Fighters Pass Vol. 2 predictions


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(Since it's still early on in development) Predict who will be the six fighters in Fighters Pass Vol. 2 and see how many you get right by the time the sixth fighter is announced. They can be predictions based purely on who you think will likely get in, and/or your most-wanted characters regardless of likelihood.
  • They don't have to be specific, but specific enough (e.g. "A Pokemon character")
  • Order doesn't matter (though bonus points if, say, the third character you listed is Challenger Pack 3)
  • Take a guess if you're not sure!
Just for fun, you can also predict the stage and music that come with the fighter.

I'm pessimistic about the chances of my most-wanted (2-5) but:
  1. A Sword/Shield Pokemon - After Byleth, I wouldn't be surprised, Nintendo
  2. Crash Bandicoot - My #1 most-wanted
  3. Phoenix Wright
  4. Quote or Curly Brace from Cave Story - One of the earliest indie games that's well-known worldwide; at best they'd be another costume but it'd still be pretty cool to see one of them as an actual fighter
  5. Also knowing Nintendo, Ring-Fit Adventure athlete Spyro the Dragon (EDIT 2: Casually changed this to a most-wanted but not-likely-to-happen character due to the recently announced RFA spirit event. For me, if someone is only included as a spirit, I feel like they've already been considered.)
  6. (EDIT: I'm dumb, forgot there are six) Steve from Minecraft - idk
Stages and music (though just for my most-wanted):
CrashWarp Room
(A stage that teleports between different levels)
N. Brio (N-Sane Trilogy)
Snow Go
The Eel Deal
Komodo Bros.
Road to Ruin
N. Cortex (Crash 2) (N-Sane Trilogy)
N. Gin (Warped)
Future Frenzy
Pogo Painter (Crash Bash)
Pogo Padlock (Crash Bash)
Compactor Reactor (Wrath of Cortex)
Crashes to Ashes (Wrath of Cortex)
The Evil Twins (Twinsanity)
Deep-Sea Driving (Nitro Kart)
Phoenix WrightCourtroomPhoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001
Dick Gumshoe
The Steel Samurai
Pressing Pursuit ~ Cornered 2007
Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2013
Apollo Justice ~ The Start of a New Chapter! 2013
Miles Edgeworth ~ Great Revival 2013
(Any song from Layton vs. Wright)
Quote/Curly BraceMimiga VillageCave Story (3D)
Eyes of Flame (3D)
Geothermal (original or 3D)
Last Battle
Running Hell (3D)
Wind Fortress
(Any Ridiculon arrangement from Cave Story+ Switch)
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Predict who will be the five fighters in Fighters Pass Vol. 2 and see how many you get right by the time the fifth fighter is announced.
iirc there's actually six fighters in FP2

Anyway, my predictions (no particular order):
1. 4-in-1 ARMS fighter - Spring Man as primary
2. Bandana Waddle Dee (outlook not so good, but I can dream!)
3. Rayman
4. Crash Bandicoot
5. Tails the Fox
6. A Pokemon Gen 8 rep, likely one of the starter evolutions

Also a stage + music prediction for Bandana Dee:

Stage: Another Dimension (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

-Nightmare Wizard Battle (Kirby's Adventure)
-Galactic Nova (Kirby Super Star)
-Nebula Belt (Kirby Air Ride)
-Fly! Kirby of the Stars (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)
-The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy (Kirby's Return to Dream Land ver.)
-Dark Crafter Battle (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse)
-Song of Supplication (Kirby: Star Allies)
-The Legend of Last World (Kirby: Star Allies)
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Since I have absolutely no realistic predictions, here's who I'd like

Paper Mario

ready to get 0/6 and cry because this is probably the last Smash game.


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Since nothing is known or hinted, it's a good time to make some predictions.

- Arle Nadja
- Generation 8 Pokemon, probably Rillaboom
- Crash Bandicoot
- Dragaux
- Steve of Minecraft fame
- Waluigi (This is more of what I wanted instead of a proper prediction, though)

Bonus: Dante of the Devil May Cry series

Thank you for reading.


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idk Ultimate seems to be being pushed as, well, the ultimate Smash game. Lots of people are saying it's a logical conclusion to the series and just to port it to later systems or something. Which yes that means we can still get more characters, but probably not at the same rate as we do in each new game. And licensing might make them cut some characters.

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ive seen this stunt before, marketers calling their game "the game to end all games in the series" and it happens to the biggest series all the time. they're not going to stop selling a cash cow; they'll probably reboot the series or get a different director for the next installment.

anyway for characters i want to see

master chief
stunt race fx cars

i really hope we don't get another fucking fire emblem character

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that's the short term future. we're likely going to see another smash title within this decade or two, the switch and ultimate will eventually get outdated to the point where they're better off rebuilding the game from the ground up than endlessly porting ultimate


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#77 Seigfried/Nightmare - Has a decent chance of happening, as Namco is already working on Smash. Just a matter of whether they want to include anyone other than Pac-Man, and if they want SoulCalibur over their other franchises.

#78 Paper Mario - Has pretty good moveset potential, mainly if they pull from Thousand Year Door (which they probably won't). Companies involved are already part of Smash.

#79 Lana - The magical girl from Hyrule Warriors is someone that can bring a whole new level of fighting, and give the Zelda series a new rep to boot. Excellent moveset potential, the main problem being Tecmo Koei needs to be brought aboard.


6 Fire Emblem characters
I'd be totally ok with that.

Now if I wanna actually be serious I would like to see a new Zelda rep, Dark Matter from Kirby if at all possible, AND either Ephraim or Eirika as the Fire Emblem character everyone will absolutely love. Not that this is much of a prediction but more of a want.

Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia would be cool too. I haven't played a big part of the game but he'd still be interesting imo.


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6 Characters I think could be possible for the second pass:
1. Steve (Minecraft)
2. Dante
3. Geno?
4. uh
5. uhh
6. uhhh

Okay so I can't think of three more but I think the first three could be possible.

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I want these.

Master Chief



A Dark Souls character




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Not caring about the chances, here we go.
1.Marco Rossi
2.Revolver Ocelot
5.Cranky Kong
6.Tom Nook


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Character I never knew I wanted.

Even better if he says "pay your rent" every time he launches someone
When they first revealed Isabelle this was pretty much my only thought.

"Shoulda been Tom Nook"


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ready to get 0/6 and cry because this is probably the last Smash game.

Since I have absolutely no realistic predictions, here's who I'd like
Not like this is the topic we should focus on. Not only it's objectively unlikely but also even if it is, it's just a matter of chance for all characters who must be doomed to miss it due to the limited number of fighter slots.

I know this is Mario board but I still try to not be biased. Everyone addition has set the restriction that it is the worst timing for any major Mario expansion. I think it'd be more objective to judge whether plant piranha was the right choice if there are still many great unused Mario characters on hand.


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If I were to make my selections for the remaining five, acknowledging ARMS since I'm late to the party:

2. Phoenix Wright
He's a character I've always seen requested by somebody or another, and while I had my support for him, it was mostly passive. Since I've played through the original Ace Attorney trilogy, though, he's jumped the ranks to become my most-wanted character for the pass. Ace Attorney's relationship with Nintendo is explicitly obvious, and I believe that he's a strong contender for the next big Capcom rep. His personality is one I would love to have in Smash, and it'd be interesting to see how they craft his character and any potential gimmick he might have.

3. Sora
Sora was my most wanted character before Phoenix passed him on the ranks. He's the dream character from one of my most nostalgic video game series, so to see his inclusion would be incredible. His playstyle would be completely unique, with a combo system probably similar to Bayonetta, but with a focus on floatiness and casting magic. The Super Smash Flash 2 iteration of Sora is already a fantastic interpretation of the character, so if he'd play anything close to that I'd be satisfied.

4. Toxtricity
With the inclusion of ARMS and Byleth, I frankly feel that a new Pokemon rep is inevitable. Of any of the Gen 8 Pokemon, Toxtricity is the one I'd like to see most. Any of the starters could work, as well as the legendaries, or even an oddball pick like Dragapult, but Toxtricity is the one I can visualize the most in Smash. There's something to be said about Smash choosing bipedal Pokemon, and a sound-based Poison Electric Pokemon is an intriguing concept for me personally. I'd be excited to see how they handle it.

5. Arle Nadja
I'm not the biggest fan of Puyo Puyo in the world, but I do still love the series, and I think having a rep for it would be sick. How on Earth would they incorporate Puyo Puyo mechanics into a Smash Bros. character? Only time would tell, but Arle, being arguably the face of the series, would be the best choice for this spot. I feel like it would satisfy plenty of people worldwide, so why not make it happen?

6. ... A lot of options
This final slot I don't feel incredibly strongly about, so here's just a list of names of characters I'd find neat. Some of these are realistic, while others are completely self-indulgent:
-Any new Kirby rep
-A BotW/BotW2 rep
-Madeline (Celeste)
-Dante (Devil May Cry)
-Doomguy (DOOM)
-Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
-Crash Bandicoot
-Monokuma (Danganronpa)
-Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
-Steve (Minecraft)
-Tails or Eggman (Sonic)

Ultimately, I'm already satisfied with Smash Ultimate's roster. It's already massive, and I'm content with the characters we have. Should any of the characters listed get in, I will absolutely celebrate (and potentially cry tears of joy for those top two), but no matter which characters we get, I'll be happy.

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I think that Ribbon Girl is the ARMS character.


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So I said I want Waluigi but I also think he’s likely to happen. There was a leak from last year that was from a guy called paragon. It was posted on discord before E3. It got Hero and Banjo right, breath of the wild 2 right and even undertale content. But he also said he was told Waluigi was the last dlc character. Whether that‘s true or not, will just have to wait and see.