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Last year around this time, Nintendo posted a picture on Twitter of Mario eating a watermelon. As you may remember, people jumped to conclusions and started talking about how it meant Sunshine 2. At the time, I thought it was just a nice summer tweet. But with this new wallpaper, I'm starting to doubt it.
What do you think?

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Pretty sure it's an image of Mario in the sun no extra strings attached to it.

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Nintendo fans will believe any of the littlest things meaning some sort of big announcement, even if Nintendo explicitly says their small direct will be a Small Thing. Remember that one time with Kalamari Desert and trains and telling people that wait are rewarded, and people thought it was some Mario Kart 9 announcement?

Don't get me wrong, this COULD be some cryptic teaser for Sunshine given how radio silent Nintendo is for 2020 this entire year so far, but don't get your expectations too high.

Don't quote me if I'm wrong.


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Well it means that there is a deep philosophical conundrum to be solved.

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It's either a long shot promo for SMG3 (the only new thing Nintendo has announced this year), a Super Mario Sunshine Sequel promo (most likeliest of the 3) or it's some DLC for SMO.

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Has there ever been a cryptic "teaser" that turned out to be true?

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Nintendo didn't announce it. It's probably some rumor regarding 2020 being Super Mario Bros.s anniversary. Nothing is confirmed. Don't assume it's confirmed.


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i feel like whenever nintendo makes new promotional renders, people just assume that it indicates that a new game is coming. it's not just the mario beach renders. the same thing happened with the peach render in this artwork

thing is, it wasn't made around the time mario kart 8 or deluxe came out. i forgot when it was made, but it was WAY after mk8 deluxe's release. that made people think this basically revealed mario kart 9. it's definitely kinda funny to see people on twitter freak out over a simple render, but it gets annoying real quick.

as of what i think about the beach renders, i don't think they're foreshadowing any new game, it's just nintendo making them to celebrate summer, and also ig the rendering artists having fun. tho the peach render is still kind of a mystery

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Nintendo doesn't even need to make renders to rile up the base. They could just say anything, like, I don't know, "pudding", and tje the base will think it's some code for a character announcement for Smash Bros.. I wish I can troll people so effortlessly myself, but I do understand that it gets tiring. It must be especially bad this year since what exactly did this year give us for the first half beyond a controversial Paper Mario game?

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That goddamn Nintendo Direct from last month where they literally said up-front that it would focus on updates to stuff that was already announced and was focused on like third-party devs and publishers and yet the fans thought it'd have like Smash reveals or new game announcements.

Like how.

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fans suffering from hype withdrawal causes them to be desperate to get hyped up for something

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I'll assume and suppose a few of them are also, well, getting older. They want a return to a simpler time when they could be bouncing off the walls at the thought of a new Smash Bros., as I did when I first saw Super Smash Bros. Brawl's trailer. Goddamn it was such an amazing time. I remember rewatching that trailer so many times , having lived with Melee and Smash 64 for the majority of elementary school, seeing my favorite Melee characters transform into newer and shinier versions (except for Kirby, who's just confused), and just felt I could burn and burn forever about it and what kind of game we'll exactly be getting.

People want to relive this I'm guessing. I kinda do myself! I think we all had our "hype explosion" moments during childhood. But I think I'm past this, at least for official announcements. Don't get me wrong, I kinda had the same feeling when Odyssey was up and when Smash Ultimate was announced, but it's nowhere near what Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy have done. It's a lot more subdued.

Anyhow, I might be smarter because hype's a very dangerous thing. Brawl sorely disappointed me in the end before the modding scene arrived. Brawl was great on arrival, but just ended up getting more and more sour for me over time. Also, you know more and more about how rotten, exploitative, and greedy the game industry is, so it puts a damper on your expectations. I find it a good thing I don't get as super hyped as I used to given I know about Nintendo better. They exploit kids.

Anyway, I'm just blabbling out speculation and going into some tangent about growing up. I'm really sorry if I came out ranty and rambly and waxing nostalgia, but also acknowledging that even back then, it wasn't so good. We didn't even GET directs back then or Twitter accounts. We kinda just waited for the next e3 or developer conference, some odd announcement here or there.
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