Which are your favorite Mario Kart music tracks?


It’s a me, Mario!
Title says it.
Write your favorite Mario Kart music tracks down here.
Example (not mine):
TOUR Tokyo Blur
64 Choco Choco Mountain
DD!! Dino Dino Jungle
Remember to write the game they’re from.


It’s a me, Mario!
Mine are:
SNES Rainbow Road (MK8)
64 Rainbow Road (MK8)
7 Neo Bowser City
7 Music Park
8 Mario Kart Stadium
8 Cloudtop Cruise
8 Bone-Dry Dunes
8 Bowser’s Castle
8 Rainbow Road
8 Ice Ice Outpost
TOUR New York Minute
TOUR Vancouver Velocity

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
Anything from Mario Kart 8 honestly, but my top 5 would have to be

5. Dolphin Shoals
4. Wild Woods
3. Sunshine Airport
2. Cloudtop Cruise
1. Mount Wario

It was a close one between Cloudtop Cruise and Mount Wario, but the dynamic music of Mount Wario is just genius. It's great for casual listening, and it's even better in-game. Dolphin Shoals would've been at 4 if it weren't for the fact that the killer sax solo doesn't play during actual races. Nintendo, how could you do us dirty like that?

Prof. Toad

Origami King has good music. Prove me wrong.
MKWII has the best music in my opinion, due to it's music being just SO CATCHY.

1. Toad's Factory
2. Maple Treeway
3. Wario's Gold Mine (MK8 Remix)
4. DK Summit/DK Snowboard Cross
5. Any other Nitro Track

I like the retros too, but remixing good songs is not as good as making new great ones.

The older Mario 64 Luigi

L is definitely not real guys
-N64 Rainbow Road (both the original and the mk8 version)
-DD Mario circuit kinda cuz it makes me feel nostalgic
-Wii Bowser's castle
-Wii Maple Treeway
-Wii Rainbow Road (all these wii track are because of nostalgia btw)
-Music Park (mk8 version)
-Piranha Plant Slide (both versions)
-Mario Kart Stadium
-Shy Guy Falls
-Mount Wario

theres so many mk8 tracks cuz theyre all bangers, but i picked the best ones

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
1. Toad's Factory
I knew I was forgetting a song from Mario Kart Wii. Personally, I never cared for the overall sound of MKWii, but Toad's Factory is an absolute banger. I still listen to it for motivation sometimes when I'm working on something. I should've included it in my list somewhere.


(she/her) actual spore creature
i remember listening to mk8 music on repeat back in 2015 wow. out of the tracks in this game i wanna say electrodrome, rainbow road, shy guy falls, music park, cloudtop cruise, and neo bowser city. oh toads turnpike too and pirahna plant slide and bowsers castle WOW thats a lot
if i had to narrow it down probably electrodrome and shu guy falls
extra shoutouts to coconut mall from wii (does it even sonud any different in 7?)


Mario Addict
The Bowser's castle from mk8 is also really good as well. I also l like the music from warios stadium in mk8.

Ray Trace

Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
I like Mario Kart 8's soundtrack a lot, yeah. Favorites in that game would be Dragon Driftway, Bowser's Castle, and Cheese Land.