Describe the above user's avatar in way too much detail

In the back appears to be a desert with two shades of sand, one light, one dark
A white figure with a skull, body, arms and legs, these parts are mostly white except a round nose with a black mustache below and above black outlined eyes with red iris, they are doing confident pose with fist clenched
A girl with pink hair, red eyes, fair skin, a dress that I swear I've seen from a 1970s movie, two different bracelets on both wrists, a belt, a flower hairpin, boots from the 1960s, floating eyebrows, floating hair thingies, an open mouth, a nose, white background and red eyes.
A young girl who looks super excited looking at something or reacting to something happening if the wide eyes, raised eyebrows, and open mouth are any indication. There are seven red hearts on the picture organized in a "U" shape, most likely not from the source image and added using an image editing program. Judging by the hearts, she could be looking at her crush or it could be reflecting the user's thoughts on her.

She also has red hair, she has glasses on, and is wearing a pink polo shirt and a red jacket. With all the red she has on, it's likely to embrace a certain ability she has. Or maybe she just happens to like those colors together.

Looking at the background, it seems to be night time or close enough to it. It looks like a nice night with the stars being visible. I swear there are also fireworks, but I'm not too sure.
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A smug bluejay with a long, thin beak and delicate body structure, possibly a frugívoro. The eyes are narrowed as if to imply barely-contained excitement while sharing a secret. Two crests of feathers adorn the head, the largest featuring a 90 degree angle on the posterior side. The face, chest, and stomach feathers are white while a black band wraps behind the head from one outer ear to the other. The remainder of the plumage is blue.

In spite of all logic, the bird appears to have mammalian teeth, at least at the tip of the beak. Possible a regressive atavism to the dinosaur era. The eyelids feature violet flesh while the beak is purple, implying a skin pigmentation substantially different from the plumage.

Behind the bird is a light beige wall, featuring a stucco-like composition to the paint. The bird appears to be standing in the corner, possibly due to its smug behavior.
We appear to see a Shy Guy, a species of which was first seen in Subcon, but something seems off about its mask. Indeed, that mask is designed to shoot out a projectile of some kind. The Shy Guy has blue shoes and a red robe, and a brown strap holding the mask to its face. Behind it is a white background, of which nothing of interest can be seen.
Sprite art of a green dragon with yellow spikes and sharp buck teeth the dragon also has yellow cheek blushes on its face and appears to be smiling
A light blue steam engine with red accents and the number one painted in yellow on the side. The engine has a face instead of the standard front of a train. The face is gray-skinned and has a chipper smile.
In a blueish gray background, someone stands holding a sychth with a thin light brown skin and a triangular piece of metal, light gray on the top, dark gray on the bottom
On the top of their head is a light blue spikey crown as well as horns next to hair of black, the figure has a white face with featureless eyes, their arms appear to be gray with black gloves, they wear what appears to be a black top with a light blue tie and a slightly lighter shade of black for pants
A girl that has long pink hair, with two buns in hair. Her left bun is somehow floating in the air but I won't question that too much. Her right bun has a yellow flower on it. (I think its a daisy flower). Her eyes are wide and are also pink. She has a happy expression, which it likely also her personality. She has two bracelets on. One is orange beaded and the other one is white with green in the middle. (It could also be a watch, but I'm not sure on that).

Her dress has orange and yellow on the top half and yellow and pink on the bottom half. (Each color is divided into a square/rectangle section). Her dress also has a collar at the top and she also has a white belt on. Her boots are white with zippers and silver heels on the bottom. Looks very fashionable for the time period and looks like she is in a band. She also looks like she was designed in Adobe Flash or a program similar to it.

She is posed in a way that looks like she is either posing for a picture, or is in the middle of doing a dance move/singing. I'd go with the latter.
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A cartoon avianoid creature with blue feathers with white patches on the chest and lower face. The feathers at the top of the creature's head are styled in two points, vaguely resembling hair. There is also a black stripe on the side of the creature's face. The creature has simple eyes, being white with black dots for pupils. The creature's eyes are squinted, showing the creature's dark blue eyelids. The creature appears to have a beak resembling many avians, with the shape of the creature's beak seeming to convey a smile. The beak is slightly open, showing that the maxilla has a row of simple, blunt, teeth. Much of the creature's appearance resembles the Cyanocitta Cristata, or Blue Jay.
So there's a female with long black hair that's covering parts of her face. Both sides on the top of her head has teal horns with blue on it. There's a glowing crown on top of her head that's light blue and may or may not be floating. It kinda looks like LED lights that you'd see on a wall at a party, so maybe it is floating over her head and just happens to be posing underneath it.

She has gray skin. She has wide eyes, with her left eye being blue and her right eye either doesn't have an eye or it is being covered up by her hair. She is also grinning very widely and her teeth are sharp. The top part of her head is also shaded darkly, so either it's because of the hair or pushing the fact that she's a grim reaper. She's holding a scythe that's as tall as her, so I buy that she's definitely a grim reaper or a zombie like character.

She has a dark blue vest/dress on, which has slash markings on both sides of it. In the middle of the vest, there's a blue gem, or it could be part of the design of the teal undershirt. She's wearing leggings that are the same color as the undershirt. Her arms has 3 sections of colors. Her hands are teal, with the middle section being black, and the shoulder section is gray.
A grey anthropomorphic rat. The rat was in an embarrassed position, hands behind their back. The mouse has grey hair, long eyelashes, beige skin and is wearing a white thing. The thing resembles underwear or a diaper. The individual is smiling and their shoulders are high.

The background is a plain forest green.
A figure of a humanoid being with very long pointed ears, their eyebrows are black and they have a relatively small nose with broad cheeks. They seem to have a yellow hairstyle that points upwards in a big spike. Their eyes are closed and their expression is a mix of happiness and relaxation. They have a pink circle around the whole avatar, surrounded by white dots and pink hearts. There are also six streaks of yellow in the picture, three to the upper right of the face and three to the lower left. The background is not plain but is difficult to identify - possibly a picture of a public area such as a street? The picture overall seems to be some sort of 3D animation.
In a background of various greens, perhaps lockers stands a humanoid with various shades of purple for their long hair, they also have a lighter shade of purple as their skin with thin black eye brows, brown eyes and a redish mouth, they wear a light blue dress and appear to be in a pose of excitement
There's a butterfly/moth creature that has white fur with a white antenna. Its mouth area is brown and I think the mouth may be open. The eyeballs are light blue and are big, with the eye area having a "^^" expression, giving the impression that they may be friendly. I think the back part of the creature is orange, but that may be apart of the wings. It also looks like it is in the middle of flying in the air.

There are six arms/legs, which are standard for insect creatures. Each of those arms/legs are colored yellow and the hands are shaped like mittens. The front right hand is waving at us. There are four wings. The front two wings are primarily yellow, with orange stripes, an orange spot, and a black spot near the end. The back spot is primarily orange with black stripes.
A grey mouse with a large white hat and seems to have a grey doll of some sort behind them, with short wonky ears and two small circle eyes. There is also a purple fluff ball on the end of the hat behind the mouse's hat. The mouse is standing on two feet, as it's an animated mouse looking like it's from Warner Bros. Animations and thus isn't bound by the rules of nature that real-life mice follow. For this same reason, the mouse is holding a tiny musketeer sword. Furthermore, the mouse is wearing a blue apron with white dots on it.
Judging by this shade of brown, this horse is in a house or a court, this horse appears to be rather small, a little pony perhaps, however this horse has a horn on their head, thus they are a unicorn, this horse fittingly has a ponytail of purple and light blue and their body is a lighter shade of purple while wearing a white suit and small orangeish glasses, they pointed ears on both top sides of their head, they appear angry or irrated with lowered eyebrows and a frown
The icon appears to be a human character. The character has medium-toned skin, blue eyes, and brown hair cut into a bob. The character is wearing an outfit that aligns with the common festive garb worn around the month of December. The character appears to be in a sitting pose, a large bag is over their shoulder. The bag is full.
A human/humanoid character with light skin. They have orange hair that covers one of their eyes, but assuming their uncovered eye matches their covered eye, we can say with confidence that their sclera are red and their pupils are yellowish orange. They are wearing a short sleeved brown jacked over a torn top, which is multiple shades of red, and black lower garments with what appears to be a yellow zipper on the side. They are wearing orange fingerless gloves and appear to have yellow fingers.
Right here, there's a triangular shaped creature. He is either wearing spiky yellow hair or it could be a spiky yellow crown. He has white eyebrows, a long white mustache that rivals the Mario Bros mustache, and a long white beard. Since his hair is white, he probably old. His eyes are red, so he could possible be angry at something. He also has sharp teeth so maybe he is also growling as well.

He is holding a long hammer that is gray and part of the hammer is out of frame. His fingers/arms seem to be yellow, while the back of his hands are red with a spiky wristband. (At least the right hand has red on the back, so I assume the same goes for the left). On the bottom are gray legs, (Or he doesn't have legs and that's part of his whole body), with a yellow star in the front. He seems to specialize in hammers, or just construction in general. Mario and his friends should watch out.
A grey cartoon mouse from the Tom & Jerry series, they resemble the character of Jerry, but that is by virtue of both characters being from the same franchise. They look happy and appear to be floating in the air. They are wearing a blue robe with some pieces of golden armor on their arms and a golden belt with a star on it. They also have a golden crown on and a golden halo floating above the crown. They also possess a pair of blue and yellow wings.

All of the above brings one to the conclusion that this mouse has died and is now an angel.

They will truly be missed.
Here's a girl facing forward that has short blond hair. Her head is really big, but that may be because she is in toy form. She has a gold tiara with a blue spot in the middle on her forehead that's partially covered by her hair. Her eyes are black with three eyelashes. She has a small triangle nose in the middle of her face. There also seems to be a bit of a blush on the lower end on both sides of the face. I also think she has earrings on, but I'm not 100 percent on that.

Her body is smaller than her head. For her outfit, she is wearing a sleeveless sailor's outfit with a dark blue collar. That outfit also ends with a dark blue skirt. In the middle of the outfit there's a Yellow Bow/Ribbon with a small blue gem in the middle of that Bow/Ribbon. On her hands she has on white gloves with dark blue wristbands at the ends.

She is also holding a sword with a golden handle, that has blue, red, and yellow gems on the blade part of the sword, ready to be used at any second. This is probably her weapon that she uses in various points.
In the background is a blend of blues and greens, unless they are in front of a portal, it doesn't appear they are in any location on specific, they have a full white body with a horn on top, black and brown eyes, a black and small dog like nose, they appear to be smiling despite two white fangs sticking out of their mouth
A girl that facing forward. She has long lavender hair that covers a lot of her forehead and seems to go below her head area. She also has some portions of hair that hangs on the side area. She had big red colored eyes in the classic anime style and two thin eyebrows above her head. She has a small bunny styled nose and a mouth. I assume that there are bunny ears on her head, but it's out of frame. Her expression seems to be neutral. So she is probably a bunny girl, or a girl with some bunny features.

For clothing, she is wearing a red shirt/vest with a pink undershirt. (Or it could be just a pink collar). The collar is much bigger than her neck. Its out of frame so that's all I can make out of it.

The background is blue from the little I can see. I'm almost positive that this pic was taken directly from the show where this character is from.