Should Miiverse have a spiritual successor on the Switch? (And if so, what would you want improved upon?)


Dry Bowser
Despite it's many flaws, I feel like Miiverse had a unique charm as Nintendo's own little social media platform where Nintendo fans all across the world could come together discuss their favorite video games as a community and help one another by offering nifty tips and tricks to help find hidden secrets and goodies or just overcome a tough part of the game that they're playing. In a weird way it kinda felt like a successor to the Official NSider Forum (if anyone remembers that) from back in the early-to-mid 2000s.

If Nintendo was ever to bring Miiverse back for the Switch or even just make a successor to it, one of the things that I would like added is the ability to toggle the messages on or off at anytime when it comes to it's implementation in the games sorta like how Splatoon 2 gives you the option to disable messages in Inkopolis if you want to. Or just be a little more subtle about it's inclusion, instead of displaying a huge text bubble on the world map and load screens like Super Mario 3D World did, why not find a clever way to weave it into the world of the game so it won't break the immersion like how the Tingle Bottles worked in Wind Waker HD?

But those are just some of my thoughts, what do you guys think? If Nintendo was to ever take another swing at whole online community shindig, what would you like to see from it?
Have an off topic forum. There was rampant off topic posting in the NSLUC back near the end. Also have customizable avatars, the Miis got dull over a few weeks. Have ACTUAL moderators. Their moderators was nothing but bots on an algorithm, and that algorithm was flawed. And you couldn't appeal the errors that they made 9/10 times. The bots would say "Yes, it was a violation" when it wasn't. Remove the 30 post limit per day and remove reply limits from posts. The former was added in an update and annoyed me hugely. The later wouldn't allow you to have a proper roleplay.
Just make an official forum with boards for each franchise & encourage fan discussions. And allow it to be a free speech platform with the same customization freedom you'd find in any other forum, like this one. Just put a disclaimer "views aren't necessarily reflective of Nintendo's philosophy" if they're worried about tarnishing their brand. As long as they don't push it as a kid-safe platform like Miiverse, this would be the best way for Nintendo to have an official online community hub.
In a weird way it kinda felt like a successor to the Official NSider Forum (if anyone remembers that) from back in the early-to-mid 2000s.
Wow haven't heard of that site in a long time. I remember having to get a forum friend to tell me an American zip code so I could sign up. Ended up going with Houston which was something like 5000.

Tbh I feel like they're better off supporting other social media that people use. I'd rather post my Art Academy drawing up on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc where I can share it with people who don't have a Nintendo.

The biggest hole Miiverse left is there's no longer a kid-friendly social media option and I don't know of any company trying to fill that space. Youtube is probably the closest but we all know how 'kid-friendly' that site actually is.
I think there is plenty of perks to an official Nintendo-run platform, and the immense censorship to make it kid-friendly isn't one of them. I see it as more a way for Nintendo to engage their own fanbase and promote discussion of their IPs on their own platform. What sets it apart from other social media would be, it's entirely Nintendo focused (and off-topic discussions would be mainly among Nintendo enthusiasts still), giving Nintendo a much better picture of what THEIR fanbases are into, discussing, speculating. It's impossible for Nintendo to see all the discussion on Twitter, seeing how widespread the audience is, they really only have an easier time seeing replies to their official Twitter posts, which are often specifically about one thing and lead to a lot of replies being off topic.

A forum, with discussion boards for Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Smash etc as well as off-topic boards to foster the sense of community, would serve as an official base of Nintendo fan discussion, a place for developers to occasionally discuss tidbits about the games they've made, and a place to more easily gauge interest in various things from their fanbase. They can still keep the social media presence, but having this focused platform would definitely be an improvement over the lack of one. And Miiverse's downfall was the overabundance of children using it, leading to not only the abundance of stupid posts, but the censorship of so much discussion that would otherwise be considered healthy discussion in a forum that isn't aimed at kids.
I think, if they did make a successor, they should probably just create an official forums site online, and maybe have Switch access. But Miiverse was never meant to be a real forums host anyway - they didn't feel like general discussion or RPs or such were needed (and to be quite honest, they weren't).