What do you think will the next Nintendo console be like?

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Nintendo has sometimes surpassed all of our expectations, so we never know if our predictions will be right or wrong, So you try to predict what kind of shenanigans Nintendo will do with their next console. I think it will have the same mechanic as the Nintendo switch (you know, the handheld with the docking with the same console), but it will have better motion controls, (and I mean it could still have motion controls with the pro controller or something) and more sophisticated controllers, because seriously, my joycons drift a lot. I think it will have a bigger screen, and it will have a new mechanic, that I don't really feel like I can guess it.

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It will basically be another remake of the Switch, only with better Joy Cons, an optional wireless controller (like the Pro Controller), a bigger screen, Better Battery Life, Shorter charging times, better graphics, even smaller game cards and maybe a digital port (which requires Nintendo Online)*

*That last is is the least likeliest to happen, but it could.

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took this from another user offsite:

The Nintendo 7DS

* comes in 4 different versions: 7DS, New 7DS, 7DSi, New 7DSi; all released one month apart, mutually incompatible
* comes in XL flavor but also XS flavor for dwarves
* battery life is around one hour; can be extended with a hugeass addon battery back (sold separately)
* usage requires registration to Nintendo's services and confirmation from your country's healthcare services that you aren't subject to seizures or other shit
* not suitable for children under 25920 hours
* comes with two autostereoscopic touchscreens, resolution 800x480
* requires permanent internet connection to send usage statistics to Nintendo to help them improve user experience (and to help the NSA improve their knowledge of you)
* game cartridge is the same shape as a DS cartridge but with 6 tabs added all around to prevent insertion in 6DS/5DS/4DS/3DS/DS models
* backwards compatible with 6DS, 5DS, 4DS, 3DS and DS (and GBA/GBC if you can hack the hardware together) even though all the 7DS models are mutually incompatible
* Android-based OS with built-in advertisement, DLC and in-game purchase support
* security: surface taser triggers if you try to disassemble the console
* oh, and weirdass W-shaped screws noone else is using
* system monitor destroys all the data and fries the CPU if it detects that the system was hacked into
* can be hooked to HDTV or projector (great for retro-themed games, looks like total shit otherwise)
* compatible with 240V, 110V and 250000V power lines and gasoline
* USB port for use with Nintendo-made extension devices (no USB sticks to export your data or keyboards to type shit more easily, fuck off)
* SD card slot, SD card is mostly worthless though (proprietary partition format encrypted and signed with per-console keys)
* can be run over by a bus and take no damage; doesn't resist your hyperactive clumsy kids more than two hours though
* RS232 extension port for compatibility with NES extension devices, even though none of them work anymore by now
* comes with New Super Mario Bros 8; goal is to rescue Princess Peach again, levels require an increasing number of coins to be played, coins can be acquired ingame or bought via the eShop
* comes with Radeon X1950Pro GPU

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The next system will be Switch 2 which will be stronger than the original Switch offering us games that closer to PS4 Pro/Xbox One X level but still slightly weaker than PS5. I think Nintendo will also give us addons for dual screen and stereoscopic 3D.

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Virtual Boy 2

Seriously though, I think it's pretty obvious it's gonna be a Switch successor of some sort, the Switch has been a complete and massive success for Nintendo, so I really can't see them dropping its concept for the successor.

Nintendo obviously knows that they can't compete directly with Sony and Microsoft in terms of power and trying to split their resources between a separate handheld and home console makes no sense for them anymore, so I even expect all their hardware for the foreseeable future to be based around the Switch concept. (I still expect them to do stuff like release a cheaper handheld-only variant though, but not fully separate platforms)

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Okay, here me out: The Nintendo Snap. It's very similar to the Switch, but it has a bunch of cool new features that makes it stand out from the Switch, for better or for worse.