In Which Magolor04726 And The Masses Discuss Video Game Characters Elsewhere

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And by that, I mean this: Ever seen someone with characteristics of a video game character? Like this:

You know how Waluigi has pointy knees? Well, there are dancers in Just Dance - the guy who dances in Forget You and the guy who dances in the extreme version of Wild Wild West in Just Dance 3 & 4 respectively, just as examples - those two have Waluigi knees, and there are probably others.


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honestly if i start kinda obsessing over a character i Will start associating other characters or whatever else with them if possible. like. a Lot
so anyway i cant believe they put globox into super mario galaxy 2 for the nintendo wii

or did you mean real life people??? in that case. i dunno charles martinet is litreally just mario in real as far as i can tell have you seen his tweets


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Yeah, Kammy's basically Kamek in the first two Paper Marios but she's an old lady instead.

Wiki has more info: Kammy Koopa