, you cannot play the game.
I already said I wanted to register as Morshu so add me to the list
Put me in as a maybe.
All of those who are maybes, you should tell me your decision before registration ends (Dec 17)