1. AwdryFan1997

    Megacomic, the AwdryFanFiction

    See my recent update for details. =================================================================================================== I felt like posting my fancomics, so fancomics there shall be. MINE! Also be careful when eating raisins in large quantities, they come with some real nasty...
  2. Nightmare

    Giving Fanfiction A Go Here, I Guess

    (I used to write fanfiction and drew several concepts of fan games way back in the day, but I never really did anything with other properties much after I started making my own. So I thought I'd give it a whirl again, see how it goes. Yet another thread I make late at night :P Will update...
  3. TroopaJuniorr

    Mario and Luigi PIT Novelized!

    Hello there! As an avid Mario and Luigi fan, and ESPECIALLY a fan of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, over the last half of 2019 I've created a novelization-ish of a 2005 DS RPG classic, which is currently 5 chapters and about 17,000 words long. If you care to delve into a new way to...