All 145 Mario Kart Tracks (so far) ranked pre-Mario Kart Tour... (Excluding the GP arcade games)


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Based on my beliefs, I don't believe in it!

If you're gay however... so be it I guess. (It's your free will after all)
Thanks for the compliment, but please, don't talk about Gay Pride with me. I'm straight/heterosexual, and I have better things to talk about than people's sexuality.
You'd be surprised how many LGBTQ+ members there are in this community. But, to each their own, I suppose.

On topic, here are my favorite Mario Kart courses (in no specific order):
- Kalimari Desert
- Neo Bowser City (Koopa City)
- Electrodrome
- Sky Garden
- Waluigi Pinball
- Airship Fortress
- 3DS Rainbow Road
- SNES Rainbow Road (MK8)
- Mount Wario
- Piranha Plant Pipeway (Piranha Plant Slide)


Mhm, good good.
I don't egg on challenge. I egg on aesthetics, and 64's Rainbow Road is terrible.

It has good music yeah, but the level itself just sucks.
Well, compared to Wario's shit colored muddy stadium it looks good and it's also not as messy as a few other tracks because of how simple it is.

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Mario Kart 64's track designs in general are shit, so it's not a high bar.

One of the reasons I'm not even a fan of most Rainbow Road's to begin with is that they're a random ass floating road in a void. At least 3DS Rainbow Road tried to make it have a bit more spacey-feel to it while 8 relied on artificial aesthetics rather than fantasy but otherwise, all Rainbow Roads have a tendency to mesh together. I still like DS's Rainbow Road though, I always like being on loop-the-loops, though you should really get invincibility frames while on one. I can't believe 8 had no loop-the-loops to speak of, the game's anti-gravity was begging for one of those, the hell?

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Anti-Gravity in Mario Kart 8 was poorly implemented, and ended up being forced a majority of the time. There's about four the tracks that actually make good use of it, two of which are based on a series that's based on that mechanic, the others are Mario Circuit and Electrodrome. Half of the appeal of Anti-Gravity is visual spectacle, which was only used well in Electrodrome, with the two split paths being above each other, every other track failed to do anything interesting visually at all. I'm fine without Loops and Corkscrews actually, they only add visual spectacle and not much track design-wise, but where are the pipes? They're such a unique element of anti-gravity, that I can't believe they didn't appear once.

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Idk, I thought Dragon Driftway had great use of anti-gravity as well, as you race on a spindling dragon but I see your point, a lot of the anti-gravity portions are used in areas only slightly angled or tilted areas and that's a big shame. Ribbon Road could have had interesting loops and stuff being based on ribbon I'm not a huge fan of Ribbon Road's makeover; I like the idea of it being toy-based but I miss the present land rampant with boost panels and the cover version of the song isn't that good, removing the fantastical, childish tune in favor of a surf rock theme. If they wanted to do a mini theme, they should have honestly made Ribbon Road its own track than this giant overhaul.

Personally, I like a bit of visual spectacle myself, hence why I like loops, and it's a great way to ramp up on the speed boosts for a nice little sense of speed in a Mario Kart. Maybe make it super fast rather than a large loop, even, so it's at least brief and you get a nice visual spectacle.