1. Вlitz

    The Super Mario Chronicles

    Peach woke up in a dark corridor. She didn’t remember what happened or why she was there. She just heard some diabolical screaming that was haunting her. Motionless, she crumbled on the floor and went back asleep. A voice was heard: —She woke up. She couldn’t stay awake with the screaming...
  2. AwdryFan1997

    Megacomic, which despite the name is no longer a comic as of June 2020.

    If I were you, I'd start at #29. Also be careful when eating raisins in large quantities, they come with some real nasty side-effects.
  3. Alex95

    Giving Fanfiction A Go Here, I Guess

    (I used to write fanfiction and drew several concepts of fan games way back in the day, but I never really did anything with other properties much after I started making my own. So I thought I'd give it a whirl again, see how it goes. Yet another thread I make late at night :P Will update...
  4. TroopaJuniorr

    Mario and Luigi PIT Novelized!

    Hello there! As an avid Mario and Luigi fan, and ESPECIALLY a fan of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, over the last half of 2019 I've created a novelization-ish of a 2005 DS RPG classic, which is currently 5 chapters and about 17,000 words long. If you care to delve into a new way to...