Things you have in common with other users

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We're more alike than we think, let's try to find some common ground

For me and Koops, we both share a heavy interest in FE Sacred Stones but to go deeper than that, we are always willing to help people and participated in Secret Santa as helpers.

I noticed a lot of users have interests in classic Namco games, on my old hangout, there was a grand total of three besides me


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I don't know, to be honest. I don't know a whole lot about the others here, and to compare myself to them would make them look worse anyway.

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to compare myself to them would make them look worse anyway.
ok i'm going to steer a bit off topic here but you need to stop telling yourself these sorts of things. i know i've said this to you before but as a human being you were made to be inherently valuable. you're not worthless, and you're also not really worth less than anyone here. anything that tells you differently, whether its family, people you know or even that little voice in your head, is lying and you shouldn't believe it. start to talk to your soul about the things you like about yourself. focus on building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. i know you feel like you've made some mistakes along the line, but there's this amazing concept called forgiveness, and if you can learn to forgive yourself, you're gonna be in a whole new world. everyone makes mistakes, and as long as you realise it, and earnestly and honestly try to better yourself going forward, most people will be willing to give you another chance (and if someone doesn't, that's an issue of bitterness with their heart, not an issue with you). i know this isnt an easy process to get through, but once you get to the other side and realise what you're worth, you'll be amazed at how good it feels to just be you
maybe that sounds a little sappy or cliche, or perhaps its too optimistic and rosy a worldview, but its something i genuinely believe, and this is an issue im kind of passionate about so i had to say something. and for the record, everything i said above goes out to anyone else here who's dealing with self worth issues as well. you're valuable, and you don't have to go it alone. there's always people here who are willing to support you

to go back on topic, im sure i have a lot of things in common with other people here (too many to list!) but i know one thing i share with quite a few people is a complete lack of f-zero knowledge until it gets covered in mach speed mayhem :waluigi:


I relate to:
Struggling with a low self-esteem, and I relate to giving people honest spirit raising pep talks.
Every user who's favorite mario character is Yoshi, and to Lefty loving the Mario man himself.
Fem and nonbinary users, I was not expecting to find so many in the mario fandom!
Any user with social-political leftist views. One of my special interests is activism against oppression.
Users that are here because they play the games and make reviews on them, MiracleDinner comes to mind.
Users that like to be silly, Mr.L & Mr.M come to mind.
Users that give blunt criticism. I'm practicing not being harsh anymore, so my criticism is to be constructive. I find some users here do that well, McMadness comes to mind.
There's probably a lot more but I have brain-fog right now.
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Me and @Tinselina

  • Both huge fans of the Mario RPGs as well as the Mario franchise as a whole
  • Both love Fawful and Dimentio
  • Both have Super Paper Mario as our #1 Mario game, with Superstar Saga, Bowser's Inside Story, and Thousand-Year Door as runners-up.
  • Both keen to get original characters from Mario RPGs into more spinoff franchises
  • Both despise the lack of original characters in SS, CS, and PJ
  • Both also have a passion for a TV series (ttg/spongebob) unrelated to Mario.
  • Both come from Occidental, first-world countries with English as our first language
  • Both like and have played Book of Mario as well, including Super Book of Mario
  • Both own at least five Nintendo consoles including handhelds
  • Both don't really like that many VGs outside of the Mario franchise.
  • Both stick up for SPM every time someone criticises it.
  • Both really keen on having developed stories in Mario games especially the RPGs.
  • Both love a game in which you can create your own levels (lij2/smm.)
  • Both produce videos on YouTube, though I've only made a few and all of them are either private or unlisted, and I have only 2 subs.
  • Both like Wreck-it-Ralph
  • .....and one other thing, but I'm not quite ready to share that about myself yet.

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  • In real life, I constantly get the question "Are you twins?"
  • I get called by this user's name in real life at grade school all the time.
  • Sometimes this user posts exactly what I want to post.
  • I literally share the same IP address with this user.
  • I know this user's password to multiple accounts.
  • I have the same political alignment with that user.
  • I share the same love for birds as this user.
  • I have the same physical appearances as this user.

Oh nevermind, I have a sockpuppet on here. You guys haven't figured it out and punished me for it though.

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Let's see:

*pwwnd123 (Dr. Peach) and I both like Peach the most out of all the Mario characters.
*The twins (LGM and BLOF) and I don't like the same characters at all, but we share the same rivals: Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy.
*I used to think that I was the ONLY Baby Peach fan here, until Luma had that Baby Peach avatar a while ago. Maybe I'm not the only one who likes Baby Peach. ^_^