Super Showdown (Limited)

Stick Man


Hello, and fortunate to meet you.
It is time for your timely death, possible regeneration, and secret alliances.
In Super Showdown (Limited) all who wish to compete shall follow these simple steps to victory.

1. Pick a character.
2. Pick a weapon.
3. All who wish to compete shall comment their choice of weapon and of character.
4. Fights shall then be scheduled between two users to battle in the most mature and business-like form of art: Argument.
5. The Fights will proceed as follows; contestant one will give their attack in text. Contestant two will give a defense. Then contestant two will give an attack. Contestant two will give a defense. And so on.
6. I will stop the fight when I think I find a worthy champion. (I myself will never Play.)
7. If your character is beaten, he/she/it dies. You must pick a new character.

Rules that should be obvious.

•No Spam.
•No power playing.
•No Instant Death, (unless noted by myself) Regeneration, etc. etc.
•No interrupting fights.
(other rules may come to pass in time)

•Baby in a robo-suit
•Man dressed as a super hero with no powers
Mail Toad
•One-armed mercenary
•NBA All star
•Baby Yoda

•Kittens for fists
•Cannon that shoots beatles
•Shoots fireballs
•Can through hat
•Armed with a million coat hangers
•Ballon Jet pack
•Can do card tricks
•Can make bubbles as big as a house
Can do spin-jitsu
•Stuck in a ? block
•Fish nunchucks


Good the loser...
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Stick Man

We still need more people to start a match.
No one is even aware of this page's existence.
I am sad.