Megacomic, which despite the name is no longer a comic as of June 2020.

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If I were you, I'd start at #29.

Also be careful when eating raisins in large quantities, they come with some real nasty side-effects.
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Sprite comics are relatively easy to make, especially when they're simple and don't really have much action, like these first issues of Megacomic. When two characters are simply running through an open field arguing with each other, it's pretty simple to make. That's why I've been spamming these. Trust me, every pixel counts.
Sprite comics are relatively easy to make, especially when they're simple and don't really have much action, like these first issues of Megacomic. When two characters are simply running through an open field arguing with each other, it's pretty simple to make. That's why I've been spamming these. Trust me, every pixel counts.
Welcome to Megacomic, a series of fanfictions created by me, AwdryFan1997! No matter how much I say my series is cringe, there will be no cringe. There will never be cringe in my content. Enjoy!
An Announcement Written by AwdryFan1997

I had no idea how hard this would be.

I have no idea how much attention my comic has received. I have yet to receive any replies to my work. No response. But I can see from the few analytics I have received that I need to cast a wider net. Megacomic is a sprite comic. It is niche. I am new to releasing comics, and I feel pressured to release on a schedule. I have a total of 73 unused issues of Megacomic stored in a Google Doc. I have many, many ideas for comics that I cannot release for many reasons. Thus I am releasing this statement as a means of updating you on the future of Megacomic.

Or, well, Megacomic isn't really an accurate name anymore.

From here on out, Megacomic shall take the form of a more generic fanfiction, being written out. I still believe comics are the way to go, but my spriting skills are not what they were back during the "Unused 73" days. It will be hard not illustrating the content, but I hope to release the occasional picture to show what I'm describing. This saddens me, as I've been developing ideas for some visual tricks, comparable to The Phantom Menace having Anakin with Vader's shadow. I'm a huge fan of stuff like that, they make you feel smart for understanding the reference.

It is my hope that by shortening the time required to bring these satirical stories to reality that the plot can be further advanced with a much more consistent flow.

To conclude this announcement, I'd like to clarify that, with the new format of storytelling, the continuity has been rebooted. Nothing in the previous eight issues is canon now.

-Your Fan, AwdryFan

(UPDATE: With the recent deletion of the eight original comics, I now have eighty-one comics in that doc.)
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MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode One: World BLADE of Light, Part One

Our story begins outside the universe of Megacomic, in the Mediverse, one of three dimensions that create balance in the multiverse. Itself, the Prime Universe, and the Neutriverse are all located at the metaphysical center of the multiverse, and without them, everything they know would collapse. The Mediverse is a bizarre world beyond the limitations of the Prime Universe. Here, in the sprawling desert, we begin our story.

On the horizon is a large group of people. Humans. Regular, plain humans. Why they are here, armed with swords, lances, spears, bows and arrows, etc., is what the ruler of the Mediverse, the MASTER HAND, is attempting to decipher. He, and his associate CRAZY HAND, watch the crowd, perplexed.

Master Hand: This doesn't make sense. This does not make sense. This. Does. Not. Make. Sense.

Crazy Hand: Ha! They're just puny humans! Wipe 'em out! It's easy! Watch!

Crazy Hand charges fist-first at the crowd. They are surprisingly prepared, parrying the blow and launching a deadly counterattack.

Master Hand: I warned you.

Crazy Hand: NO YOU DIDN'T!! Ugggghhhh...

Crazy Hand is pummeled by the humans. He'll be fine, don't worry.

Master Hand: Fungah! I must warn the Prime Universe! And there's only one way to do that! THROUGH MAIL!

Master Hand leaves to write over seventy letters.

Crazy Hand: Wait! Where are you going!?

Master Hand: I'm initiating the events of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! I'll be right back!


Master Hand arrives back home and begins writing with his extremely large pencil.

"Dear ________________,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. While we may have had our differences in the past, I require your assistance. A large militia has appeared in the Mediverse, and I fear it will place the entire Multiverse in danger. So, I am cordially inviting you to clobber them for me.
Yours Truly,
Master Hand"

Master Hand: I ought to start typing these.

Master Hand continues writing letters to the Prime Universe, eventually mailing approximately seventy-three across the dimension. Master Hand then returned to the site of the small army. Looking down upon the miniature military, Master Hand sighed.

Master Hand: I might have to reschedule that dentist appointment...
MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Two: World BLADE of Light, Part Two

It has been five days. Why MASTER HAND didn't just email everyone is a mystery to all. FOX McCLOUD, the main character of Star Fox, stands atop a large rock in the style of World of Light, surveying the scene. The crowd has gotten larger, not only closer, but denser.

Fox: And not one of them is wearing a mask...

But Fox is being hypocritical. Behind him is a crowd of just under seventy-three: The Fighters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Enter Master Hand.

Master Hand: Ah, good, everyone is here. Sorry, I had a dentist appointment. How do my teeth look?

Pure silence.

Falco: Dude... you don't have teeth.

Master Hand: I don't? I don't! I DON'T HAVE TEETH!! THAT SCAM ARTIST!!! *Ahem...* Well, as you can see, there's a huge crowd of humans up there-

King Dedede: Humans?

Master Hand: Yeah, I didn't tell you, because I wanted it to seem like an emergency, WHICH IT IS, but...

Meta Knight: You're a giant floating hand. Just swat them.

Master Hand: They're more powerful than they look. They killed Crazy Hand. CRAZY HAND!

Crazy Hand: You rang?

Master Hand: Ah, there you are. Anyways, we need someone expendable to do recon. Any volunteers?

Everyone turns to SEGA's fallen star, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic: Oh, so the FAST ONE has to do everything, I see.

Mario: Look-a, Sonic, all you-a gotta do is run up-a there and ask them who-a they are and how-a they got there!

Luigi: It's-a easy!

Sonic: Oh, no, last time I took advice from a plumber, I drowned in Hydrocity Zone. Do you know what it's like to be a Hedgehog who can't float?

R.O.B.: Does not compute. Erinaceus Europaeus are naturally buoyant. Your statement is a lie.

Sonic: Why do you people keep saying that?

R.O.B.: I am not a person.

Megaman: Robots are people too!

R.O.B.: *Bzzt* Wrong.

Pit: Hey, everyone back on topic! Go ahead, Sonic, find out what's going on!

Sonic: Oh yeah, everyone listen to the Sakurai character...

Pit: Wait, I'm not-

Sonic is already gone. He returns after a few seconds.

Sonic: Okay, here's the scoop: They're a bunch of dudes with swords trying to take over the multiverse and create some superior race also they look like Marth and they shot me with a bunch of arrows; tell Tails he's way past cool.

Sonic collapses. Don't worry, he'll be okay.

Megaman: Oh no! They killed Sonic!

Snake: Clearly this is an act of war!

Link: Wait, remember what Sonic said? Those swordfighters! They looked like Marth!

Wario: Are they some of your friends?

Marth: Are you suggesting I am behind this?

Ganondorf: Go ahead, Marth, tell us the truth.

Link: Ganon, why are you even here?

Ganondorf: Community service.

Marth: I would NEVER work with buffoons who think their tiny militia can seize an entire multiverse.

Samus: That tiny militia is growing... Oh- FIRE!!!

Ranged attacks streak across the sky, repelling the advancing forces.

Master Hand: It looks like we have no choice but to... ATTACK!!!

The Fighters rush forward to avenge their fallen... acquaintance, Sonic. As both armies charge at each other, Master Hand falls back.

Master Hand: I'm supposed to be the big crossover villain... I'm the Thanos here... not these fools... I'll be taking them prisoner, and then they shall dance for me as court jesters... yes, yes, ahaha, AHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
After I finish World BLADE of Light, I want to know what I should do next. It's all here in this form, since I can't post more than one poll at once. Please, take this seriously.
Voted. Can't wait to see what happens next!
MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Three: World BLADE of Light, Part Three

Oh, jeez, where were we... oh, yeah, WAR! Everyone is here, and they're rushing forth at a small army of Marth Echo Fighters. And, uh, Sonic died? Well, he's back now. Video game characters, 'n' stuff. But, uh, upon closer inspection, these guys are literally just generic anime swordfighters. An entire army of Marth clones. MARTH, however, does not see the resemblence.

Marth: Why are you calling them Marth clones? They look nothing like me!

Link: They're generic anime swordsmen, just like you.

Marth: How dare you insult me, peasant.

Link: Uh, who here has a ranged attack?

Marth: It doesn't matter because I can counter it!

Link: Isn't your entire country a deserted wasteland?

Marth: No! Don't go there!

Link: Don't you live in a condo with your wife and five children?

Marth: Stop! Stop! That condominium cost far too much!

Link: Haven't your dreams of grandeur been crushed?

Marth: I just wanted to be King of Altea, what's the big deal?

Link: Aren't you now a bitter old man at heart, with your life already wasted despite being so young?

Marth: I HATE Y- AUCK!

During this quarrel, Marth's "legendary" swordfighting skills had been compromised. One of the clones impaled him with a spear. Don't worry, he'll be fine, we're playing Casual Mode.

Link: Oh... oh... oh, um... "Oh no, Marth died, I, uh, wow, he uh, he- he will be missed... yeah..."

Meanwhile, MEGAMAN is firing away at a large crowd of soldiers. From a distance, R.O.B. engages in personal conversation.

R.O.B.: It was my understanding that you were programmed with Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

Megaman: Yeah, but since these guys are a threat to humanity as a whole, I can kill as many as I want!

R.O.B.: *Beep* Does not compute. If this statement is true than does than the same apply to other "Robot Masters"?

Megaman: Well, yeah... hey, wait a minute!

In the distance, Megaman spies his brother, PROTOMAN, dueling with the enemies. And by "dueling" I mean, shooting them in the head when they charge at him. The world still wonders why he brought his shield.

Megaman: Protoman, you're not a Fighter! At least, not yet!

Protoman: I'm not Protoman, I'm a Mii Gunner.

Megaman: Oh! Sorry, you looked so... convincing...

Protoman: Heh, like anyone can tell me not to be in Smash...

Elsewhere, MARIO and KIRBY battle together.

Mario: And to think-a we once fought each other...

Kirby: Don't remind me. I'd like to put all of that Subspace rubbish behind me.

Pit: As would I!

Mario: Really? Why?

Kirby: The cutscenes were shared online.

Mario: Oh, mama mia...

Not too far from the ongoing war, the Smash Border Patrol, two Primids named ALVIN and CALVIN, patrol the Smash borders. The caravan they were expecting finally arrives.

Alvin: *Inhales*

Calvin: Idon'tliketalkingaboutpolitics!

Alvin: *Coughs*

At the front of the line is a Golden Mantis, piloted by none other than Waluigi. Behind him are many other Assist Trophy characters, such as Zero on a Ride Chaser and Skull Kid just kinda floating.

Alvin: Alright, you second-rate losers, Mr. Hand said-

Isaac: Mister Hand?

Calvin: Yeah, "Master" is his first name. All of you boot kissers address him as Master.

Prince Sable: I feel sick...

Alvin: And you will feel more sick with every passing second on the battlefield! You will see horrors in this war you will not see-

Calvin: Alvin?

Alvin: Hm?

Calvin: Shut up.

Suddenly, the Assist Fighters charge at the two Primids, trampling them and making their way to the battle. Elsewhere, a third Primid, MELVIN, is letting through the Mii Costume Fighters, beginning with SANS, CUPHEAD, and VAULT BOY. What he doesn't realize is that these are literally Sans, Cuphead and Vault Boy, and that none of these Fighters are Miis.

Melvin: Alright, just head forward and to your left, you'll take 'em by surprise.

Sans: Thanks... hehe...

The crowd scurries forward, making sure they aren't recognized as... well, not Miis. Back on the Battlefield, the FIghters are clearly winning. The only one that died, after all, was Marth, and he's already recovered.

Marth: I'm back! Your hero has returned! I come with an important finding! These vile creatures fight using a grid-based tactical RPG formula! Watch!

Everyone stands back and watches these fools and their ridiculous movements. Someone is literally playing Fire Emblem against them.

Palutena: Alright, then! With this information come to light, I suggest we- URK!

Pit: NO!!!

Palutena has been struck down by, not an enemy, but the enemy within...

Roy: Corrin! You were working with them all along!? I legitimately did not see that coming!

Corrin: You are fools. All of you. This is all part of my grand design. Everyone shall- UGH!

Corrin is hit by Kapp'n's bus. from the east come the Assist Trophies, nay, Assist Fighters, and from the northeast come the "Mii" Fighters. There is no need to fear, for...

Kirby: Everyone is here!

But this did not stop real life. Pit, in his shock, had fired early, meaning his arrow hit the sword of a swordswoman, who pulled out a laser blaster thingy.

Pit: Wait I thought this was medieval-

The superlaser fires upon the Fighters, reducing their numbers by half. This caused a significant loss in morale. But hey, they'll be okay.

Megaman: PROTOMAN! NO!!! I knew it was him all along...

X: It's okay, Rock, everything will be-

Megaman: Who are you!?

Despite their best efforts, the Fighters are unable to recover. Not even with the aid of the Assist Fighters can the war be won. Not even when Trainer Red's ties with the Mafia allowed him a surplus of Pokemon did the battle end in their favor. By the time the fighters killed by the laser had resurrected them selves using sheer willpower, most of the others had been taken prisoner. And they were, too. It seems... the swordfighters had multiplied.

Link: There's... too many of them...

Mario: We can't-a keep going... we must-a retreat...

Kirby: I refuse... to give up...

Everyone collapsed at once. The war had ended in the Swordfighters' favor.

Corrin: You are my prisoner!


Corrin: You are my- ACK!

Ike whacks off Corrin's head with Ragnell.

Ike: Aether! Aether!! AETHER!!!

Ike falls flat on his face after his unforgettable speech.

Marth: Wooh... Go Ike...

The Fighters are carried away in shackles. What will become of our heroes? Find out next time! Same Megatime, same Megachannel!
MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Four: World BLADE of Light, FINALE

Okay, I think I can wrap up this entire crossover in one installment.

Last time, our heroes were being dragged away in shackles after losing the battle against the Swordfighters. Now they are being brought aboard the Mothership, where they shall meet their true enemy...

The Fighters: Are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet...

After a long, long, long (even longer for the Swordfighters, who while mentally trained to always do exactly what is required are still easily annoyed, but don't say anything because they were ordered not to) journey, they finally reach the space shuttle that will bring them to the Mothership.

Zero: Hah! You call that a Space Shuttle!?

Jeff: I wouldn't fly in that thing if I had a choice.

Samus: I've seen worse.

Olimar: Could use a tune-up...

Aboard the Shuttle, they are contacted by the Big Bad.

Big Bad: I take it you have captured the Fighters?

Little Lad: Yes, Master. We will bring them to the Succulents as soon as we arrive.

Big Bad: Excellent work, Little Lad. You may have food.

Out of the VCR comes a month-old burrito found in the bottom of a dumpster. Little Lad grabs it and starts eating it.

Little Lad: Mmm... these are good cheeseburgers!

Big Bad: I'll call back in an hour. In the meantime I'll be working on my secret project.

Little Lad: What secret project?

Big Bad: Exactly.

The Big Bad breaks contact with Little Lad, who finishes scarfing down the burrito. It had been dropped in the parking lot by a child who had defecated his pants in a McDonald's PlayPlace. (Megacomic does not endorse McDonald's or the cesspool that is the McPlayPlace)

Little Lad: Mmmm... best taco I've ever had!

Link: So... this guy starves you?

Little Lad: Whatsa who?

Link turns to his doppelgangers, Young Link and Toon Link. Young Link shakes his head in disapproval while Toon Link is trying so hard not to laugh.

Big Bad: You there yet?

Little Lad: We're hooking up in...

Snake: I thought he said he'd call you back in an hour.

Little Lad: It's been an hour!

No one questions this and decides this is already weird enough. I love how no one is panicking, this is just another day on the job.

Big Bad: I'll be meeting you in the Succulents' room! If you fail me again, you too will be latched to the Succulents! I have a Succulent ready for just the occasion!

Little Lad: Noooooooooo!

Big Bad: Then get back to work!

The Shuttle finally latches to the Mothership. The Swordfighters bring their one hundred or so captives to the room containing...

Samus: So what are these "Succulents" anyways?

Little Lad: They are the Boss' secret project. He created them to harvest your bodies for his Grand Design.

Samus: And what is his Grand Design?

Big Bad: A world ruled by one class and one class only.

The room is filled with turquoise and green pods. The green ones are empty, but the turquoise ones contain future soldiers.

Mario: Enough-a! Show-a your face!

The Big Bad smiles under his cloak. He stands atop a balcony overlooking his Designs. He pulls back his hood. Literally no one recognizes him.

Little Mac: Well, he's younger than I thought he would be.

Big Bad: Seriously? Marth, you remember me, right?

Marth: I don't associate with corrupt minds.

Big Bad: AUGGHH! Corrin! Show these scum how to respect me! Corrin? Corrin!?

Ike: Oh yeah, my bad.

Big Bad: I thought people didn't die in this comic!

Pit: They only come back if the author says they'll be okay.

Dark Pit: Which means Palutena won't be coming back.

Big Bad: Ha! I knew my predecessor would be strong enough to take down Palutena! Now I know that I'M strong enough to destroy Palutena!

Kirby: I don't think you should be measuring yourself using Palutena as your unit of measurement.


Captain Falcon: Still don't recognize you.


Byleth's clone army grabs the Fighters and drags them away.

Little Lad: What about me, Boss?

Byleth: What about you? You've outlived your usefulness! You were always a failure! Take him away!

Little Lad: Nooooooooooo!!!!

Everyone except Kirby is placed in a pod and SHOOMPed up into the Succulents. Once in the Succulent, wearing a new uniform and hooked to several tubes, they are transmitted a Skype call directly to the brain.

Byleth: It is time for you to know the truth. After the adventures of the Hero-King Marth, he was cloned to create the perfect soldier. Les Marth Terribles, they called it. After that, Roy and Ike were also cloned. Then, the ones who began the project began splicing together their own original genetic codes, creating new kinds of heroes. But the project was shut down. I was their final creation. But Corrin, who had broken free of his neurological programming, reprogrammed me to destroy all inferior lifeforms and establish a new society ruled by anime swordsmen!

Marth: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Megaman: What about us robots?

Byleth: I'll worry about that later.

Kirby: Hey, Byleth? What about me?

Byleth: Ah, yes, little Kirby. I have something special in mind for you. You and I are going to Brawl. If I win, which I will, you will join your compatriots in the Succulents. If I lose, which I won't, then you and all of my other captives will be set free.

Kirby: You mean, like, now?

Byleth: Yes, but first-

Kirby floats over to Byleth and inhales him. Now you see him, now you don't. While Kirby gets the "Generic Anime Swordsman" Ability, the Mothership suddenly flies into a panic. Kirby realizes he had been lied to. As the Fighters are SHOOMPed back out of the Succulents, the Mothership begins to fall.

Sonic: Watch out! We're gonna crash! Ahhh!

Thankfully, there's a simple way to get out of this situation. It just requires PP.

Ness, Lucas, and all of the other psychic Mother characters: PSI TELEPORT!

Everyone is teleported onto a cliff overlooking the battlefield. The Mothership falls and explodes, with a tsunami of nucleic acid gushing out of the wreckage. A Green Ocean is created, though in the extremely bright eternal sunset, it looks blue.

Fox: Well, that's tha-

Suddenly, Master Hand.

Master Hand: You fools! While you were taking down Byleth, I cloned myself! Prepare to be destroyed by my Swedish cousin... GALEEM!!!

Cue Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. THE END!

Oh, and Alvin, Calvin, and Melvin, the Primids who presumably drowned in the nucleic acid following the Mothership crashing? Don't worry, they'll be okay.
Since it's a perfect tie between The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the next four to sixteen issues will adapt BOTH Zelda 1 and Shadow Dragon. The Form has also been updated for the next arc.
For those who are uninformed, fanfiction is a work created by a fan of a franchise. Megacomic is a written fanfic based off video game properties. I feel it to be necessary to give credit to the properties used.

Introduced in Episode One:
  • Master Hand is the main antagonist of the original Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64 and has appeared in every Smash game since. He seems to have been based off the hand character who interacts with Kirby on his "Game Over" screens, with Kirby being another game series created by Masahiro Sakurai.
  • Crazy Hand is Master Hand's loose cannon doppelganger from Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube. He too has appeared in every installment following his debut.
  • The "Mediverse" is based off the World of Trophies, the surreal world seen in the "Battlefield" and "Final Destination" stages from the Smash series, as well as the setting of The Subspace Emissary and the world seen at the beginning of World of Light.
  • The name "Prime Universe" originates from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics by Archie Comics. The term refers to the main dimension the majority of the issues take place in.
  • While the "Neutriverse" has not been featured in Megacomic, it is intended to be based off the No Zone from the Sonic comics.
Introduced in Episode Two:
  • Fox McCloud is the main protagonist of Nintendo's Star Fox games. He leads the interstellar mercenary group Star Fox following his father's demise at the hands of the mad scientist Andross.
  • Falco Lombardi is also from Star Fox, being the snarky cool member of the Star Fox team.
  • King Dedede was the main antagonist of Kirby's Dream Land for the Nintendo Game Boy. Since then, he has been an extremely reluctant ally to Kirby, when he isn't being possessed by demons such as Dark Matter.
  • Meta Knight was an antagonist from Kirby's Adventure on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short; known in Japan as the Nintendo Family Computer, aka Famicom). He was hired by King Dedede to prevent Kirby from accidentally unleashing the demon NightMare. Since then he and his mercenary group, the Meta-Knights, have allied Kirby in the battle against the forces of evil (most of the time; when he gets mad, he attempts world domination, as seen in Kirby Super Star). His most famous appearance is in the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, where he has a Spanish accent and is Kirby's personal trainer.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular protagonist of SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog games, beginning on the Sega Genesis. The self-proclaimed "fastest thing alive", Sonic aims to prevent the mad scientist Dr. Eggman from "Roboticizing" all organic lifeforms and leading an army of "Badnik" robots against the planet Mobius.
  • Mario, being the most iconic video game character of all time, first appeared in the classic 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong. Since then, he appeared in the also famous Super Mario Bros. for the NES and Famicom, and has become a cultural icon since.
  • Luigi, Mario's brother from the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros., has appeared alongside his brother in a great many games, and has appeared in his own games, namely Luigi's Mansion.
  • R.O.B., short for the Robotic Operating Buddy, was a toy released with the NES and Famicom that functioned as a second player for the game Gyromite. It was effectively just a gimmick, as the appliance was not required to play the game; another human being would be much more efficient. The toy could also be used with the game Stack-Up, though that game has been seen as less enjoyable. Many years later, the toy would appear as an antagonist in James Rolfe's hit web series The Angry Video Game Nerd, and as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Nintendo Wii.
  • Megaman was the main protagonist of the original Megaman series by Keiji Inafune. Originally a housekeeping robot named Rock, his creator, Dr. Light, had no choice but to rebuild him as a Super Fighting Robot to counter the evil forces of his colleague, the mad scientist Dr. Wily. Megaman appeared in six games (not counting spinoffs) on the NES and Famicom, five games on the Nintendo Game Boy, two one game for the Super NES/Super Famicom, one game on the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, two games for the Nintendo Wii, and recently a game for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Other games feature the successors to Megaman, such as X from Megaman X.
  • Pit was the hero from Kid Icarus on the NES/Famicom. He fought through worlds based on Greek Mythology to rescue the goddess Palutena from Medusa. There was an insignificant sequel for the Game Boy and a reboot for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Solid Snake, whose real given name is David and surname is presumed to be Sears (since his brother Solidus' real name is George Sears), is the main protagonist of Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, and Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima. He is a clone of the soldier Big Boss, who later defected from the United States and created the base known as Outer Heaven in South Africa during the events of the original Metal Gear. Snake would finish off Big Boss in Metal Gear 2, but he was brought out of retirement in Metal Gear Solid when his military unit FOXHOUND went rogue, having been taken over by his evil twin, Liquid Snake. Snake appeared at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid 2 where he faked his death (again) and assumed the identity of Iroquois Plisskin, while he was being impersonated by his younger brother Solidus Snake, the adoptive father of MGS2 protagonist Raiden. Snake went on his final mission in Metal Gear Solid 4, which got so complex I won't even bother to explain it, ESPECIALLY since I have yet to actually play any of the games.
  • Link, or rather, the Links, are the heroes of The Legend of Zelda. The first Link, from The Legend of Zelda on the NES and Famicom Disk System (the Disk System being an add-on for the Famicom that played games on floppy disks), is chronologically the last (until Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch), as A Link to the Past for the SNES/Super Famicom featured a new protagonist named Link. Nearly every other game features a new hero named Link.
  • Wario was the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2 for the Game Boy, in which he took advantage of the events of Super Mario Land to take over Mario's Castle (which we never saw again) and cast a spell on all of the Mushroom Kingdom's residents (something Wario never did again). Wario would go on to be a treasure hunter in the Wario Land series, but when all of the treasures had been found and sold, Wario turned to the video game industry, founding the titular WarioWare.
  • Marth was the hero (or, "Hero-King") of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for the Famicom (the game was only released in Japan). Marth was the Prince of Altea, a country in the continent of Arkanea, which was taken over by the titular Shadow Dragon, Medeus, who Marth defeated with the Blade of Light, the Falchion. Later, in Mystery of the Emblem, Marth was betrayed by his friend, Harden, who was possessed by Medeus' boot-licker Garneth, and then Marth's fiancee Caeda shows up and says Altea was destroyed, and, yeah, these games are way too complicated. I developed an alternate history for Marth, where after the destruction of Altea, the no-longer-royal Marth and Caeda move into a condo and had five children. Smash is the only place where Marth can truly feel free again.
  • Ganondorf Dragmire, also known as Mandrag Ganon, is the antagonist of The Legend of Zelda. Sometimes he's a pitchfork-wielding pig monster who leads an army of monsters from the Dark World, other times he's a thieving warlock clad in black armor originating from the Gerudo Desert. In any case, he's a power-hungry villain who initially claimed to have the best in mind for his people, and by the time of Breath of the Wild, is nothing but a deranged, demented, destructive force made of pure malice (or as I like to call it, "Ganon Goo"). Unlike Link and Zelda, there is only one Ganon, excluding the Ganon from Four Swords Adventures, who in the official timeline is said to be a separate character, but many fans still believe the Four Swords subseries is part of its own continuity.
  • Samus Aran is the main character of the Metroid games. She was raised by the alien birds known as the Chozo following her parent's death at the hands of the space pirate Ridley. She's hired by the Galactic Federation to eliminate the parasites known as the Metroids... for a price. In the final game on the timeline, Metroid Fusion, it's revealed the Metroids were created by the Chozo to destroy a virus called the X-Parasite. Samus simply destroys both invasive species in one big planetary explosion, making her both a hero and wanted criminal.
Introduced in Episode Three:
  • Protoman was Dr. Light and Dr. Wily's first creation, before the twin housekeeping robots Rock and Roll. Protoman's solar power core had a defect, and supposedly to repair it would erase his identity. How? Well, it was never explained, but in the end, Protoman's independent programming made him go rogue and escape his creators. Protoman first appeared in Megaman III, where he has assumed the identity of the Super Fighting Robot Breakman and joined forces with Dr. Wily to get revenge on Dr. Light. But Protoman realizes the error of his ways. In Megaman IV, after faking his death, Dr. Wily kidnaps Kalinka Cossack, the daughter of a mysterious Russian scientist, so he can force him to take over the world for him. Protoman, however, rescues Kalinka so Wily loses his bargaining chip, leading Wily to defeat. Wily exacts revenge by framing Protoman for a robot rebellion in Megaman V, but the impersonator, the fourth of Wily's special "Darkman" robots, is exposed by Protoman himself. Protoman aided Megaman in Megaman VI and the Game Boy Megaman V by giving him special items and upgrades. In Megaman VII, Protoman gives his brother "useful" tips, before eventually challenging him to a duel. When Megaman emerges victorious, he is awarded the invincible Protoshield. So, yeah, I know a lot about this character.
  • Kirby is the hero of the games of the same name by HAL Laboratories. Kirby, a pink blobby creature who inhales his food, originally tried to prevent King Dedede from stealing all of the food in Dreamland, but he quickly escalated to fighting demons and performing excorsisms on his friends.
  • Alvin, Calvin, and Melvin are original characters created by yours truly. They are members of the Primid race from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. These three serve as the border patrol in the Mediverse, deciding who and who doesn't get into Smash. The names Alvin and Calvin are references to Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal from the Sonic comics.
  • Isaac, the main protagonist of Golden Sun for the Game Boy Advance. I know nothing about Golden Sun other than that it was made by Camelot and that Isaac can summon giant glowing (possibly radioactive) hands.
  • Prince Sable, the main protagonist of For Whom the Frog Bell Tolls for the Game Boy. If I recall, this guy can transform into animals.
  • Sans, a character from Undertale. He's become famous for his role in the game and his theme song, Megalovania.
  • Cuphead, from the game of the same name. He sold his soul to Satan and must get it back. Weird, man.
  • Vault Boy, the mascot of Fallout. I, uh, don't play many of these games.
  • Palutena, the goddess character from the Kid Icarus games. Was kidnapped in the first game, and has had a supporting role in the others.
  • Roy, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade for the Game Boy Advance. He's certainly more famous for his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Corrin, the main character of Fire Emblem Fates for the Nintendo 3DS. Literally no one likes this character, so I made them a villain in Megacomic.
  • X, Megaman's successor from Megaman X. The final creation of Dr. Light, X was the first robot capable of free will. To ensure X wouldn't turn evil, Dr. Light had to run thirty years of ethical testing, but since he wouldn't live to see that day, Dr. Light sealed X in a capsule to run the automatic tests. Nearly a century later, X is awakened by the archaeologist Dr. Cain, and his specifications are used to create the first Replicated Android, or "Reploid", named Sigma. As time goes by, Reploids begin to turn evil, and are dubbed "Mavericks" by the humans. In response, Dr. Cain created the Maverick Hunters, with himself as Director and Sigma as Commander of the 17th Elite Unit. Sigma, however, becomes infected with a computer virus, and begins a genocide against the human race. X has no choice but to take up arms and fight his former allies, like his brother before him.
  • Ike, the hero of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He wields the two-handed sword Ragnell with one hand, and seeks to cut off the limbs of the Black Knight.
Introduced in Episode Four
  • Zero, Dr. Wily's final creation from Megaman X and later Megaman Zero. Zero was created to destroy Megaman, but because of a miscalculation in Zero's programming, he became "disobedient" and refused to kill the hero. Wily sought to solve this by creating a computer virus that would turn Zero evil, but he wouldn't be able to finish it in his own lifetime. Zero was locked away, and Wily turned himself into a robot named Serges. Zero, now infected with the virus, is awakened in the future and begins a killing spree. The Maverick Hunter group called "Garma's Unit" tries to stop him, but fails. In the end, Commander Sigma goes in to fight the Red Maverick alone. While he has the upper hand at first, Zero cuts Sigma's arm off using a lead pipe (????), and gives Sigma his now iconic facial scars. Before Zero can finish Sigma off, however, a cognitive error occurs, causing extreme head pain. Sigma takes advantage of this and punches Zero's lights out, which causes a glitch that deletes the virus. However, Zero had spread the virus to Sigma, making Zero the unintentional cause of the Maverick Wars. Zero, now good, joins the 17th Elite Unit and fights alongside X, more than willing to sacrifice his life for the cause. He later becomes Commander of his own 0th Shinobi Unit after X takes over as Commander of the 17th Unit. After losing his girlfriend, Iris, to the virus, Zero begins to lose sight of what he's fighting for, but still sacrifices his life for the final time to destroy Sigma once and for all. He was somehow brought back to fight in the Elf Wars, during which his body was stolen by... okay, I'll talk about THAT some other time.
  • Jeff Andonuts, the nerdy tertiary protagonist from EarthBound. He was sent to a boarding school in his hometown of Winters for most of his life, before receiving a telepathic message from secondary protagonist Paula Polestar and borrowing his father's spaceship to rescue Ness and Paula.
  • Captain Olimar, the main protagonist from Pikmin, where he crash lands on planet PNF-404 and must recruit the aid of the alien Pikmin to recover his ship's parts.
  • Byleth (also referred to in Megacomic as simply "Big Bad") was the "Lord" class character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Due to the controversy surrounding his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I decided to make him a villain in Megacomic.
  • Little Lad is an original character I created as a joke to go with Big Bad. He's a deformed clone of Byleth who happens to get a job leading the siege across the Mediverse. He breaks free of his neurological code after being betrayed by his abusive master and tries to aid the Fighters in their escape.
  • Little Mac is the main protagonist of the Punch-Out!! games for NES and Famicom. He's a 142-centimeter tall boxer who seeks to become champion of the "WVBA" with the aid of retired boxer Doc Louis.
  • Dark Pit is a clone of Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising. He was created by a magic mirror. I know nothing about this character besides that he's a jerk and that he's an Echo Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Captain Falcon is the mascot of the F-Zero trilogy, beginning with the original F-Zero on SNES/Super Famicom. He's much more famous outside of his car in Super Smash Bros., where he's appeared in every game since the beginning with his "Falcon Punch" move.
  • Galeem was the main antagonist of World of Light, the story mode from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Galeem reduces everyone in the World of Trophies to Spirits, and its up to Kirby to rescue the other fighters from Galeem. After defeating Galeem, however, the world is invaded by Dharkon, and the fighters head to the dark world to free the rest of their allies. I made him Master Hand's cousin from Sweden in Megacomic because I thought it would be funny.
If anyone wants to see what else I'm writing, check me out at the Mushroom City Car Wash. Two of my OCs, Carly and Charlie, are hanging out in
jail with Beryl Marine!
I'm not done yet, but I've been far too busy with Car Wash to work on Megacomic. It's not over yet.
My character, Jimbo, has just boarded the Protectors' Medical Shuttle! What could possibly come of this...?
MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
EPISODE FIVE (Disowned Version)

==The Hyrule Fantasy, Part One==

The Kingdom of Hyrule. Specifically, HYRULE FIELD. Camera pans over CASTLE TOWN, zooms in on HYRULE CASTLE... here we go... the PRINCE OF DARKNESS (Dracula would later sue him) MANDRAG GANON is standing before the KING OF HYRULE with a pitchfork in his and and an army of monsters behind him.

Ganon: It's been a while, "Your Majesty".

King Harkinian: Ganon! You and your evil forces are no match for me!

Ganon: You're right, Harkinian. But we can still have our hands on the Triforce.

King Harkinian: Ohohoho!

Ganon: Your ship sails in the morning...

Ganon swings his pitchfork around and knocks the King to the ground in a single blow. Ganon then uses his power to extract the Triforce of Power.

Ganon: Come to Daddy!

Ganon claims the Triforce of Power and leads his army to where IMPA is blocking the door to PRINCESS ZELDA's bedroom.

Ganon: Alright, Old Woman, I'll give you ten seconds to get out of my-

From inside the room, a swing, smash, and chuck-eight-pieces-of-the-Triforce-of-Wisdom-out-the-window. Suddenly, Impa leaps up and attacks, for she is a cool ninja granny. Impa repels Ganon and his army down the stairs by knocking them down the stairs with the domino effect. A large pile has gathered at the bottom of the stairs.

Ganon: Curses! But I refuse to fail! I've already done enough of that!

Ganon charges up the steps. He will have his way.

Later, somewhere in Hyrule, a small child is wandering about. This is LINK, and he's kinda important. He is accompanied by a fairy, NAVI.

Link: Hey, Navi, you ever notice how you died at the end of Ocarina of Time?

Navi: Hey, Link, do you ever notice how you're not the same Link as the one from Ocarina of Time?

Link: Oh, yeah. I guess that's kinda important.

Impa appears, running from a Moblin. Or, rather, the Moblin is just getting some excerise, and Impa is his personal trainer. In any case, Link panics and runs into a cave.

Navi: Well that wasn't very courageous.

Link: Uh, shut up, and all that.

==FE:SDATBOL, Part One==
Our story begins in the country of TALYS, a nation not too far away from SOVIET ALTEA, which is what the SHADOW DRAGON MEDEUS calls his new post-apocalyptic society. It's a work of art. It's his magnum opus.

MARTH, the soon-to-be hero, I guess, is relaxing on his velvet sofa when CAEDA, PRINCESS OF TALYS enters.

Marth: I didn't say you could come in.

Caeda: Well this is a royal decree, "Prince" Marth: Do some work around here or get out.

Marth: Um, I'm here in hiding. Seeking asylum. Talys was Altea's closest ally. You have no choice but to keep me here and also could I get a massage, please? I'm kinda aching...

Caeda: King Mostyn demands that you fight off the pirates invading Talys. Show us the swordsmanship you speak of or we'll ship you off to Medeus.

Marth: Okay, okay, I'm going...

Marth grabs his sword.

Caeda: I see you do not wield the Falchion.

Marth: You never noticed?

Marth has arrived at the Harbor.

Captain Shnook (not to be confused with Captain Hook, please don't sue): Alright, load that ship! I want it carrying as many bananas as you can!

Shmee (totally not Smee, I beg you, please do not sue): Ay-ay, Cap'n!

Marth: They're smuggling bananas? That's high treason! TASTE MY BLADE!

The Pirates attack. Marth begins to fight them off, as they attack one by one. One big fight later:

Marth: Caeda, I'm home!

King Mostyn: Marth! Welcome back! Since you did so well against the Pirates, I'm sending you to aid Princess Nina of Arkanea!

Marth: Arkanea? Isn't that the bunch of snobs who think they're better than everyone else? Who cares! Let 'em fry!

King Mostyn: Do it or I'll kick you out, freeloader.

Marth: Alright, fine... hey, Caeda, sweetie, would you like to come?

Caeda: Stop calling me that! And... yeah, sure, I've always wanted to fight in a war.

Marth: Good, because fighting's so much fun. Besides, there are never any other options besides fighting. Ciao!
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MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Six (Disowned Version)

==The Hyrule Fantasy, Part Two==

Link crawls down the conveniently placed ladder and turns around. An old man awaits him.

Sahasrahla: Link, my boy. The prophecy foretold in Zelda's dream predicted your arrival.

Link: Oh, you're one of those "spiritual" people. Okay, I'm out.

The Ladder is gone.

Link: C'mon, old man!

Sahasrahla: Link, you must be trained in the art of the sword, for It's Dangerous To Go Alone... Take This...

Link watches as the old man presents him with a crappy wooden sword.

Link: Seriously?

Sahasrahla: This sword was the weapon of many noblemen...

Link: Why multiple? Did they keep getting killed? Wonder why!

The sword was not actually used prior to this.

Sahasrahla: Look, it can shoot lasers.

Link: GIMME!

Link races off, giggling.

Navi: Um, is that sword actually magic?

Sahasrahla: Placebo effect.

Link dashes outside and strikes down the Moblin from afar. Link then saw that he had ruined his tea with Impa.

Impa: *Sigh*... So I take it you're Link?

Alright, so before we do any of this fighting, we need... does your horse have wings?

Caeda: Does your horse not?

Marth: I don't... I just... um... could you please get off your... pegasus, it... makes me uncomfortable...

Caeda: Heh. Alright, Your Highness.

Marth: Before we head through the mountains and up to Aurelis to meet Nina, we must gather an army...

The Hiring begins.

Abel: *Snort* My name'th Abew, I'm a Cavawiew.

Marth: You're hired!

Cain: My name is Cain, I am also Cavalier like my brother.

Marth: You're hired!

Jagen: I'm Jagen, a famous Paladin. I fought in-

Marth: You're hired!

Gordon: My name's Gordon, I'm an archer, and I never miss!

Marth: You're hired!

Draug: *Om* *Nom* Mmm... My name's Draug... *Smack* I'm a knight...

Marth: You're hired!

Caeda: Did you seriously just hire everyone off the street?

Marth: They work for money, and I have money!

Caeda: *sigh*
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MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Seven (Disowned Version)

==The Hyrule Fantasy, Part Three==

Link lounges on the ground near Impa's ruined tea picnic thing. Navi flutters beside him disapprovingly.

Impa: I am Impa, Zelda's aid and the final leader of the Sheikah Clan.

Link: How do you know you're the last?

Impa: Because no one else is competent!

Link: Okay, so, what'd you want to tell me?

Impa: Link, Hyrule has been taken over by the thieving warlock, Ganon.

Link: So? I don't live here.

Impa: But the prophecy foretold in Zelda's dream predicted that a swordsman clad in green would retrieve the Triforce from Ganon and liberate Hyrule from the Enchanted Thieves.

Link: I guess I can't argue with that.

And so, Link, the Hero of Incompetence, bumbles his way over to The Eagle.

Link: So, we're searching for some guy called Aquamentus.

Navi: Hey, look, it's that old guy again!

Sahasrahla: Hello, Link! I'm here to give you cryptic hints. Eastmost Peninsula is the Secret. Get the Power, Nintendo Power!

Sahasrahla dissolves.

Link: This'll be fun.

The Arkanean version of the Himylayas. Marth and his slightly increased team are climbing through the snow, trying not to die.

Malledus: Your Majesty, I trust your judgement, but I do believe we should've gone through the trade route around the mountains.

Marth: I wish to harden my soldiers!

Caeda: Isn't Harden the guy taking care of Nina?

Marth: Taking care? I expected to be greeted by lavish halls and a banquet in my honor, not a refugee camp!

Eric: Hi, Prince Marth, (big fan) I'm Eric, I'm a magician, uh, I don't know if you were already aware of this, but, uh, well...

Marth notices the enemy snowballs far too late. They are hit!

Marth: Everyone down! Take cover and return fire! Reuse their ammunition!

Caeda: It's just a snowball fight, Mar- OW!

Caeda just got hit by a rock.

Marth: You scumbags!!! I'll kill you!!!!
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With my work on Car Wash, I have little time to really focus here. I feel that the last two episodes have been rushed. Thus, I will no longer be releasing The Hyrule Fantasy and FE:SDATBOL in the same episodes. SDATBOL will be released in one big episode after Hyrule Fantasy. I am sincerely sorry to the two people who voted. Here is the poll, in case anyone wishes to vote for Arc 3 4:

MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997

Episode Five: The Hyrule Fantasy, Part One

The part of the Kingdom of Hyrule known as Little Hyrule. A boy accompanied by a fairy has stumbled into this dangerous land. I mean, the spawn rates aren't so bad now, but wait until you get into the woods…

This boy, LINK of the Kokiri, has left the forest. After the death of the Great Deku Tree, the forest has been a dictatorship ruled by Mido. Link, after one year of torture in Mido's prison camp, has escaped along with his fairy companion, NAVI.

Link: What is this place… it's so… free…

Navi: Do you think we're safe?

Link: Mido probably still believes we die if we leave the forest. He always believed what the Great Deku Tree said was fact. He never believed the allegations...

Navi: All those trials, and not one against the Great Deku Tree. I mean, nothing's stopped him from prosecuting the dead before.

Link: Yeah, I mean, remember the shopkeep?

Navi: Don't remind me…

Link wears his green Kokiri tunic from Ocarina of Time, but under it the brown tunic of a Hylian traveler who happened to stumble into the forest, intending to build a village over it. The Kokiri Forest was not Free Real Estate. Link had no problem fighting in that battle. A competent swordsman hardened by over a year of nonstop gladiator battles, Link is armed with only a shield, the thin metal one wielded by the Real Estate Agent. The sword he used to liberate the Great Deku Tree from Ganondorf's curse was stolen by Mido. Link fought his gladiator opponents with cheap, easily-breakable swords made by Koroks, the Kokiri's bizarre cousins.

Link: Hey, look! A cave! We can hide in there in case anyone-

From the cave, an OLD MAN emerges.

Old Man: Hey! What're you doing out there, whipper-snapper? Get in here before you're attacked by Ganon's bandits!

Link: Ganon? What?

Navi: Ganon… where have I heard that name before…

Old Man: Well, c'mon! Get in before they gang up on you and turn you into chicken noodle soup!

Link: Hey! No one calls me chicken!

Link and Navi reluctantly enter the cave.

Navi: Look, Sir, we're on the run from… another nation. Where do we need to go to seek asylum?

Old Man: Oh, you'd have to go to Castle Town for that, but that place is history. Ganon and his minions have seized the nation of Hyrule.

Link: Oh, that's… that's not good, is it?

Old Man: Ganon was a magician from the desert who led a clan of thieves. The Enchanted Thieves, that is… you should know this. Anyone should know the Legend.

Link: Legend?

Old Man: The Legend of Zelda!

Navi: No, that's stupid.

Old Man: The Legend! You should've learned this in school!

Link: I, uh, didn't attend school…

Old Man: Oh, you're one of those kids who got sent to the sweatshops and loses their fingers.

Navi: Wha… what!?

Link: Does it look like I'm missing any fingers?

Old Man: I am a blind man who cannot see.

Link: Nope, I'm out.

Old Man: Wait! It's Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!

The Old Man hurls a wooden sword at Link's head. Link falls to his knees, dizzy.

Old Man: This is no time to pray, sonny! You need to hurry! Uncle Zelda Needs You! Join the military and keep 'em commies off our land! Our land of the free!

Link and Navi were already gone, they couldn't take this old man's ramblings any longer.

Navi: Jeez, that guy was talkative.

Link: I can't even decipher half the things he said. Alright, let's-

Link and Navi watch as a gang of monsters, the ENCHANTED THIEVES, do battle with IMPA, the cool ninja granny.

Navi: Should we help?

Link: I don't think she needs it, but I need an excuse to try out this sword…

Link swings his sword. A laser flies out of it.

Link: Yep, it's a keeper.
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MEGACOMIC by AwdryFan1997
Episode Six: The Hyrule Fantasy, Part Two

Link charges at the horde, sword drawn. Lasers were fired, slicing down Octoroks and Tektites. The Moblins were unable to penetrate Link's shield, and were forced to retreat.

Link: Cowards!

The Moblins turn around and charge.

Navi: You shouldn't have done that, Link...

Link, being about ten years old, pulls out his iSlate and takes a selfie with the Moblin.

Link: Now I'll post it to Miiverse!

Note that Link is not old enough to legally have social media accounts, and that Miiverse is a legitimate social media platform in Hyrule, comparable to Twitter. And, yes, an iSlate is a Sheikah Slate but with the technological capability of a modern smartphone. He did get it from the Real Estate Agent. Link is hit in the back with the Moblin's spear, knocking him to the ground. Link hasn't experienced battle in this manner in quite some time, meaning his life is now flashing before his eyes: Escaping the Forest, the Forest Prison Camp, the Forest Colliseum, King Mido, the Real Estate Agent, the Shopkeeper's Execution, Link's Arrest, Mido's Declaration of Power, The Kokiri Emerald, Queen Gohma, Navi, The Great Deku Tree, Saria, Zelda and Impa riding a horse, Ganondorf riding a horse, and all the while:


The Moblin was destroyed by Impa's ninja moves. Impa then force-feeds Link a Blue Potion.

Link: Well, thanks, Ninja Granny. Hey, haven't I seen you in my nightmares?

Impa: You shouldn't have been so careless. We Sheikah didn't invent that Slate to be used as a toy.

Link: You guys invented the iSlate? Also, whatsa Sheikah?

Impa: Of course we invented the iSlate! That's why we call it the Eye Slate!

Link looks on the back and sees the Sheikah Eye with a bitemark.

Link: I still don't buy it.

Impa: *sigh* ... You must be Link, the boy from the Forest.

Link: I knew I'd be famous! Navi, you owe me five million Rupees!

Navi: Ugh...

Impa: Link, Princess Zelda's prophetic dream has come true. Mandrag Ganon has-

Link: Seized the Island of Koridai, I know, I know...

Impa: Link, for over a year, Zelda was having dreams about you.

Link: Oh... oh...

Impa: No! Stop! Not... no! No, just.. no!

Link: Oh...?

Navi: So, what exactly do you need Link for?

Impa: He is stated in the prophecy to be the Hero that will vanquish Ganon and reclaim the Triforce.

Link: Triforce? That's... what is that?

Impa: There are thr- er, two pieces of the Triforce: Power and Wisdom. King Harkinian had the Triforce of Power and Princess Zelda had the Triforce of Wisdom. But Ganon attacked and stole the Triforce of Power from the King. Before Ganon could steal the Triforce of Wisdom, however, Zelda shattered it into eight fragments and had them hidden. So Ganon took Zelda hostage, and demanded 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 Rupees in ransom. Meanwhile, Ganon sent his minions to recover the Triforce of Wisdom. By now, all eight pieces should be in the hands of an Enchanted Thief, ready to be delivered to Ganon.

Link: So, basically, I gotta hunt down eight boogeymen and reassemble an oversized Doritto. Got it.

Impa: Whatever gets you to destroy Ganon, as the prophecy states you will.

Link: C'mon, Navi, we've got a pig to slaughter!

Navi: Uh, you're going to be okay, right?

Impa has disappeared.

Navi: Impa? Impa!? IIIIIIIMPAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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