Future Mini Games for Mario Party


There has been so many mini games that we might accidentally repeat ideas, it's okay, just let it out!

Mine is a 3 vs 1 mini game where one player tries to saw off a bridge while the 3 other players must rush off to stop them, the problem is that the bridge barely has any space and the players might accidentally halt their own progress

Ray Trace

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I want a minigame based of Fluzzard from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Have characters majestically fly through the air and smash into walls.


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The Mario Party series' tendency to create new minigames per instalment save for a few entries (Mario Party 2 is the major one) is quite commendable, but I thought it would be even better if the developers remade a selected set of minigames from past games similar to how Mario Kart did it. Every Mario Kart since the DS felt like a more substantial game because it had essentially doubled its tracks, so I thought that if Mario Party could doa similar thing, it would have a bigger selection of minigames. Maybe like having 20 minigames from the past would be a treat, assuming that they can output the regular 60-80 minigames on top of that.

Thank you for reading.