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Should Anything Kart Be Like MKT?

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    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • No

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Elijah Guy

Fact Teller!
Hey let's make Anything kart! Submit your tracks here. Anyways 1st we will need to make cups.
We need 8 cups (all of them are Nitro)
Star Cup (1st)
Begginger Tour (1st)
All of your Made-Up Characters can be here (ex: Your RPG Characters + Fan-Made Mario Characters)
If you can, Post Music of your Race track, race track name, what the track looks like, and Kart. (Basically everything Is like MKT.) All the Features from every MK (Mario Kart not Mortal Kombat...) Game Will be here so if you want your track can be 2 player you can.

Any questions Sumbit Here.
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Elijah Guy

Fact Teller!
Ok! So to avoid copyright I think we shouldn't add any Mario-Tracks.
But I like where you getting started.
First Tour: Star Cup 1: Elijah Circuit*, ???, ???, ???.
*Yes Fan-Made tracks can be here.

Elijah Guy

Fact Teller!
Star Cup: Elijah Circuit (1st), Roulette Road (2nd), ???, ???
Characters: (By Me): King Void (Common), Void (Common), ???
Karts: Standard (Common) , Super Speeder (Common), Dunebuggy (Common), Raceway Special (Common).
Ok I Made 2 Characters, Three Karts, and one ATV.