Describe the above user's avatar in way too much detail

Peter Griffin and Brian dressed as westerners
elaborate on what "westerners" means in your context Peter's supposed to be dressed as a Lass from a Pokémon game inspired by northern Japan

a machine that looks like a sonic Badnik, slightly egg shaped and has humanoid limbs. It appears to be levitating, one arm behind its back, one hand making a 'V' with its fingers. Its "torso" is green and its lower half has a speedo shaped black part with two silver nubs. Its hands are white with a band of yellow behind them. With a series of green and yellow, it creates what seems to be "shoes" and "socks." It doesn't seem to have a face, but just two red eyes on a black strip.
An edit of the (in)famous Family Guy series, Peter is edited to be wearing a black top with a red bow tie and a red skirt and brown shoes, Brian appears to be edited into some sort of horse with a dark brown snout while most of his body is light brown with a yellow part of the upper chest and a red collar, this location appears to be a forest
An anthropomorphic animal of some sort, perhaps a dog. Wearing a less-saturated blue suit that has features that resemble that of a samurai's suit. There's two darker blue shoulder pads, a shruiken looking yellow emblem, and a white cape with gold stripes. Right above its waist is two black strips. Their fingers are white.
Popular actor Christopher Pratt with an unusual attire of a red hat with a m on it, he has facial hair of both of a mustache and a beard however the mustache appears to be unatural and perhaps added in, under two large eyebrows his eyes are almost closed
A mostly white dog with black ears and pink around her nose, on her belly, and on her back. The dog is wearing a green plaid hat and is sitting down while looking at something above her.
Some random cartoon likely magical girl whose main colors are blue and white. Her dress has a lot of frills, a bow aproximately 3 inches from the bottom, way too long arm socks, and an uncool version of those cool shoulder things (Kris has a way cooler one). Also unrealistic spikey hair.
A charmingly cartoonish human/oid who is wearing purple formal attire consisting of a top hat with a yellow stripe, a yellow cape, and khaki pants. They are also holding a blue with yellow spots umbrella in their left hand. The person also wears brown boots.

Brown and yellow sunset-esque background
A greyish-blue skinned humanoid with elf ears, they have slightly darker-blue long hair which appears to be tied into either a ponytail or they have something on top of their hair. Either way, their hair goes from being straight to curly down past their shoulders. They have light-red (or pink) eyes and are wearing a red tank top.
A cartoon girl with long dark blue hair wearing a white bow with a blue love heart in the middle. She has a yellow heart earring on her right ear too, and has big eyes and is looking to her right. She is wearing a blue and white dress that has blue hearts over her hands (her hands are held together up in the air but below her face). She is wearing blue and white socks and shoes, with her left leg bent backwards at a right angle and raised in the air. She seems very happy.
A dark indigo alicorn with a flowing cosmic mane and tail. They have a black crown and dress? The dress has a crescent on it where the pony's chest is. Their hooves have lavender tips and the way they are positioned implies she is flying. They also have periwinkle eyeshadow.
In a what appears to be a darkly lit castle, a light blue woman with dark blue ponytail hair wears a dress that is bright red on top and brown on the bottom, this dress has no sleeves as we can see her arms behind her back
A blonde haired angel-like woman making a peace sign and holding a sword in the other.
A plankton, a common collection of organisms found all over the world coming in many shapes and sizes. This appears to not be a collection of organisms, however. Rather the character Plankton from the popular television show called "SpongeBob SquarePants", airing in North America since 1999 on the cable TV network Nickelodeon, owned by Viacom until the ViacomCBS merger sometime in 2019, and nowadays owned by Paramount Media Networks. Plankton's main motive in the show is to steal a bottle containing the secret formula used by Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob SquarePants to create a Krabby Patty in order to make the small green critter's restaurant "The Chum Bucket" more popular, but is often stopped by the employees working at the Krusty Krab.
Sprite art of the character Bub, known in Japan as Bubblun, from the video game franchise Bubble Bobble. Bub is the protagonist of the series and is a green dragon with yellow spikes and, in the case of this artwork, yellow cheek blushes (although he also often depicted with red cheek blushes as well). He has two sharp buck teeth.
An intelligent mechanical being designed to look like a fictional video game character named Sonic the Hedgehog from the video game franchise of the same name. It is made from metal with articulated arms, and invented by the franchise's main antagonist Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.
An in-game image of Mario from the game Mario Strikers Charged (released as Mario Strikers Charge Football in Europe), a 2007 Wii game and a sequel to the 2005 GameCube game Super Mario Strikers. While not fully visible, he is wearing a footballized version of his normal outfit and is gesturing towards something not visible to the viewer.
It appears to be a image of a female with short hair, a scarf, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a head taken in black and white. Considering the lack of color it can be safely infered that think image comes from an old movie or a old picture, and thus the person in the image could be old or dead. Otherwise it is a filtered image and my previous points about the oldness don't stand. It can also be stood to reason that the woman in the picture has a shirt, pants/skirt, socks, and shoes on since she appears to be outside in the image considering the brick like texture behind her, which is common in the outside of houses, while the insides a mostly smooth to lessen injuries that happen because of scraping. While it is hard to judge what color her hair is it must be a dark color thanks to the darkness in the image, likewise she is mostly white because of the shade her skin takes on in the monochrome image. And for my last observation on Princess Viola's profile picture, it appears the female in the image has a headband on because of her odd hair shape.
Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for the interesting pfp.
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A green creature with their eyes half closed and a large round nose, they have white cheeks, a background that is black for the most part and what appears to be a white circle, at the bottom is text that can not be read, the creature appears rather annoyed
An illustration of a female character designed by mangaka Akira Toriyama. She has black hair with side fringes going past her face and is wearing a blue cheongsam (or what appears to be a cheongsam). She has a determined look on her face and is raising one of her hands, likely to start a fight/defend herself.
A (possibly) human with a strange suit on. The helmet of the suit has a black visor and a silver mouth. From the jaw to the collar the suit is silver. The rest of the suit is pink with a pink crest between the eyes of the visor.